Undefeatable – Ch520

Chapter 520 – Titan’s Defensive Form

Luo Tian had never fought four top experts like them before.


He only had one free hand.

Luo Tian didn’t dare to put Qin Changtian down. These immortal sect disciples were extremely sinister with their methods, and there were Heaven Opening City’s assassins everywhere. If he happened to be entangled with an opponent and someone acted against Qin Changtian, there was no way he would have enough time to go help.

If Qin Changtian gets injured once more, then he would really be screwed.


“Screw your mom! If you want this daddy to die, just come at me in the open. Why is there a need to go through such a process?” Luo Tian cursed in anger once more as the quest had pissed him off. What made him more irritated was that he was afraid there would be similar successive quests after this.

And the gambling stakes would get bigger and bigger.

The next one could be a B-rank quest, and failure would deduct 300 million, 400 million, or even 500 million experience points… If that’s the case, those quests had the potential to completely f*ck him over!

At this time…

Luo Tian didn’t have time to think too much. His gaze turned gloomy and said coldly: “Starsea Immortal Sect is truly an awesome existence. How shameless can you guys get to have four people joining hands against me?”


“After killing Third Noble and then using despicable means to sneak attack senior brother Qian, we naturally have to use the greatest means in killing such a despicable lowlife. And you want to talk shame with us? It’s useless!”

“That’s right.”

Qi Ming harrumphed and said: “Kid, we already gave you a chance but you didn’t treasure it. Then don’t blame us for being impolite to you.”

“Being impolite?”

“Oh? When have you guys ever been polite to me?”

Luo Tian changed hands to hold onto Qin Changtian. He then said with a smile: “Most likely you guys are joining hands because you’re afraid of each other, right? Both of your groups wish to snatch this child first. You four great immortal sects have really calculated this out very well.”

“You three got here before me yet didn’t reveal yourselves. You were waiting for me to seriously wound Ji Yuan first before jumping out, thus borrowing my hands to cripple him. The strength of Heaven Opening Manor would be greatly reduced here and no one would be able to contend with you guys.”

“There’s no need to deny it.”

“If you guys came out earlier back then and told Ji Yuan my strength, most likely he wouldn’t have charged at me in such a reckless manner. Your scheme is truly perfect and sinister. Now, you say you wish to work together with Heaven Opening Manor to kill me. Once I die, this little boy will definitely be snatched away by your immortal sects first, right?”

Luo Tian said this in a neither fast nor slow manner.

This was purely his speculation.

The expressions of Qi Ming and the others secretly changed. This was exactly what Luo Tian had said – they had arrived here earlier than him. They planned on using Luo Tian’s hands to cripple one of the Ji brothers since any loss to either one of the brothers would give their own group a huge advantage.

They were determined to get Qin Changtian.

Elder Yang gave a death order that no matter what price they had to pay, they had to capture the little boy. Even if they have to become enemies with the Ji brothers, they have to seize Qin Changtian.

In regards to this…

It was just as Luo Tian had said, they deliberately appeared a few minutes later.

Ji Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as he looked over at Qi Ming.

Qi Ming’s expression quickly recovered and shouted: “Kid, you want to sow discord between us?! Our four great immortal sects and Heaven Opening City are allies. It doesn’t matter which group gets the little boy first because it’s all the same. What are your intentions for saying such words?!”

“From the looks of it, you must be afraid.”

“When we four work together, you won’t have a chance of surviving.”

“Brother Ji, don’t listen to his nonsense. If it’s possible, I wouldn’t hesitate to bear the pain on behalf of Second Noble. If we could’ve made it on time, what reason would we have to not assist? Don’t forget that we’re allies.”

After saying that, two immortal disciples beside him immediately spoke up in agreement.

Ji Tian’s gaze shifted and showed a calm expression. He didn’t reveal anything but his heart was already feeling a sense of estrangement towards the three. He then said to himself: “What father said was indeed true. There’s no one good in the four immortal sects and they’re definitely hiding some sort of secret.”

He was smiling on the surface while saying: “Don’t worry; I’m not a three year old child so how could I believe him with just a few words? Even if this kid is able to speak his way to the heavens, he killed my third brother so our enmity is irreconcilable.”


“Brother Ji is truly a wise person.” Qi Ming chuckled before stepping out. He pointed at Luo Tian with a smug smile and said: “Trash from Mount Hua Immortal Sect, your deceitful tricks was rendered useless. Now you can go and die for me.”

The four of them glanced at each other.

And they almost attacked at the same time.

Luo Tian retreated two steps back. Before Little Xie could rush over, Luo Tian immediately stopped him by saying: “You’re not their opponent, so just be careful of sneak attacks from the assassins. Isn’t it just four experts at the Profound Saint realm? I’ve always wanted to test my limits.”

Little Xie’s gaze tightened before quickly withdrawing.

He too was clear that he wasn’t an opponent against those four.


A brief thought appeared inside Little Xie’s head, but he then dispelled the idea. He couldn’t reveal himself here!

“Go, go, big brother Luo Tian! I believe you can definitely do it!” Qin Changtian cheered him on.

Luo Tian’s left hand was holding onto Qin Changtian while he extended his right hand. His heart was extremely firm as he made a hand gesture like he was an unfathomable Grandmaster. He watched the four charging towards him from four different directions, bringing along an incomparably dense amount of Saint realm powers.


Luo Tian lightly exhaled.

First time!

This was the first time he was facing four experts at the Profound Saint realm! In the past, it had always been a one vs. one fight. Now that he was facing four of them and only with one hand, he would be lying to himself if he didn’t say he felt quite a bit of pressure from it. But Luo Tian’s character has always been the same – f*ck them over if they’ve pissed you off!

Who cares who the opponent is?!

Who cares how strong they are?!’

His gaze tightened before shouting internally: “Level 6 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 4!”


Two different powers stacked together and Luo Tian’s fleshly body started giving off the sound of vibration. His gaze then locked onto a certain direction. Before that person could attack, Luo Tian made his move first. His target was the weakest person out of the group, and it happened to be the eldest disciple from the Myriad Sword Immortal Sect.

His cultivation was only at the Profound Saint 1st rank.

Luo Tian’s right palm started moving, and the immortal force inside his body was released. The palm form was for Skysoul Palm as it directly smashed out.

“Watch out, Brother Lin!”

The time it takes for a spark to fall off a flint…

How fast was the reaction speed of an expert at the Profound Saint realm?

The instant Luo Tian attacked, the other three also attacked him.

If Luo Tian doesn’t give up his attack on Lin Heng, his back will be bombarded by the attack by three people. Even if he manages to kill the eldest disciple of Myriad Sword Immortal Sect, Lin Heng, Luo Tian would still suffer a serious injury. This was a very advantageous result for Qi Ming.

Qi Ming’s mouth curved into a cold smile. He then said to himself: “Kid, do you really think you’d be an opponent to us four?”

The moment they all attacked…

Ji Yuan’s gaze shifted as he pointed at Little Xie and shouted angrily: “Kill that kid for me!”

The assassins of the Heaven Opening Manor immediately moved out like crazy.

Little Xie’s gaze tightened. He instantly released a cold evil intent from his body and cautiously guarded himself. At the same time, he shouted towards Luo Tian: “Watch out behind you! Quickly dodge!”

Three streams of Profound Saint attacks!

One would surely die if they didn’t dodge it!

But Luo Tian had no intention of dodging it. The powerful strike of his right palm continued its path forward.

Also at this time…

The attacks from Ji Tian and the others smashed down heavily.

“Titan God’s Body, Titan’s Defensive Form!”

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