Undefeatable – Ch512

Chapter 512 – The More, The Better

Ji Tongtian’s love for Ji Ao was deeper than what others imagined.

A single slap sent two of his sons tumbling before he said: “I’m hitting you two because I want you both to remember – nothing is more important than your siblings. I know the immortal sect envoys want the Rainbow Lotus and to find the Sky Palace Divine race, but this matter will be discussed only after I take care of those four people!”

The battle aura of a Profound Emperor ranker seeped out.

The atmosphere around the entire Heaven Opening Manor became extremely oppressive.

Also at this time…

Several immortal sect envoys came over.

Heading the group was an envoy from the Imperial God Immortal Sect, an outer sect Elder called Yang Jin. He looked around fifty years old but his real age was already over three hundred, and his cultivation was at the Profound Saint realm.

Yang Jin had a calm look as he walked into the main hall. He then said: “My condolences, City Lord Ji. It’s such a pity for your noble son to have died, so we, the living should do something for him. We can’t let him die just like that.”

The Starsea Immortal Sect’s envoy, Lu Zhen also said: “That’s right. The Rainbow Lotus and the matter with the Sky Palace Divine race should be set aside for now. We should first find the enemies of your noble son and then sacrifice their heads to your noble son.”

The other two immortal sect envoys also expressed their opinions.

They were very clear…

That within Heaven Opening City, their immortal sect’s influence was rather weak.

They had to borrow Heaven Opening Manor’s strength.

This was all because of Ji Tongtian!

A Profound Emperor ranker was someone that had already reached the supreme heights of the cultivation world. Even if they were orthodox immortal sects, they didn’t wish to offend an unfathomable monster that had lived for over a thousand years. They could only cater to him at a time like this.

Ji Tongtian’s expression returned to that of being calm. He then replied: “Thank you immortal sect envoys for your understanding. I will take care of this matter as soon as possible and not affect the important matters of your envoys.”

“No rush.”

“Our matters are minor while the Third Young Master’s death is more important.”

When Yang Jin saw that Ji Tongtian had calmed down, he walked over and said: “Third Young Master’s cultivation had broken through to the Profound Saint realm a few days ago. Even though he’s not an orthodox immortal sect disciple, he should still be a supreme existence in this area. There aren’t many people capable of instantly killing him. I believe that it shouldn’t be someone from Heaven Opening City or people from Sunset City.”

“Brother Yang’s deduction sounds about right!”

“I already had my people ask around and found that the person we want came out from the teleportation array. It’s very clear he’s a disciple of an immortal sect, but we currently cannot tell which immortal sect he’s from. But one thing we are sure of is he’s not a disciple of our four great immortal sects,” said Lu Zhen.

Luo Tian did not try to conceal where he went.

From the teleportation array to the restaurant, then to the entrance of the city. Many people saw his movements and a brief investigation would reveal it.

Ji Tongtian’s brows furrowed as he muttered: “A person from the immortal sects?”

A brief sense of doubt appeared on his face.

Yang Jin immediately said: “Don’t worry, City Lord Ji. It doesn’t matter if he’s an immortal sect disciple or an Elder, we won’t let him off. Moving against the people of Heaven Opening City means he broke the agreement our ancestors signed. Even if he’s the Sect Leader of a certain immortal sect, he still cannot escape death.”


“These two Elders are indeed Elders of the number one and number two strongest immortal sects. This Ji sincerely admires both of you.” Ji Tongtian then said loudly: “Since that’s the case, then there’s no need for me to hesitate.”

“Based on my Heaven Opening Manor’s strength, I can definitely twist off the heads of those four within three days.”

In the radius of a million kilometers, Heaven Opening Manor was the overlord.

Yang Jin then said: “Since it’s an immortal sect member that broke the agreement by our ancestors, we cannot sit here and do nothing. Besides, since this person can kill the Third Young Master who’s at the Profound Saint realm, his cultivation won’t be that simple.”

Lu Zhen immediately added: “I’ll have my eldest disciple and four Starsea Immortal Sect disciples assist City Lord Ji.”

“I will also have our eldest disciple assist.”

“I will do the same too.”

The four great immortal sects all expressed their support.

Ji Tongtian’s face showed a happy smile, but he was coldly shouting internally: “A bunch of old wily foxes! Scared that I won’t tell you guys the entrance of the Sky Palace Divine race once I find out? Humph~! How can I not know what you guys are thinking?”


When the four immortal sects found out that two of the four people knew the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, they immediately rushed over here.

They had to participate in this time’s hunt!

They were indeed worried Ji Tongtian wouldn’t tell them the entrance location once he found out.

After all, this was Heaven Opening City and was at least 10 million kilometers away from the nearest immortal sect. It was extremely inconvenient even though they had a teleportation array. No one wanted to stay at a place where there was barely any immortal force and even a bird wouldn’t want to take a shit here.

They wanted to finish their mission as soon as possible and then go back.

Ji Tongtian cupped his hands and said: “Then this Ji shall thank the four envoys.”

Right after that…

Ji Tongtian went to the entrance of the main hall and shouted: “Someone come! Send out our Heaven Opening Kill Order – whoever finds those four and doesn’t report it, immediately kill their entire clan. Send out all the assassins of Heaven Opening Manor. I want to see their heads within three days!”

“We obey!”

Also at this time…

The four great immortal sect envoys told their eldest disciples to chase and kill.


An extraordinary sight of battle aura surged into the sky. Ji Tongtian’s aura dispersed throughout the area as he roared: “Qin San! I will find you no matter where you hide! I will have all four of you accompany my son in his burial!”

His voice was like a sonic wave that rippled outwards.

It spread out like crazy to extremely far distances!

The edge of the Dark Forest.

Qin San’s expression sank. He stopped and said: “That old bandit Tongtian is sending out the Heaven Opening Kill Order. We have to pass through the Dark Forest as fast as possible because leaving the forest means we will be out of reach from Heaven Opening Manor’s influence. At that time, it would be very difficult for them to catch up to us.”

Luo Tian looked at the direction of Heaven Opening City. He was clenching his fists while revealing an excited look. “A Profound Emperor expert! This is definitely the aura of a Profound Emperor expert! So strong! I wonder if a divine item will drop after I kill him?”


Luo Tian swallowed his saliva while saying to himself: “I really want to kill him.”

Qin Changtian noticed Luo Tian’s excited expression and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, what are you thinking about? That old bandit Tongtian is a Profound Emperor expert. Even my father wasn’t his opponent…”

Upon thinking of his father…

Qin Changtian couldn’t help being choked up. “Father… father… I really miss you.”


Qin San sighed while his expression turned gloomy. He wanted to console Qin Changtian but couldn’t find any words. Having to witness your father die in front of you is a terrible feeling. His elderly father also died by the sword of an assassin sent out from Heaven Opening Manor.

Luo Tian lowered his body and said with a smile: “Tian Tian, you need to stay strong-hearted. No matter how strong or how high the cultivation of your enemy is, you need to keep living and stay determined. For those bad people from Heaven Opening Manor, this big brother will guarantee that I will kill how many that comes!”

Qin Changtian nodded and replied: “En!”

Luo Tian looked in the direction of Heaven Opening City while praying internally: “I really hope you guys come. You are my experience and my undefeated points. The more, the better. Heh heh…”

He looked exactly like a madman!

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