Undefeatable – Ch513

Chapter 513 – Harboring Evil Intentions

Heaven Opening City.

At a certain courtyard.

Yang Jin’s expression sank as he coldly asked: “Did you find out which immortal sect that person belongs to? It’s definitely not a coincidence for him to suddenly appear and kill Ji Ao. Could it be that another immortal sect has also found out the secret about the Sky Palace Divine race?”

Lu Zhen’s expression also became downcast as he replied: “It shouldn’t be. Back then, there were only four of us present. None of us are idiots so who would spread this kind of information? Don’t forget, we didn’t even tell our sect leaders about this.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Whoever spread this out is truly a dumbass.”

The four of them glanced at each other.

A few months ago.

The four of them were in the depths of the Sky Mountain ranges to search for the Rainbow Lotus. They somehow found a huge dragon that was heavily injured!

This wasn’t a dragon that looked like a lizard.

It was the kind that looked like those huge divine dragons!

The dragon noticed them and only glanced at them as a deterrence, and they all instantly blanked out on the spot.

By the time they woke up, the dragon had already disappeared.

In regards to this…

They started searching like crazy! They searched the entire Sky Mountain yet still couldn’t find traces of the dragon. What they could determine was this dragon wouldn’t live for long. The wounds on its body were extremely grave so it was already on the edge of death.

A dragon!

They were the most mysterious and the strongest species in the Tianxuan Continent!

If one could fuse together with the dragon’s bloodline…

They would gain the divine dragon’s might! That person will shake the whole world and their cultivation would rise up at unprecedented speeds!

There was no one in the continent that didn’t want the bloodline of a divine dragon!

Murong Wanjian’s appearance made countless experts search all over just so they could kill a dragon.

They precisely wanted to fuse with the dragon’s bloodline so that their cultivation would increase dramatically. They would gain greater strength, gain the near-invincible fleshly body of a dragon, and gain a monarch’s strength that would allow them to look down on everything in this world!

These four clearly saw it.

But they couldn’t find it.

They were inquiring about for several months and eventually found out about the dragon protector clan from Sunset City. They also found out that this dragon protector clan were the only ones they knew about the entrance for the Sky Palace Divine race. And inside where the Sky Palace Divine race resided was the only resting place for the dragons in the whole Tianxuan Continent!

Destroy Sunset City’s Qin family.

What they didn’t expect was the Qin family would rather die than tell them the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race.

They were killed off one by one.

But no one said a thing.

Over three hundred Qin family members and disciples were killed, yet they didn’t say a thing. This made the four of them feel that hidden inside the location of the Sky Palace Divine race was a dragon. It was highly possible that it was exactly that injured dragon! There was no way they could kill a live dragon, but they were confident in going against one that was at the edge of death.

They were willing to take the risks in order to get their hands on a divine dragon’s bloodline!

This was their chance to rise to the heavens in one single step!


“It doesn’t matter who that person is because he still has to die.”

“If he manages to find out the real goal for us being here, then this whole thing will no longer be ours.” Yang Jin frowned before continuing: “Apart from that person, we personally need to control the remnants of the Qin family!”

“When I went back to the Imperial God Immortal Sect, I exchanged 10,000 merit points just for this medicinal pill.”

“As long as they eat it, we can ask whatever we want and they will spill everything out.”

Lu Zhen smiled excitedly and said: “Brother Yang is truly wise. We can definitely get the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race this time. If brother Yang is the first to gain the divine dragon’s bloodline, I’m sure the other two brothers won’t say a thing.”

“That’s natural of course.”

“Brother Yang contributed the most so he is naturally the first one to give it a try.”


“My fellow junior brothers, we’ll be able to leap into the heavens in just a few days. At that time, the entire world would be shaken by our names.”



In another location.

The secret chamber of the Heaven Opening Manor.

Ji Tongtian had a cold expression on his face. Standing behind him was his eldest son Ji Tian and his second son Ji Yuan.

“Since the four great immortal sects cooperated with us, I’m sure it’s not as simple as just the Rainbow Lotus and the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race. There’s definitely some type of huge secret related to the Sky Palace Divine race. I want you two to secretly follow the disciples from the four immortal sects,” said Ji Tongtian.

Ji Tian immediately replied: “Your son obeys.”

Ji Tongtian then continued: “As for the remnants of the Qin family, we cannot let anyone else capture them no matter what. We have to control them with our own hands. This will be the bargaining chip we’ll need against the four immortal sects. In order to break past the Profound Emperor 3rd rank, I need a huge amount of medicinal pills. As long as I break past it… heh heh…”

“Even if they enter the location of the Sky Palace Divine race, they won’t be able to leave with their lives!”

“You have to remember!”

“That little boy Qin Changtian; his identity is not ordinary so you definitely cannot allow him to land in the hands of the four immortal sects!”

“Your son understands!”

Ji Tongtian’s mouth curved into a sneer. He then coldly smiled and said: “Four great immortal sects, huh? Humph~! You want to do whatever you want in the territory of mine, Ji Tongtian’s? Just wait and see! You cannot escape from being responsible for my son’s death!”

“You guys just wait and see!”

“Once I’ve investigated everything thoroughly, the date of your deaths will be imminent.”


Everyone was harboring their own evil intentions.


This wasn’t exactly a bad thing for Luo Tian.

Everyone had the same goal.

No matter what, Luo Tian would have to deal with these two powerful forces eventually.

The four great immortal sects present and the Heaven Opening Manor.

Any of those forces was an incomparably powerful existence.

And the difficulty of Luo Tian’s quest had become even harder.

Talking about the quest…

Luo Tian started cursing at all eighty-one generations of the system’s ancestors. He was protecting Qin Changtian like looking after a baby the entire journey. Luo Tian was afraid that he would fall and scrape a knee if the boy didn’t walk carefully.

Luo Tian was really worried.

Worried the system would suddenly deduct 200 million experience points from him!

This was a life-stealing quest!

One day later.

Heaven Opening Manor.

Ji Tongtian had a sneer as he released his Profound Emperor battle aura. All the Heaven Opening Manor assassins could sense it before he shouted: “They are inside the Dark Forest! Go find them for me!”

A Profound Emperor’s battle aura was an energy at the highest peak.

It is capable of spreading one’s voice out over a thousand kilometers.

The assassins of all charged towards the Dark Forest like a tidal wave.

Ji Tongtian then harrumphed in disdain: “Qin San, do you really think I won’t be able to find you if you hide in the Dark Forest? Just wait and see! My assassins will be there very soon. Since you’ve killed my son, I will use the world’s cruelest way to kill you in return!”


“Elder, we received news that Ji Tongtian has sent all his assassins into the Dark Forest.”


“Send out my command – have all our people rush to the Dark Forest. They have to find them before the others do!”

“We obey!”

For a brief moment, the undercurrents started surging.

Killing intent that was spreading over ten thousand kilometers!

Inside the Dark Forest.

Luo Tian rubbed his nose and grinned. He then muttered to himself: “I can smell the scent of slaughter. It looks like they’re getting closer and closer to us, heh heh…”


“The more, the merrier!”

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian started laughing coldly inside.

Who’s the prey?

Who’s going to be the ones being hunted down?

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