Undefeatable – Ch518

Chapter 518 – Asura Vs. Asura


This was the first time Luo Tian was afraid of hearing the system alert tone!

He was really scared the system would go “ding,” then announce that he had failed his quest and 200 million experience points would be deducted. If this was the case, he will truly go crazy!

It wasn’t easy to level up.

Every single experience point was extremely precious to Luo Tian. Even if it was just one single experience point, this was earned by his hard work and by putting his life on the line!

Previously, he didn’t cast Regeneration on Little Xie because he was worried something bad might happen to Qin Changtian, making the skill his backup plan. When he saw Qin Changtian was sent flying by a slap, he didn’t care if the boy was injured or not and just directly used the skill.

The moment he caught Qin Changtian, Luo Tian closed his eyes like he was about to hear the jury’s verdict.

A few seconds went by…

The system didn’t give off any alert tones.

Luo Tian grinned as his heart became at ease. He then said to himself: “It’s fortunate I got here on time. Even if that slap didn’t injure him, falling from these heights would leave him with half his life left.”

If he could, Luo Tian would’ve already put Qin Changtian inside his spatial ring!


There was a certain rule restricting spatial rings so people couldn’t be put inside of it. If he could, Luo Tian would’ve already put Feng Lei and the others inside his spatial ring by now. How happy would it be to have your brothers always by your side?


Luo Tian gave a long exhale.

When Qin Changtian opened his eyes and realized it was Luo Tian, he immediately started crying. “Big brother Luo Tian, you’re finally here! Quickly go rescue my Grandpa San! Grandpa San is about to die! They, they, they are all baddies!”

He was crying his eyes out on Luo Tian’s shoulder.

Luo Tian gently patted his back and said: “Don’t worry; I will play each and every one of them to death.”

“Eldest Young Master, it’s him that killed the Third Young Master.”

One of the assassins whispered this into Ji Tian’s ears.

Ji Tian’s gaze instantly changed as he glared at Luo Tian. The power exploding from his body made him look especially ferocious right now.

Ji Yuan, who wasn’t too far away, didn’t bother to think too much. He was just like a demonic beast that went berserk, charging straight at Luo Tian. He then roared out: “Give me back my little brother’s life to me!”

Luo Tian’s expression was one of shock!

Profound Saint 3rd rank?!

Ji Yuan didn’t look that old but he had already cultivated for over three hundred years.

His cultivation reached the peak of the Profound Saint 3rd rank. His energy was vigorous and the Asura Hands he cultivated in was extremely powerful.

At this time…

His pair of hands changed and turned jet black. They became blurry looking and exuded an aura from Hell. He then shouted: “The shadow of death, the nether from hell, Asura Hands shall slaughter all spirits!”



A ghostly flame appeared on his hands!

The ghostly flame was a type of energy he refined from the powers of an Asura.


Extremely fierce and contained the aura of brutality.

After cultivating Asura Hands, he had killed countless people in his life. Those that died by his hands will have their souls refined. Once he activates his skill, the sound of wolves howling and ghosts wailing could be heard. It was no different from the cries of ten thousand ghosts at the same time!

The expressions of the surrounding Heaven Opening Manor assassins dramatically changed!

Even Ji Tian faintly shivered before backing half a step away. He had a cold smile while glaring at Luo Tian. “Once Asura Hands come out, someone will definitely be dying. Kid, you should’ve known your ending after you killed my third brother.”

“Second brother!”

“Peel his soul out so that he cannot reincarnate ever again! He will forever be controlled in your hands and have his soul ravaged for thousands of years!”

Ji Yuan’s gaze turned gloomy and said with a smile: “That is exactly what I was planning.”


Luo Tian exhaled a long breath and stood sideways. One hand was holding onto Qin Changtian and the other hand formed a palm stance. The center of the palm was directed at Ji Yuan as he said: “Tian Tian, close your eyes. This will be over very quickly.”


Qin Changtian nodded obediently and closed his eyes.

At this moment…

The grim reaper’s killing intent surged out of Luo Tian like crazy as he shouted: “Asura Domain!”

“I will let you experience what is considered the real energy of an Asura!”

The grim reaper’s path of slaughter energy was billowing out mixed with the Asura Domain. It increased at a crazy rate and quickly became much stronger. The two powers actually belonged to the same category, and that was the characteristic of death!

The two energies became much stronger as they stacked and merged with each other, similar to two rivers coming together.

Luo Tian moved with his sideway stance while an energy rotated in the center of his palm.

He wasn’t using profound energy.

Luo Tian was using immortal force.

The immortal force was spinning like crazy, just like a certain main character’s Rasengan in the anime Naruto. His aura grew stronger and his powers multiplied, causing a phantom cross-shaped image to appear. The only drawback…

Luo Tian could only use one hand.

If he used two hands, the power behind Revolving Slash would at least double.


He didn’t have the courage to lower Qin Changtian. After the previous episode, he really didn’t dare to leave Qin Changtian’s side anymore. Previously, his speed in casting Regeneration was so fast that even the system didn’t have time to react. Otherwise, he may have already failed his quest by now.

With no other choice…

He could only use one hand to fight!

But even if this was the case, Luo Tian wasn’t afraid. When facing an expert at the peak of the Profound Saint 3rd rank, he maintained his calm composure. His five fingers formed claws and energy started moving in his right arm. Titan God’s Might had been condensed into his palm as well!

He spun his body around and his powers exploded forth. He then viciously slammed his palm forward while shouting: “Revolving Slash!”



The sky shook and the surrounding atmosphere was crushed by Revolving Slash’s powers!

Also, the instant when Luo Tian threw his strike out…

Ji Yuan’s eyes turned fierce. His pair of black hands shot forward while he shouted: “Asura Claws, die for me!”

The two energies collided with each other.

The moment they collided with each other, time seemed to stand still.

Two seconds later…



The space around them was ripped apart by the energy collision! The twisting of spatial cracks appeared and re-joined continuously!

Within ten thousand kilometers…

None of the demonic beasts dared to breathe loudly.

The explosion resounded through all nine heavens!

Even Heaven Opening Manor was shaking violently.

Ji Tongtian’s brows faintly furrowed before he coldly smiled. “Ji Yuan’s Asura Hands… It looks like they’ve succeeded. No matter how strong the cultivation of that person who killed Ao’er is, he will still be dying by Asura Hands. This skill is something I gained from the Nether Abyss, a divine grade martial skill with the concept of death!”


“Third Noble’s death has finally been avenged.” Yang Jin smiled, but there was a hint of doubt on his face. He then said internally: “I wonder if Qian Chong and the others succeeded or not… If those two Ji foxes snatched them first, I’m afraid…”

Lu Zhen’s gaze secretly tightened. He was also worried that Ji Tian and Ji Yuan were the ones to first capture Qin San and the others.

When the energy exploded previously…

They felt uneasy inside their hearts. With this kind of cultivation, even their eldest disciples would at most fight to a tie. There’s also Ji Tian who’s at the Profound Saint 4th rank, his cultivation had already reached a terrifying level.


Restless and anxious!

The two glanced at each other and nodded.

One could easily tell that those two had reached a consensus.


Dark Forest.

Luo Tian retreated dozens of steps. There was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth and his countenance was somewhat pale.

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