Undefeatable – Ch517

Chapter 517 – This Is Taking My Life!

“Something bad happened!”

“Oh my lord…!”

“My little ancestor cannot suffer even a tiny bit of injury!”

“My 200 million experience points!”

Luo Tian almost went crazy from anxiety.

If something bad happens to Qin San, the next one will be Qin Changtian. If he really does get injured, then… 200 million experience points will be gone just like that. He will then suffer the pain of losing a level!


This was basically taking his life!


Before Luo Tian could react, the other three eldest immortal sect disciples ordered their subordinates to charge over. They didn’t bother with Qian Chong or Luo Tian anymore. To them, Qin San and Qin Changtian were much more important.

“We can’t let the others capture them first.”

“Elder Yang issued a death order – we cannot let the people from Heaven Opening Manor capture them before us.”

“If we somehow are unable to capture them first, there’s no way we can explain ourselves when we go back. You all should know what type of person Elder Yang is.”

Several disciples were anxiously discussing this amongst each other.

Their figures rose into the air and disappeared. In less than half a breath, they managed to disappear into the darkness without a sound.

Luo Tian’s expression turned gloomy.

“It’s all my fault for being negligent.”

“The assassin’s target is not me but Qin San and Qin Changtian.” Little Xie’s brows furrowed as he said: “It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me dragging you down, nothing would’ve happened to them. If they are really harmed because of it, I’m not going to forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

Luo Tian replied: “What are you talking about? A person’s life is extremely long, and there’s a chance nothing too bad has happened to them!”

While saying this…

Luo Tian shouted in his mind: “Level 6 Berserk!”

“Shadewind Steps, level 9!”



With his speed raised to the maximum, Luo Tian instantly disappeared into the darkness.

Little Xie stood up and watched Luo Tian’s back disappear. He frowned as he said to himself: “Has he found out about my secret?”

His eyes narrowed before his figure shot forward as well.



“Evil remnants of the Qin family, let’s see where you can run off to now?!”

Ji Tian’s powerful aura suppressed the surrounding area. His eyes widened and coldly stared at the half-dead Qin San below his foot. He coldly scoffed in disdain before saying: “Old bastard Qin San, you actually dared to kill my third little brother? Today, I will let you experience what I, Ji Tian, am capable of.”

“Don’t hurt my Grandpa Qin San!”

Qin Changtian woke up from his sleep. The surrounding was pitch black so he couldn’t really see anything, but when he heard Ji Tian’s words, he started running over toward where the voice was. “Don’t you dare touch my Grandpa Qin San! If you dare touch him, my big brother Luo Tian will not let you off!”

Immediately after…

Qin Changtian looked around and asked in confusion: “Grandpa San, where is my big brother Luo Tian?”

Qin San’s breathing was faint and his complexion pale – he couldn’t even say a single word.

When he found out Luo Tian also came for the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, he immediately became guarded. Even if Luo Tian had helped him kill Ji Ao, he felt like he still couldn’t trust Luo Tian. Sunset City was so easily destroyed by Heaven Opening City because they trusted Ji Ao too much.

If it wasn’t for Ji Ao, Sunset City wouldn’t have ended up like this.

The Qin family’s three hundred plus members wouldn’t have been killed off so cleanly.

That’s why he didn’t trust Luo Tian.

This lack of trust was natural because he was doing this for Qin Changtian. He didn’t want the last seedling of the Qin family to befall danger.

Despite that…

He was still very thankful to Luo Tian but he will not take the risk.

This wasn’t just about the last seedling of the Qin family but about an even greater secret.

Ji Yuan’s eyes focused and a murderous killing intent burst forth. His expression was extremely cold as he wanted to instantly crush Qin Changtian’s little body.

Ji Tian shouted: “Second brother, don’t do anything reckless! Did you forget what father told us?!”

Ji Yuan pulled back his aura and coldly harrumphed.

Also at this time…

Ji Tian heavily kicked Qin San’s abdominal area and sent him flying for over a hundred meters. His figure smashed into a large tree before finally coming to a stop. The tree shook and a bunch of leaves was seen scattering to the ground.

Ji Yuan instantly moved and landed next to Qin San. He then grunted: “I can’t touch the little one but I can touch the old one, right?”

“Old bastard…”

“You dare to kill my little brother?!”

“Go die for me!”

Ji Yuan lifted his right leg and started viciously stomping on Qin San’s head.

Qin San was throwing up mouthful after mouthful of black colored blood. He struggled to scream out: “Tian Tian, quickly run!”


“It’ll be useless even if you manage to run all the way to hell.” Ji Yuan’s cold expression made him look like a sinister ghost while his foot viciously stepped onto Qin San’s face. He lowered his body and then slapped out while scolding: “Who would’ve imagined an old bastard like you can still last so long before dying?”


Another vicious slap was sent out.

Qin San couldn’t feel pain any longer. Comparing the pain on his face, the injuries he suffered to his body was already beyond words. He looked at Qin Changtian stumbling in the darkness and started feeling pain in his heart. He then yelled out in anger: “You bunch of beasts will not die a peaceful death! Your Heaven Opening Manor people will not have a good ending!”

“Tian Tian, quickly run!” Qin San struggled to scream out.

When Qin Changtian heard the scream, he couldn’t help start crying. “Grandpa San, Grandpa San! Don’t hurt my Grandpa San! Grandpa San, where are you?! I’m really scared!”

Ji Tian suddenly moved and landed next to Qin Changtian. He revealed a cute and intimate smile while saying: “Tian Tian, as long as you tell me the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, I will let your Grandpa San go. I promise I will not hurt him.”

Qin San was about to scream out something but Ji Yuan covered his mouth. “Mmmm… mmmm… don’t…”

Only muffled screams were heard.

No one knew what he was saying.

Qin Changtian looked at Ji Tian seriously. His little cheeks bulged out as he angrily said: “You’re a bad person! Daddy said that I cannot tell this secret to baddies!”

“Tian Tian is such a good boy.”

“How can I be a bad person?”

“I’m the biggest good person ever. As long as you tell me, I will immediately release your Grandpa San and never give you both any trouble.” Ji Tian said with a smile.

Qin Changtian was in thought for a while and still firmly said: “You are a baddie. You and that dead Ji Ao are both bad people…”

“Courting death!”

Ji Tian lost his patience. Especially when Ji Ao was mentioned, he couldn’t suppress the rage inside his heart any longer. He directly sent out a slap!


Qin Changtian was slapped flying!

Vicious to the extreme! He actually used quite a bit of strength!

At this instant…

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it had sunk into an abyss. The flames of rage inside him surged into his head as he clenched his teeth with cracking sounds. He couldn’t wait to grind Ji Tian’s bones into powder and scatter it into the wind! Using such heavy-handed means against a child? He was beneath a beast!


He didn’t have time to continue with these thoughts.

It was unknown if Qin Changtian suffered any serious injuries from being slapped, and whether the system will consider it as him failing the quest or not.

His heart felt like it had risen up to his throat!

Before Qin Changtian fell down, Luo Tian cast Regeneration on him.

His figure moved and instantly arrived to catch Qin Changtian in midair. He was praying inside his heart: “My little ancestor, please don’t be injured! Please don’t be injured!”

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