Undefeatable – Ch501

Chapter 501 – Finally Came

“He’s here!”

“The person that wants my inner cores!”

The moment Luo Tian returned, he felt like there was a pair of eyes that kept staring at him.

Without a doubt…

The owner of those eyes was Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s strongest boss, the Prime Elder Venerable Kuang Tian!

Solitary Peak.

The golden glow covering the sky was so bright that Luo Tian almost couldn’t open his eyes.

A dark figure landed and stood in the courtyard. The figure was vague and insubstantial so one couldn’t really detect it. This kind of super-powerful realm was something unreachable for the current Luo Tian. Upon seeing the dark figure, Luo Tian tried to suppress his impulsive behavior.

He was really scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold back!

Because this guy in front of him was too charming! He was even more tempting than the twin sisters taking a bath!

Golden light shone brightly.

A golden glow that was much stronger than Devil Monarch Skysoul.

It can really blind someone’s titanium dog’s eye!

“Kid, who would’ve expected your life was so tough that you managed to come back alive from Heaven’s Boundary. I really thought you would die in there and didn’t imagine a dog thing like you could keep living. And you happen to gain a blessing from misfortune, breaking two small realms in a short half a month. It looks like you’ve realized the beauty of cultivating with inner cores.” The voice from the dark figure seemed like it came from the sky in an indeterminable direction.

Luo Tian stared at the dark figure and carefully observed it. He then said to himself: “Could it be a clone and not his physical body?”

He didn’t dare to reveal his doubts.

He was feeling rather annoyed!

The voice of the dark figure contained endless disdain and suppression.

He was merely a tool before the other’s eyes, an existence that could be completely ignored. This made Luo Tian really annoyed.


Luo Tian thought in a different direction and started chuckling coldly. He then said to himself: “Prime Elder, huh? Wait until this daddy opens the ancient battlefield, the first person I’m going to explode will be you when I get back! Keep acting arrogant for this daddy for now because it won’t be long that you can no longer act arrogant ever again!”


Luo Tian could only endure!

Everyone that has ever looked down on him will eventually die by his hands.

He just had to endure for now.

He shall remember all the insult and mockery he has suffered. Not long after, he will make them pay it back ten to a hundred times! It was the same for Long Wang – it only took one year instead of the ten year agreement to kill him. The Prime Elder’s cultivation had reached a terrifying realm. There’s no way Luo Tian couldn’t take him on right now so he could only endure for the time being.

The moment Luo Tian gains greater strength at a higher realm…

Will be the date of his death!

Luo Tian’s expression was very calm and didn’t show any unhappiness. He then said: “It is all thanks to Prime Elder.”


“Enough of the bullshit! Two months of inner cores as offerings, and the assistance to Heaven’s Boundary – your total is 200 inner cores. If you’re missing even one of them, you will be dying today.” The dark figure’s eyes were like torches as it glared at Luo Tian beneath the hood.

Luo Tian clenched his teeth to resist the suppressive glare. He flipped his palm and retrieved 200 inner cores. “I wouldn’t dare to forget it or give you any less. Here’s 200 inner cores, would Prime Elder please kindly accept this.”

The anger inside his heart was surging!

Luo Tian started cursing all eighteen generations of Venerable Kuang Tian’s ancestors!

“Just you wait.”

“You better wait for me.”

“I hope these inner cores will allow you to make a breakthrough. The higher your level, the greater the loot when I kill you.” Luo Tian said to himself.

The higher the level of the boss, the stronger it would be. That meant whatever exploded out of its corpse will definitely be much better.

This was proportionate!

Thinking up to this point, Luo Tian’s emotion started calming down. He felt like he was raising a boss like he would raise a pig. Once the Chinese New Year comes around, he would butcher it with a single chop!

The dark figure was surprised as it didn’t expect Luo Tian could actually take out so many inner cores.

This was much better than that devil sect inner core refiner.

Back then, the guy only gave him ten inner cores each month. Who would’ve imagined this kid could offer up so many inner cores in just a month? He became ecstatic as he said internally: “With these inner cores in my possession, my cultivation will definitely rise up another step. The highest Profound God realm will be one step closer for me!”


The dark figure started laughing madly.

Luo Tian secretly frowned while he revealed a look of awkwardness. “Prime Elder, these 200 inner cores are everything I have. Grand Elder Venerable Hun Yuan also wants inner cores from me. I am really out of options so I hope you can help me say something to him.”

The dark figure coldly scoffed and said: “That’s your business and has nothing to do with me. A dog thing like you can forget about borrowing our relationship to change certain things.”

After saying that…

The dark figure looked up and sneered: “Since you can bring out 200 inner cores, then I’m going to be doubling that amount next month. You can do a hundred inner cores per month, right? Of course, you don’t have to do it but you should understand my ways. Some of your friends might suddenly disappear out of the blue.”

A human’s greed can never be satisfied!

You give me 50, then I want 100!

Luo Tian already guessed this would happen. His gaze tightened but he didn’t say anything.

The dark figure coldly smiled and said: “Don’t even think of resisting. Within Mount Hua Immortal Sect, no one would dare go against me. Those that resist will end up worse than dying. Everything of yours is in the control of my hands, which also includes your most cherished woman, the young phoenix Li Xue’er…”

“Ke ke…!”

Luo Tian clenched his fists while his gaze instantly contained strong killing intent.

“Heh heh…”

“It looks like the young phoenix is really important to you. With my current abilities, I can easily kill her whenever I want. That’s why you need to obediently do my bidding. I want 100 inner cores next month and not a single one less.” The dark figure said in a gloomy manner.

At this instant…

The dark figure and the golden glow disappeared. The powerful energy shrouding Solitary Peak also disappeared.

Luo Tian fell down on his butt.

The aura from a Profound Emperor expert almost crushed his fleshly body into exploding!

Too strong!

Strong to the point that words couldn’t describe!

Luo Tian was roaring internally: “Kuang Tian! This daddy will definitely explode your corpse! This, I swear!”

Li Xue’er was Luo Tian’s reverse scale.

Venerable Kuang Tian was trampling on his reverse scale!

The anger and the killing intent inside him rose out uncontrollably, enshrouding Solitary Peak and making it especially cold. Luo Tian couldn’t even say a word right now as the killing intent increased to a suffocating level.

A few days later.

Venerable Hun Yuan looked for Luo Tian and demanded his share of inner cores.

Luo Tian didn’t refuse and gave it readily.

Venerable Hun Yuan was the same as Venerable Kuang Tian, raising the number of inner cores for next month.

Luo Tian faintly smiled with a nod and didn’t show any anger. This made Venerable Hun Yuan confused, but he didn’t care since who would refuse more inner cores?

You guys just wait!

Everyone just wait for this daddy!

Within this half a month…

Luo Tian had been cultivating and didn’t take half a step off Solitary Peak.

He was training his skills like crazy inside the third level of his Skill Necklace. Luo Tian wanted to train all his skills to the last great perfection realm and then fuse them together. He had a feeling that the Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron appeared because it was for him to create a skill that guaranteed a killing blow!

Another usual day went by.

Luo Tian used cold water to wash up and then changed into some clean clothes. When he was about to enter his Skill Necklace to train, a sound transmission entered Luo Tian’s mind. “I’ve come, Sovereign Xingtian!”

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