Undefeatable – Ch507

Chapter 507 – You’ll Have To Die

Very strange!

The lower one’s level, the better?

What kind of quest was this?

How tiny would the quest reward be then?

To be honest…

Luo Tian didn’t want to accept such a quest. He didn’t have time to waste and had to get to Sky Mountain as soon as possible. The earlier he can find an entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race’s location, the earlier he could hatch the dragon egg, and the earlier he could enter the ancient battlefield to level up.

Therefore, he didn’t want to waste any more time.


“Can I ask what kind of mission it is first?” Luo Tian asked while being pulled away by the elderly person.

The elderly person grinned and replied: “The mission is very simple. Don’t worry; it’s just a normal escort mission. It’s going to be very simple.”

The elderly person kept emphasizing the words “very simple.”

The evil-looking youth followed next to the elderly person. It was very obvious he didn’t care what the mission was and only wanted one thing – the money reward!


He agreed so readily because the elderly person paid the money upfront!

At this time…

A large group of people came over in a menacing fashion.

The one in lead was a good looking youth. The youth had a cold sneer and his expression showed off his arrogance. He glanced at a man next to him and gave him a signal with his eye.

The man stepped forward. He clenched his hands and mustered up his powerful energy. He then shouted: “Everyone scram for me! If you dare continue recruiting people, this daddy will slaughter all of you!”

The surrounding instantly became quiet.

The elderly person’s expression drastically changed. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look up.

“Opening Heaven Manor’s Third Young Master!”

“An expert at the peak of the profound Venerate realm!”

“Your news source is too outdated. Just yesterday, he received a medicinal pill from the Imperial God Immortal Sect and broke through to the Profound Saint realm. Since Heaven Opening Manor is cooperating with those large immortal sects, they must have received quite a bit of benefit.”

“Rainbow Lotus… who doesn’t want it?”

The man furrowed his brows before he continued saying: “I will give you all a chance. Join the team of our Third Young Master and we will give you a generous reward in return.”

Someone in the crowd asked: “The Heaven Opening Manor has a lot of elite experts, right? What do you need us for?”


“Who just spoke such bullshit?”

The man’s figure moved and instantly killed that guy who spoke with a palm strike. He instantly shifted back to his original position and asked viciously: “Who else has any questions?”

No one spoke!

Not a sound could be heard.

That man’s cultivation was at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm, so who would dare to speak?

The man coldly scoffed and said: “Good, very good. Now everyone come back to Heaven Opening Manor with me!”


The eyes of the Third Young Master wearing a full suit of golden armor suddenly turned cold. The whip in his hand flicked out with a crisp “snap” sound, directly landing on the elderly person next to Luo Tian. The elderly person’s body shook, and his flesh immediately opened up into a deep wound.

The youth, Ji Ao chuckled a few times before mocking: “Oh? Aren’t you Sunset City’s Steward Qin?”

The elderly person’s face was covered in blood.

Ji Ao’s attack was rather fierce.

The crowd backed away. Qin San’s expression turned gloomy while his eyes contained a trace of killing intent. He glared at Ji Ao and grunted: “Ji Ao…!”


Another whip lashed over, causing the other side of the elderly person’s face to open up a flesh wound. Blood gushed out like crazy! Ji Ao then said arrogantly: “Is my name something a cheap thing like you can say out loud?”

Incomparably vicious!

Qin San was an old guy in his sixties.

Those two whip lashes made him barely able to stand. His body was shaking and his face pale white. He was feeling so much pain that his forehead was covered in sweat. But even if this was the case, he didn’t cry out and only glared at Ji Ao.

Ji Ao coldly chuckled and said: “Head Steward Qin, are you here to recruit some bodyguards?”

“Let me take a look!”

“Let me see what kind of cultivation realms the bodyguards you’ve recruited have.” Ji Ao’s gaze landed on the evil-looking youth and started laughing. “Hahaha… hahaha… Profound Master realm, what a powerful cultivation level!”

“Head Steward Qin, your eyesight is too powerful. You actually recruited an expert at the Profound Master rank! You must be planning on killing lots of people!”

The evil-looking youth didn’t move.

There was no change in his gaze as if Ji Ao wasn’t mocking him right now.

The elderly person’s gaze tightened a bit.

Ji Ao’s gaze landed on Luo Tian. “Puff~ Hahaha… hahaha… crippled dantian! Head Steward Qin, I really can’t see through you! It’s fine if you find a trashy Profound Master ranker, yet you managed to also find a residual waste with a crippled dantian. No matter what, you are the Head Steward from Sunset City. It’s not possible that you can’t even afford the money to find some decent bodyguards, right? If you don’t have any money, you should’ve come looking for me. No matter what, I am still considered a son-in-law of your Sunset City.”

“Ji Ao!”

“Don’t push your luck!” Qin San finally got angry.

Ji Ao’s expression turned vicious while the whip in his hand flicked out. He then coldly shouted: “I like pushing my luck so what can you do about it? Old bastard, this daddy thinks you must be tired of living. Sunset City has already been destroyed yet you still act like you’re still the Head Steward? You’re nothing but a damn undying old bastard!”

While saying this…

The whip made a loud “pak” sound.

This time, the strength behind it was much stronger.

It contained a trace of power from the Profound Saint realm.

“Die for me!”

This was intent to murder!

At this instant…

Luo Tian was already angry. Just when he was about to make a move, the evil-looking youth already acted first. He blocked in front of the elderly person and said: “Boss, if I save your life, can you increase the reward by another silver ingot?”

Qin San was stunned and said: “Quickly move away! Don’t lose your life because of me!”

“Both of you leave!”

Qin San glanced at Luo Tian when he shouted this.

He knew he was going to die. The moment he was found out by Ji Ao, he knew he wouldn’t be able to live for long.


The whip landed.

The strange thing was the whip didn’t land on Qin San’s body.

Accurately speaking…

The whip didn’t technically land because the evil-looking youth grabbed it from behind his back!


“Woa~… wow~…”

There was an uproar in the surrounding area.

The speed, the technique, and the strength were too powerful.

Even Luo Tian was startled by this. He then said to himself: “What a fast speed.”

The evil-looking youth’s power wasn’t that strong, but his speed was shockingly quick!

Ji Ao’s expression changed as he coldly shouted: “You damn dog thing! You’re courting death!”

His figure moved.

The Profound Saint powers inside him exploded forth as his right hand viciously pulled back!

The evil-looking youth immediately let go.

He turned around and revealed an evil looking cold smile. With that smile, his expression became even more evil looking.

Ji Ao didn’t lose his center of balance due to the youth suddenly letting go of the whip. He wasn’t in the Profound Saint realm for nothing. The whip turned illusory in the air and snapped down with powers capable of ripping through the void. Ji Ao viciously shouted: “Let me see how you’re going to block this!”

At the same time…

The guards beside Ji Ao shouted: “Capture those rebels from Sunset City!”

The guards started scattering.

Eventually, they surrounded Luo Tian, Qin San, and the evil-looking youth.

The distinct killing intent slowly permeated the area.

Qin San looked up and said viciously: “Ji Ao, your death won’t be a peaceful one!”

Ji Ao coldly chuckled and said: “Old bastard, I’ll give you a chance at living. Tell me the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race and this young master will spare your life!”

“The location of the Sky Palace Divine race?!”

Luo Tian looked over and became excited. He stared at Ji Ao and said excitedly: “Heh heh… you’ll have to die now!”

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