Undefeatable – Ch52

Chapter 52 – The Fight Begins

“Boss, what’s going on?”

“Little brother Luo, why are you suddenly so angry?”

Song Yannan’s eyebrows slightly frowned as he walked up and asked: “Brother Luo Tian, what happened?”

Luo Tian was holding onto a hairpin. He was very familiar with this hairpin because it was still being worn by Li Xue’er yesterday. He never imagined…

He underestimated how sinister Luo Jianshan was willing to act!

In the eight days he was training in the Ghostly Mountain Range, Li Xue’er and Feng Lei didn’t encounter too much trouble. Luo Tian thought that Luo Jianshan wouldn’t do anything to them because his son and his brother were actually killed by him, so it had nothing to do with others.


Luo Tian was too naive.

He was truly too naive. Warning bells should have been set off with Luo Jianshan’s appearance last night.

How could he be so neglectful when dealing with such a sinister person like Luo Jianshan?

Luo Tian felt it was entirely his fault. His own woman had been detained for a second time now, causing the rage inside him to erupt like a volcano.

“That’s sister-in-law’s hairpin! Boss, did something happen to sister-in-law?” Feng Lei’s eyes tightened as rage started rushing towards his head upon seeing the hairpin.

Song Yannan frowned and asked: “It was Luo Jianshan?”

Luo Tian nodded, “Right.”

Song Yannan was in thought for a while. He clenched his fist once and then released it, “Brother Luo Tian, just say it if you need our assistance.”

These words had heavy connotation.

Song Yannan was the Patriarch so his words were the words of the entire Song family.

He knew that Luo Jianshan had held someone close to Luo Tian as hostage. The words he had said out loud clearly meant that just by Luo Tian’s request, the Song family will go to war with the Luo family.

Luo Tian very extremely grateful and said: “Thank you for your kind intentions big brother Song, but this matter is personal and I wish to take care of it on my own.”

Of course he had to solve it personally.

If by chance that Luo Jianshan gets KO’d by the Song family, then this last boss will have no relations to him at all.


He had to beat the shit out of the damn old dog. If he doesn’t see shit come out, there’s no way he could vent and pacify his anger.

It was at this time that the man who delivered the package spoke again: “That person said that the conditions you two talked about are still in place. As long as you hand over that item, he will immediately let the girl go.”


“What item?” Feng Lei grabbed onto the guy and lifted him into the air and roared: “Speak clearly to this daddy! What sort of item is it?”

The man started shaking from fright as he mumbled: “Great Lord, I’m only here to deliver the message. I have no clue what that so called item is.”

Luo Tian faintly said: “Don’t make things hard on him; he’s merely here to deliver the message.”

After being in thought for a while, Luo Tian decided to frankly say: “He wants the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core.”

Song Yannan’s eyes changed as he received the shock.

Everyone present all felt the shock of those words.

A demon core contained almost endless energy. It was even more precious than a xuan stone so it was considered a supreme treasure to martial cultivators.

Feng Lei’s eyes changed to a more uplifted expression as he lowered the man back to the ground. He then looked around with a foolish grin, “So it’s just the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core, I’ll give it to him!”

While saying that, he pulled out an extremely sharp machete that he had sharpened for eight days from his space plaque.

Feng Lei had no hesitation as he lifted up his clothes and was about to slice upon his stomach.

He was still like a grinning fool who didn’t care about the consequences.

Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he quickly snatched the machete out of Feng Lei’s hands. He then screamed: “Fatty Lei, have you gone crazy? Do you think you can still take out a demon core after ingesting it?”

Feng Lei didn’t bother thinking too much about it. As long as he can take out the demon core from his stomach and save his sister-in-law, anything was fine. Who cares if he dies in the process?

He had never cared about his own life before!

In his heart, Luo Tian was always in the first position. Anything pertaining to Luo Tian and he would use his life on the line to accomplish it. This was a promise he gave to Luo Tian’s parents and it will be something he has taken to heart for the rest of his life.

“Boss, the demon core was eaten by me so I just have to dig it out.” Feng Lei tried to explain himself.

“So what if you manage to dig it out?”

“Not only does Luo Jianshan want the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core, he wants me to cripple my cultivation making me become the trash that everyone picks on again.” Luo Tian loudly yelled out.

It wasn’t enough to cripple him once; he wanted to cripple Luo Tian a second time!

Luo Jianshan was too sinister!

Feng Lei was stunned as he mumbled: “Boss, what should we do then? We’re not saving sister-in-law?”

“We will!”

“Of course we will save her. Not only will we save her, we will do it the most magnificent fashion!” Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he looked at the scared delivery man and said: “Go back and tell him that I don’t have the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core. But I will dig out the one from the demonic beast at the battle arena and give it to him as replacement. Remind him not to touch a single hair on the girl or else I’ll overturn the graves of his ancestors!”

“Did you remember everything I’ve said?”

“I… I heard it and remember everything.”

“Now scram!”

The delivery man half crawled and half ran away from the group.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian looked at Feng Lei, “Make sure all our brothers are prepared. Once the fight ends at the battle arena, we’ll settle everything with Luo Jianshan!”

Feng Lei nodded in a serious manner and roared: “Good!”

Song Yannan looked calm on the surface but his heart was palpitating like a stormy sea. He couldn’t imagine that this person in front of him was a sixteen year old Luo Tian who had his dantian crippled and his cultivation wasted. What had he encountered that made him so much stronger now?

Looks like a good show is about to start.

Song Yannan wanted to mention his assistance again but stopped himself as the words were about to be spoken.

This was an internal matter of the Luo family. If an outsider like him interfered, it might actually negatively affect Luo Tian.

If he couldn’t help out in the open, then he will help out secretly then.

Song Yannan turned to the side and whispered to his attendant: “Dispatch all the Song family’s elite disciples. Have them disguise themselves and search for the whereabouts of Li Xue’er. Make sure they understand not to ignore any movements of Luo Jianshan.”

The attendant nodded and silently disappeared into the crowd.

Song Yannan watched as the back of Luo Tian gradually faded off into the distance. His blood that had been silent all these years started boiling up again…


“The fight between two individuals with the biggest strength disparity in the history is about to start.”

“One of our Jade Mountain City’s four major families, the Luo family’s Luo Tian versus a 4th rank demonic beast, the huge Lava Lizard…”

The ear deafening voice of the host spread throughout the battle arena.

When the name “Lava Lizard” was heard, the ten thousand plus spectators in the battle arena couldn’t help but shiver from the chill in their hearts.

A Lava Lizard was an existence similar to a nightmare for the people of the Jade Mountain City.

Hundreds of thousands killed and half the city destroyed. Although this had happened many years ago, there were still many places in the Jade Mountain City where people could still witness the devastation of the past.

“That’s right!”

“The Lava Lizard today is exactly the descendant of that Lava Lizard of the past that killed over a hundred thousand people in our city.”

As the words of the host faded…

The spectators started boiling with fear and excitement.

There were even some parts of the arena where people started panicking. There were still people lingered in fear from the horrifying scenes of the past. What if the Lava Lizard were to rush up to the seats where the spectators were sitting?

But after recalling that this battle arena was run by the mysterious organization called Violet, the fear in their hearts started to drop down a bit.

The Violet organization had methods for controlling a 10th rank demonic beast at the great perfection stage, let alone controlling a little 4th rank demonic beast.

Immediately after…

On the spectator’s seats, everyone started grinning and laughing once again.

“Haha… this daddy is gonna be rich this time.”

“Luo Tian will definitely die.”

“This is practically a slaughter, pure slaughter. I dare to bet that the piece of trash Luo Tian won’t even survive for ten seconds.’

“The way I see it, he won’t even survive for a single second. Hahaha…”

The spectator stands were all boiling in fervor as many people were red from excitement. There was no suspense in this fight because Luo Tian will surely die!

The host cleared his throat before loudly announcing: “We will now invite out Luo Tian and his attendant Feng Lei to the arena.”

The huge gates of the battle arena opened up. Luo Tian and Feng Lei then came out not too fast or too slow.

Luo Tian turned a deaf ear as numerous boo’s were heard from the spectator stands.

Soon after…

Another huge gate opened and without waiting for the host to speak, the huge Lava Lizard rushed out like crazy with a person in his mouth. The blood from the person had sprayed out all over, dying the grounds red.


The extremely ferocious looking face exuded a powerful and peerless aura of a primitive beast. Its brutal and unbridled aura then enveloped the entire battle arena.

It started rampaging around the area upon making its appearance!


Terrifying to the extreme!

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