Undefeatable – Ch508

Chapter 508 – The Definition Of Fierce

Never would he have imagined that this old guy beside him knew the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race!

How crazy was this?

Didn’t he come here precisely for the Sky Palace Divine race?

Luo Tian’s eyes stared at Ji Ao as he said with a cold smile: “You shall have to die!”

His voice wasn’t very loud.

Ji Ao treated Luo Tian like air so he didn’t hear what Luo Tian said. His expression was still ferocious as his gaze was focused on Qin San. He then gave a playful smile while saying: “Old bastard, my advice is that you tell me the location or else you can forget about leaving Heaven Opening City today.”

“Oh right!”

“I almost forgot that the youngest trashy son of Sunset City is still at Heaven Opening City.”

Qin San’s eyes tightened.

Before he could say anything, Ji Ao said with a fierce smile: “My guess was correct – that piece of trash is still in Heaven Opening City. The most dangerous place is most often the safest. I should’ve thought of this before. You two have wasted a lot of my time searching all over these two days.”

Qin San’s pale expression changed once more as he scolded: “Sunset City has truly wasted too many resources on an ingrate like you! Ji Ao, if it weren’t for Sunset City, do you think you would have your current cultivation? If it weren’t for our eldest young mistress appreciating you, do you think you would have today’s status?”

“Destroying my Sunset City, killing the City Lord, and not even letting your own wife off. You are truly the definition of ruthless!”

Qin San’s eyes were bloodshot while his body was faintly shaking.

Ji Ao maintained his playful smile and said: “That just means your eldest young mistress was blind, and your Qin family was blind as well. I entered Sunset City solely to destroy it. Did none of you figure out beforehand that my father is the City Lord of Heaven Opening City?”


“You can only blame yourselves for being idiots, yet you claim yourselves as a dragon protector clan. In my opinion, you guys should be a clan of morons instead. Staring at the resources from the Sky Palace Divine race yet you don’t even utilize it. Are you enjoying the taste of the bitter fruit now?”


“Old bastard, you still have a chance right now.”

“As long as you tell me the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, I will guarantee you will live on. I can also guarantee that piece of trash will continue living on as well. It’s fine if you don’t tell me anything because I will find it eventually. It’s just that I have to waste a bit of time.”

Ji Ao had an expression like he was going to eat Qin San alive, no matter what.

As a matter of fact…

The Rainbow Lotus was extremely precious.

It only bloomed once every three thousand years!

But all the great immortal sects didn’t come to Heaven Opening City just for the Rainbow Lotus; they were here for the Sky Palace Divine race as well!

The strength of Sunset City and Heaven Opening City was very close to each other.

Neither could destroy each other. But since Sunset City refused to say the entrance location of the Sky Palace Divine race, Heaven Opening City used this chance to cooperate with many large immortal sects. They used a bit of effort and managed to kill off Sunset City.

Out of this dragon protector clan, only a steward and the youngest son of the Qin family was left.

Ji Ao had been searching for them for several days and didn’t expect them to have escaped to Heaven Opening City.

Qin San dropped all pretenses and started laughing madly. “Damn beast, I won’t tell you anything even if you kill me today! You can forget entering the location of the Sky Divine Palace race! Our dragon protecting clan will never rebel, we’re not a beast like you that’s even beneath pigs and dogs!”

“Courting death!”

The whip that was gathering up power in the air immediately moved.

Extremely fast speeds!

Extremely strong power!

The whip started lashing down with power capable of ripping the void apart!

This power was at least ten thousand times stronger than the previous one. The evil-looking youth faintly frowned and then pulled Qin San behind him. He then said: “Move back a bit.”

That evil-looking youth felt some apprehension!

No matter what, Ji Ao’s cultivation was in the Profound Saint realm.

The powers of a Profound Saint ranker were especially strong. And since he had been absorbing immortal force from inner cores these past few days, the powers Ji Ao displayed contained a dense amount of immortal force!

Luo Tian chuckled and said to the evil-looking youth: “Can you handle it?”

The evil-looking youth was faintly startled by this. He glanced at Luo Tian and said: “A real man doesn’t have any moments he cannot handle.”


“A strong personality!”

The evil-looking youth’s figure then started moving.

His speed had reached the extreme as a five-meter radius was completely filled with his illusory figure. At unparalleled speeds, his figure was moving about in a crazy manner!

The moment the whip descended…

All the illusory images disappeared. His hands clapped together and managed to catch onto the powerful whip.

It was clamped onto by direct force!

Luo Tian’s eyes turned to shock. When he looked at the arms of the evil-looking youth, his thoughts turned gloomy. “You’re injured.”

Underneath the youth’s sleeves…

His arms were twisted into a pretzel shape!

The force was too strong so he couldn’t handle it. But the youth maintained his evil-looking expression and didn’t reveal any signs of pain. His expression was still as cold as before as he scoffed: “Is this all the power you have?”

Ji Ao’s gaze turned gloomy. He clenched his fists as the rage inside him surged into the sky.

The war beast beneath him started snorting out flames as it clawed the ground. Just like a tank, it accelerated and charged towards the evil-looking youth. Ji Ao was covered in killing intent as he harrumphed: “Kid, it looks like you’re tired of living!”

The eyes of the evil-looking youth tightened.

Also at this time…

Qin San stepped up and blocked in front of the evil-looking youth. “Ji Ao, just kill me if you want but this has nothing to do with him.”

“Grandpa Qin San!”

“Don’t kill my Grandpa Qin San!”


A child around eight years old rushed out from the crowd. He spread his arms out, wishing to block the path of the war beast and Ji Ao.


“I didn’t expect you to come out.”

Ji Ao started laughing in arrogance.

Immediately after…

His gaze turned serious as he gave an evil command: “Smash him to death!”

“You dare block this daddy’s path?”

“Even if you’re the Heavenly King, you’ll still end up dying!”

“Tian Tian!”

Qin San’s voice shook as he screamed. He rushed up ahead and shouted: “Ji Ao, you damn beast! You dare?!”

“Old undying bastard, just watch if I dare to or not!”

“One old and one young homeless stray dog of Sunset City – go die for me!” Ji Ao started laughing ruthlessly. His methods have always been digging up the roots when removing the weed. Even children and the elderly will not be spared!

As for the entrance to find the Sky Palace Divine race, he believed he only had to waste some time and he would find it eventually.


He decided to kill them and not allow them to live a second longer!

The little boy closed his eyes. His body didn’t move as he continued standing in the path of the war beast.



The stomping from the war beast sounded like thunder while its ferocious aura suppressed the surrounding area.

Qin San jumped over but his speed was too slow.

The evil-looking youth’s arms seem to be crippled so he couldn’t take any action. He couldn’t even move if he wanted to right now.


“Evil remnants of Sunset City, go to hell for me!” Ji Ao laughed out crazily in excitement. The guards behind him also started shouting in unison.

The surrounding crowd didn’t dare to keep watching.

They didn’t dare to get involved in the matters pertaining to the Heaven Opening Manor!

When Sunset City was destroyed, Heaven Opening City became the overlord of a large territory!

Not even sparing a child and an elderly person?!

The moment before the war beast crashed into the little boy, Luo Tian made his move.

“Shadewind Steps, level 9!”


He blocked in front of the little boy while glaring at the wildly arrogant war beast. “Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar, level 7 – Lion’s Concussive Roar!”


“Lie down for me!”


An incomparably powerful rank 8 demonic beast was shaken to the core by Luo Tian’s Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!


Who can be fiercer than Luo Tian?!

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