Undefeatable – Ch522

Chapter 522 – Sharingan, Illusions

The detonation of one’s soul was similar to missiles exploding on your body.

Luo Tian could barely resist this destructive impact force.


This wasn’t the reason he was angry.

These people were all at the Profound Venerate realm! They were worth experience points, immortal force, and most importantly undefeated points! For them to commit suicide by self-detonation, isn’t this considered wasting natural resources?

His heart was aching!

Luo Tian turned around and his gaze turned gloomy. He pulled back his senses and this in turn pulled back the Titan’s Defensive Form around him.

He cracked his neck a bit.

“Crack~, crack~”

He then cracked the joints in his hands and another series of cracks were heard.

He did some lunges and relaxed his whole body.

Under the circulation of Luo Tian’s powers, his relaxed body instantly snapped back to tautness like a bow. His body had become a bow that was fully drawn into a crescent moon, where a slight movement would allow him to release a powerful force.


“This trash seems to have pulled back his defenses.”

“With the self-detonation of the soul, he will be blown sky-high at this point.”

“He gave up resisting.”

Qi Ming had a smug expression before ridiculing: “Trash of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, now you understand how powerful the self-detonation of one’s soul is, huh? It’s too late for regret now. You’re about to be blown into powder and not even a single piece of intact bone will be left behind.”

Luo Feng also chuckled smugly and said loudly: “One look at his physiognomy and you can tell his life will be short. There’s only one outcome for those that oppose us, and that’s death. A trashy immortal sect like Mount Hua Immortal Sect will naturally groom trashy disciples.”

Ji Tian’s brows furrowed before he said through clenched teeth: “Kid, give me back my third brother’s life!”

Right after that…

Ji Tian waved his hand and shouted: “Blow him up for me!”

Off at a distance.

Qin Changtian loudly cheered: “Big brother Luo Tian! Go, go, go!”

Little Xie was protecting him while the icy evil intent covered his entire body. He continuously watched his surroundings with caution and couldn’t be negligent after Luo Tian handed Qin Changtian to him. He had no wariness towards Luo Tian anymore.

He realized Luo Tian and the people from the four great immortal sects were truly not the same.

Right beneath a large tree, Qin San was secretly feeling abashed and was apologetic towards Luo Tian. While looking at Luo Tian’s back, he mumbled: “I’m sorry…”

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer. He made a hook gesture with his fingers at the ten assassins in the dark and said: “Come, let me experience the power of your suicidal moves again. Let’s see whether you guys are faster or I’m faster!”

He then looked over at Ji Tian, Qi Ming, Luo Feng, and then Ji Yuan. Luo Tian then said playfully: “I will take care of each one of you and you can forget about running away. You want to act arrogant in front of me? You will know my capabilities very soon!”

Before his voice faded…

The ten assassins already charged out.

Qi Ming coldly chuckled and said: “If this can’t bomb you to death, this daddy will take your surname!”

Ji Tian’s face showed his cold arrogance, “Third brother, your older brother has avenged you.”

Luo Feng showed a fierce smile and said: “Damn trash from Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

The moment the ten assassins moved, Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy. His taut body was similar to a bullet as it shot out towards them. His hands turned to a claw form and grasped out into the void. Blades formed by energy appeared on the tips of his fingers. His gaze tightened as he shouted into the air: “Die for me!”

Ten fingers containing ten streams of energy!

A pure energy attack!

They instantly shot out!




Every stream of energy precisely struck down an assassin, similar to shooting down birds from the air!

Up in the sky…

One after another, bodies started falling down. In less than a second, ten assassins were all instantly killed by Luo Tian. When they fell from the air, they were crumpled on the ground without the sign of life.

Ten system alert tones sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind.

There weren’t that many experience points.

But no matter how small mosquitoes were, they still had a bit of meat on them.

The ten people added together gave him about 100,000 experience points.

The surrounding people were dumbstruck by this!

Qi Ming’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. He turned to Ji Tian in a stiff manner and asked: “How, how, how did it turn out like this? Isn’t the self-detonation of one’s soul an invincible move by Heaven Opening Manor’s assassins? How… how did it turn out like this?”

Luo Tian started laughing arrogantly, “With just this amount of power? Completely not enough! Let some more come at me or else it won’t be enough to fill the gaps of this daddy’s teeth!”


Overbearing and wild arrogance!

They couldn’t understand.

They had no clue what just happened.

A few seconds ago, their expressions were extremely smug and arrogant. Looking at Luo Tian was just like staring at an already dead person, but their expressions now were so ugly that it looked like they had just swallowed a hundred flies.

Ji Tian was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard, and his eyes looked like flames could spray out of them. The weakness of self-detonating one’s soul is that the cultivation realm of his assassins was too low and their speed couldn’t catch up. Inflating all of their energy to the brim required a bit of time.

It was exactly this little bit of time that became their weakness!

Who would’ve imagined…

Luo Tian could find this out so quickly!


Ji Tian wouldn’t admit his loss just because of that. He then shouted: “Fifty people charge at him together!”

“That’s right!”

“Have a few more go up. No matter how fast he is, there’s no way he can kill fifty people all at once. The previous ten people should already be his limit, so I refuse to believe his speed can exceed that.” Qi Ming said this in anger.

Luo Tian smiled smugly and said: “Come, come, come! Fifty people are too little. You guys come as well. Four great immortal sects; Heaven Opening Manor; aren’t you all the overlords of this area?”

“Aren’t you guys supposed to join hands to attack me?”

“Come at me! Or are you guys afraid or something?”

“How shameless can you guys get to let these death warriors lose their lives so easily? And you guys call yourselves experts at the Profound Saint realm. From the way I see it, you guys are experts at dog shit. A bunch of old middle-aged men with faces thicker than the city walls, you guys are truly too f*cking shameless!”

Scolding and cursing.

No matter what…

Luo Tian looked down on people like them.

The so-called Profound Saint experts were way too shameless.

Luo Tian completely looked down on people like them!

Qi Ming’s expression turned unsightly. His eyes were glaring at Luo Tian like he wanted to swallow him whole.

Luo Tian didn’t even look at him and just ignored him!

Four great immortal sects?

They were all a bunch of sinister and despicable fellows!

They wanted to act despicably?

Luo Tian could be even more despicable, more sinister, and more shameless than them. When facing the fifty assassins charging over, Luo Tian flicked his sleeves and said coldly: “I will let you guys experience the power behind a self-detonating soul as well.”

“Kill him for me!” Ji Tian roared out in anger.

Those fifty assassins didn’t hesitate and inflated all the energy inside themselves. Their bodies turned crimson red as they charged towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s eyes trembled and his pupils instantly changed, displaying the level 2 comma-shaped appearance. He then said with a cold smile: “Sharingan, Illusions!”


The world around those fifty assassins turned blood red.

Dark, cold, and filled with killing intent.

They all fell under Luo Tian’s illusion.

This was the second evolution of Sharingan – Illusions!

Luo Tian literally used his life to train this skill back at Mount Hua Immortal Sect. This was the first time he used this skill and it felt extremely awesome! He sent out his senses and looked at Qi Ming and the others. After revealing the smile of a grim reaper, he shouted: “Kill them all!”

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