Undefeatable – Ch521

Chapter 521 – Motherf*cker, Now I’m Really Angry

What is considered a huge God?

A Titan!

When Luo Tian gained the Titan race’s bestowment, he gained the Titan God’s Body, Titan God’s Might, and Titan God’s Soul. These were all powers belonging to the Titan race. Especially Titan God’s Body that possessed a defensive property thicker than the heavens. After traveling for half a month, Luo Tian was more proficient in developing the defensive abilities of the Titan race.

He could activate Titan’s Defensive Form!

What is this so-called Titan’s Defensive Form?

It’s like the possession by a Titan!

Luo Tian roared out and his body instantly turned incredibly large in front of everyone’s eyes. His whole body looked like it had turned into a metallic material while his body exuded an energy depicting the definition of defense.

The three attacks landed!

“Gong~, gong~, gong~…”

It was similar to the sound of something pounding against a thick slab of metal.

Their arms turned numb and the force of the counter-shock almost broke their arms! This was an extremely unpleasant feeling!

They were instantly smashed flying back from the counter-shock.

Whereas Luo Tian’s body kept charging forward and his Skysoul Palm accurately struck his target, Lin Hong.



Under the power of the palm strike, Lin Hong was smashed flying and continuously broke four large trees apart before dropping down from the air.

His body twitched a few times before there was no more sound coming from him.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Lin Hong. You have gained 180,000 experience points, 18,000 immortal force…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

Several alert tones sounded off.

Luo Tian turned around with killing intent in his gaze. The moment he turned, the sound of water crashing down was heard. A huge phantom image of a Titan turned around imitating Luo Tian’s actions. Its eyes were like torches as it glared at the three of them.

Luo Tian smiled in disdain before saying: “Come! Come again! Do you think this daddy would be afraid of you four working together?! Why don’t you take a look at your cultivation realms first?! And you wish to show off and act arrogant in front of this daddy?!

Qi Ming’s expression drastically changed. When he looked at Luo Tian’s huge body, he could feel an especially fierce oppression strike his heart. His hands were red and his arms were still trembling a bit. He struggled to spit out two words: “A Titan?”

He wasn’t sure.

But Luo Tian’s actual body didn’t really transform, yet in their eyes, he was similar to a large towering building. Only those of the Titan race would have this kind of power!

Luo Feng’s expression hiddenly changed while asking in horror: “You found the Titan race that has disappeared for over ten thousand years?”

Ji Tian’s expression hiddenly changed. He glanced over at Qi Ming and Luo Feng and asked: “Brother Qi, brother Luo, what is this Titan race? It looks like we’ll have a difficult time trying to break this kid’s defense.”

Qi Ming’s brows were locked together and replied: “The Titan race was once the rulers of this continent. But something unknown happened and the Titan race’s population started declining. They completely disappeared from this continent ten thousand years ago. Who would’ve imagined that this kid would gain the divine strength of the Titan race? Brother Ji, the situation has turned rather thorny now. How about we…”

The previous defensive powers gave him a trace of fear.

The three of them were clear that even though they didn’t use all their strength, they used at least 70%. Three different attacks landed on Luo Tian’s body yet he looked like nothing was done to him. Even if they did use 100% of their powers, it looks like it would still be useless.

How can they kill him if they can’t break through his defense?

Ji Tian’s brows furrowed and was thinking for a brief moment. He then said: “Fine!”


Ji Tian ordered with a shout: “Assassins of Heaven Opening Manor, listen to my command! Suicide attacks!”

Ji Yuan was startled and said: “Big brother, they are all the elites of our Heaven Opening Manor.”

“Second Noble, our four great immortal sects will definitely compensate your family. Before we came out, Elder Yang already said that if our losses are too great, the four great immortal sects will compensate your Heaven Opening Manor with enough inner cores.”

“I also know that it wasn’t easy for Heaven Opening Manor to cultivate these assassins. But if we don’t utilize such a move, there’s no way we can kill him. We might even perish here if that’s the case.” Qi Ming immediately added.

They were very clear…

These Heaven Opening Manor assassins had trained in a very unique martial skill.


Self-destructing their soul!

Focusing all the power one had to the highest level, then charge toward their enemy and initiate a self-detonation.

The self-detonation force of a Profound Venerate ranker can seriously injure a Profound Saint expert! This was the strongest trump card these Heaven Opening Manor assassins had!

There were over a hundred assassins in the surrounding. If they all initiated a self-detonation, not to mention a Titan’s body, even if a real member of the Titan race would be blown up into powder.

All of this was within the calculations of Yang Jin!

Ji Tian was out of options.

He had no other choices to take.

If he doesn’t use the self-detonation move, he really didn’t know if he could kill Luo Tian. Whenever he thought of his third brother Ji Ao’s death, the hatred he had for Luo Tian went off the charts! He had to kill him!

Little Xie immediately moved with all his might.

He instantly jumped up and landed next to Luo Tian. “They’re going to use a suicidal attack. No matter how strong one’s defenses are, this style of attack is extremely difficult to resist. Moreover, there are over a hundred assassins here. If they all exploded together, maybe even the entire Dark Forest would be destroyed. You have to run!”


“Kid, it’s too late now.”

“After killing Third Noble and not even leaving an intact corpse, you then seriously injured Second Noble. And you want to run at this point? I’m going to tell you now that you don’t even have a path to hell anymore. Your soul will disintegrate into nothing.” Qi Ming said this in a serious manner and especially emphasized the words “killing Third Noble.”

Ji Yuan then roared out: “Kill!”

The Heaven Opening Manor assassins didn’t hesitate and charged towards the three.

Their bodies turned crimson red.

The power inside them started expanding. Their souls, their sea of consciousness, internal organs, and every part of their body was filled to the brim with power. This kind of power was similar 10,000 ton explosive force heading straight for Luo Tian!

Luo Tian’s expression hiddenly changed. He grabbed out and pulled Little Xie towards him. He then turned around and planned to use his back to block the impact of the self explosion force. His brains were running overtime to think of a solution to all of this.




The three nearest assassins detonated their souls! They showed no hesitation at all!

Ever since they became an assassin for Heaven Opening Manor, they were instilled with a single thought – their lives weren’t theirs anymore and it belonged to Heaven Opening Manor. They wouldn’t frown no matter what they were told to do. They were death warriors (death sworn)!

“Ommm~… ommm~…”

Luo Tian’s body slid forward and his Titan’s Defensive Form was shaking violently. He then said to himself: “Damn! The force of this self explosion is terrifying! If three people are already this powerful, then there’s no way I can block it if eight to ten of them come at me together!”

“No way!”

“If this continues, I’ll be exhausted to death even if I don’t die from it.”

Luo Tian’s nerves tightened.

When Qi Ming noticed Luo Tian was shaken to this degree, he started laughing excitedly. “Hahaha… Trash from Mount Hua Immortal Sect, why don’t you keep acting arrogant? I really want to see how arrogant you can get! Brother Ji, he’s scared now. You should have ten people go up now. We can definitely blow him up until he blooms flowers, hahaha…”

Even though Ji Tian was unhappy about this, he was out of options. He then chuckled internally: “Giving this daddy commands, huh? Once this daddy destroys the kid, the next ones will be you guys.”

Immediately after…

Ji Tian’s gaze changed as he shouted: “Ten people attack!”

At this instant…

Luo Tian lowered Qin Changtian and gave him to Little Xie. He then turned around in rage and shouted: “Motherf*ckers! Now I’m really angry!”

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