Undefeatable – Ch511

Chapter 511 – You Want To Play Me To Death?


Luo Tian felt like he was playing with his life during this short one minute. He was almost played to the point of being broken by the system!

If the quest gets completed, he would receive 1000 experience points as a reward.

If he failed the quest, 100 million experience points would be deducted. What the hell is this about?!

He has never encountered such a thing before.

“This daddy has never seen a system where failing a quest would result in a punishment. If you want to kill me, just do it in an open manner!” scolded Luo Tian in irritation. Also at this time, the system gave off another alert tone.

Luo Tian’s sphincter tightened.

He had always enjoyed the system alerts, but now his heart felt a trace of sadness and a trace of pain.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for getting a grade of A for the completion. You have gained an extra 100,000 experience points!”


Luo Tian became slightly happy. He opened up the system interface and realized there was a rating page with an A as the grade.

There were many video games in his previous life that gave ratings for quest completion. The higher the grade you got, the higher the reward you would get. There were even times where you could draw a big prize!


“So you still have a conscience to compensate me for 100,000 experience points. Otherwise, I would have started scolding all eighteen generations of your ancestors.” Luo Tian was smiling inside his heart. The 100,000 experience points weren’t a lot, but it was considered not bad already.


What he didn’t expect was…

The system gave him another alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the second part of the quest. The quest grade is at the C-rank.”

“Quest: Protect Qin Changtian for ten days. He cannot die or suffer any injuries. Otherwise, the system will consider this as a quest failure.”

“Quest reward: 2000 experience points.”

“Quest duration: Ten days.”

“Quest failure: Deduction of 200 million experience points.”



Luo Tian wanted to curse out loud twice but eventually held it back inside. He then said helplessly: “System, you’re the grandpa and I’m the grandson. If you want to play me to death, just go ahead and give it to me straight. I can go ahead and allow you to see how I die, anytime you want.”

The same thing again!

This is definitely the music that starts playing before I’m played to death.

Luo Tian felt depressed.

He had no other way out because the quest didn’t give him any rights to decline it. All the previous quests would at least give him a “Will you accept it?” dialog box. This time, it didn’t give Luo Tian any ability to choose.

It directly forced his hand.


“Isn’t it just ten days? This daddy will take it on.” Luo Tian clenched his teeth. A brief flash was seen in his eyes as he looked at Qin San. He then asked: “Boss, where are we going now?”

“Run away!”

“The further, the better.”

“Thank you, little brother. Thank you for killing our Sunset City’s greatest enemy. You’ve avenged my old lord, my young miss, and the 367 members of the Qin family. This old man doesn’t have the ability to repay you so I can only kowtow to you.”

While saying this, Qin San kneeled down.

Qin Changtian beside him was very sensible and immediately kneeled down as well. His head started moving down about to knock on the ground.

Luo Tian almost lost his life in fear of seeing his head about to hit the ground!

He immediately used an unseen force to restrain Qin Changtian and said hurriedly: “My little ancestor! You’re not allowed to even have a minor scratch to your skin! My 200 million experience points are all on you!”

The system was a non-living thing.

As long as Qin Changtian suffered a tiny bit of injury, it might consider the quest as a failure. It would then immediately deduct 200 million experience points from Luo Tian. This…

This was basically taking his life!

“Quickly get up.”

“I’m your hired worker so helping my employer is very natural. So, where should we go after this?” Luo Tian reminded them of their situation. He remembered Ji Ao’s words in Heaven Opening City – Sunset City’s Qin family was the dragon protector clan and they knew the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race.

Luo Tian’s goal here was to find the Sky Palace Divine race, get the Dragon’s Bead, and then help his dragon egg hatch.


He wasn’t in a rush to mention this.

The Qin family lost over three hundred plus lives and they still didn’t reveal it. Once Luo Tian asks about it, Qin San would immediately become wary of him and this would do more harm than good.

Qin San was panting while saying: “What the Heaven Opening Manor wants is my and young master’s life, so this has nothing to do with you two. You both should leave now and don’t get implicated because of us.”


Luo Tian was startled by his words and said: “If we leave now, how far can you two run?”

The evil-looking youth came over and said: “That’s right. Just tell us a place and we will send you there. Since we’ve received your money, we will definitely help you finish the task.”

Qin Changtian looked up at Qin San and said: “Grandpa, these two big brothers are not bad people. Just let them come with us.”

Qin San still didn’t fully trust Luo Tian and the other youth.

This was because of Ji Ao.

This was also logical. They couldn’t just fully trust Luo Tian because he had killed Sunset City’s greatest enemy.

Qin San was very clear…

That in this world, they were the only two people left that knew the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race.

Could Luo Tian be here for that?

No matter what, Qin San wouldn’t trust others that easily but he was also out of options at the same time. Just like what Luo Tian said – Heaven Opening City will definitely catch up to this pair of old and young within half a day. There is no way they can survive until tomorrow.

Qin San’s expression turned gloomy before saying: “Fine, then we’ll be in the care of you two.”

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Qin Changtian leaped about in joy.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and felt his heart relax. He was rejoicing internally and felt lucky he didn’t ask about the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race. Otherwise, there’s no way he would be allowed to follow these two. “Qin San’s vigilance is quite strong.”

Strong to the point that he would never say a word about it.

There was only one method left – change his heart somehow!

The evil-looking youth had a calm look on his face as he exuded a faint evil aura. The only thing out of place was his gaze turned fiery hot when it landed on Luo Tian. This was because the strength Luo Tian demonstrated had impressed him greatly.


“Let’s quickly run then, and try to leave Heaven Opening City’s area of influence.” Qin San’s brows furrowed as he helped Qin Changtian get onto the back of the war beast.

Luo Tian couldn’t help asking: “Where are we going?”

Qin San looked off into the distance and replied: “The Dark Forest!”


Heaven Opening City, Heaven Opening Manor.




The old Ji Tongtian was bitterly weeping while trying to suppress an evil-like flames of rage around him. The evil flames would surge up, then shrink down, and cause a suppressive atmosphere in the main hall. He was clearly extremely enraged.

Ji Ao was his youngest son, and also the son he doted on the most.

He never imagined a white hair person would have to bury a black hair person! ¹


There wasn’t even an intact corpse for Ji Ao’s death, and only several pieces of his flesh left. His heart was trembling when looking at this scene. He then shouted through his clenched teeth: “Send out all the assassins in Heaven Opening Manor! I want all four of them dead! Every single one of them needs to accompany my son in his burial!”

He gnashed his teeth in anger!

His looks were beyond vicious!

At this time, two middle-aged men came over.

They cupped their hands and said in unison: “Father – your son will definitely take revenge for his third brother (second brother). But the Rainbow Lotus is about to mature, and several immortal sect Elders…”

Before they could finish…

Ji Tongtian flipped his palms and slapped them, sending them rolling on the ground. The thick battle aura of a Profound Emperor was released as he shouted: “No matter how big the issue is, it still won’t be bigger than the death of Ao’er! Have them wait for me!”


¹ – White hair person means an elderly, while a black hair person means someone of the younger generation. Someone younger is supposed to bury the older and not the other way around.

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