Undefeatable – Ch523

Chapter 523 – All The Bosses Moving Out

The illusion was cast.

The scene inside the eyes of the fifty assassins had changed.

Luo Tian became their owner.

Ji Tian became Luo Tian.


Fifty people quickly changed directions and rushed towards Ji Tian and the others!

As for losing experience points…

Luo Tian wasn’t concerned anymore because he was using his illusion, and these people will die from attacks because of it. He wasn’t going to be missing a single experience point, immortal force, or undefeated points.

“What’s going on?”

“Brother Ji, what the hell are you doing?!”

“Quickly make them run away, quick!”

Qi Ming’s expression drastically changed.

Ji Tian had an unsightly look on his face as he shouted: “What are you guys doing?! Luo Tian is over that way! I am your owner! Do all you damn dog things wish to die or something?!”

A loud scolding!

But those assassins didn’t hear a thing. After falling prey to Sharingan’s illusion, there’s no way they can break out of it with their current cultivation realm.

In an instant…

The scene looked like chickens and dogs fleeing for their lives. The four great immortal sect disciples and the guards around Ji Tian ran like they had just seen a ghost. Their actions were embarrassing to the extreme!



“This is so much fun! So much fun!” Qin Changtian was the first to clap his hands and laugh out loud. “Big brother Luo Tian, you’re too great! Look how they’ve been scared to the point of running all over the place. Hahaha… this is too much fun!”

Little Xie’s gaze tightened. When he looked over at Luo Tian’s back, he really couldn’t see through this person. “Who is he really? Is he really a disciple from Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Didn’t rumors say that Mount Hua Immortal Sect is in a state of decline and can’t even find any disciples to participate in the immortal sect competition? How could they have such a powerful person amongst their ranks? And what kind of martial skill did he just use? How come even I can’t see through this? His eyes are very unique… even an expert from the devil sect wouldn’t have this kind of capability, right?”

His heart was in a mess.

He couldn’t figure out what kind of martial skill Luo Tian had just used.

He had knowledge of every martial skill in this world but he was unfamiliar with the skills Luo Tian displayed. He had never seen the Titan’s Defensive Form nor had he seen Revolving Slash. Luo Tian didn’t do anything previously yet the behaviors of these assassins suddenly changed. He was sure this was some type of supreme martial skill he hadn’t seen before either.

He has collected and looked through tens of thousands of martial skills in this world, but he has never seen anything Luo Tian cultivated.

He became even more curious about Luo Tian.

At the same time, he became warier as well. He could actually feel a slight threat coming from Luo Tian.

Little Xie didn’t know why Luo Tian wanted to enter the Sky Palace Divine race location and what he would cause there. Because of this unknown, his guard was raised as a precaution since this was a very natural reaction.


The current Sky Palace Divine race was no longer of the past Sky Palace Divine race.

Inside was a state of extreme danger.

If an outsider entered during this time, it’s highly possible that…

In a short few seconds, many thoughts went through Little Xie’s mind.




Sounds of violent explosions were heard.

Little Xie’s thoughts were broken. He stared at Luo Tian and unconsciously clenched his fists. He then said to himself: “It doesn’t matter who you are or how strong you are. As long as you dare to do something detrimental towards the Sky Palace Divine race, I will disregard all consequences and…”

Below his chest…

A thin layer of frost was faintly flashing, and pieces of dragon scale gave off a cold intent.


“Hahaha… the four great immortal sects are truly great! Imperial God Immortal Sect, Starsea Immortal Sect, Myriad Sword Immortal Sect, Shocking Cloud Immortal Sect; aren’t you all very awesome? You all look down on my Mount Hua Immortal Sect, right? Isn’t your Heaven Opening Manor the overlord in the radius of a million kilometers? Why don’t you guys all keep acting arrogant now?” Luo Tian started laughing like crazy. He was acting extremely smug when he saw them running all over the place like dogs.

Acting arrogant when it’s time to act arrogant.

Acting smug when it’s time to act smug.

He was just ridiculed by others so it was now his turn to ridicule them back.

Luo Tian had always been like this.

He will never deliberately hide his character.

You only had one life to live, so f*ck them up if they piss you off!

Laugh if you want to laugh. You give me a punch, this daddy will give you back an artillery shell. You give me ten assassins with self-detonating souls? This daddy will give you fifty back!


There’s only one outcome for acting arrogant in front of Luo Tian, and that was death!


“How could our immortal sects have such a sinister and despicable person like you?! Luo Tian, Starsea Immortal Sect will not let you off! Imperial God Immortal Sect will not let you off! Your tiny Mount Hua Immortal Sect can just wait to be destroyed!” Qi Ming roared out in anger.

Luo Tian laughed like crazy and said: “I’m despicable? Just then, you guys used assassins to self-detonate their souls to attack this daddy but why didn’t you call yourselves despicable? Now it’s your turn to experience it and you’re calling this daddy despicable?”

“This daddy is despicable, huh?”

“Fine, let’s say this daddy is sinister and despicable. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to bite me, you damn trash?”


Luo Tian furrowed his brows and influenced the illusion. He sent out a message into the minds of the assassins: “Blow him up for me!”

He sent out his spiritual sense.

All the assassins charged straight for Qi Ming.

Qi Ming pissed himself from fear and his face turned pale white. There was nowhere to run after being surrounded by over a dozen assassins! He quickly shouted: “Senior brother Luo Tian! Grandpa Luo Tian! Please spare my life! I don’t dare to mess with you anymore!”

“Spare your sister!”

“Blow him up!”

“F*ck! If I spare you now, where will this daddy’s experience points come from? Where will this daddy’s immortal force come from?” Luo Tian cursed inside his heart as he had no intention of letting anyone off.




A dozen or so assassins self-destructed.

Qi Ming released all his Profound Saint realm powers just to defend himself. But even after doing this, he was only able to block the explosion of three self-detonating souls. The other ten self-detonating souls had blown his body into pieces where not even an intact bone was left behind!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Qi Ming. You have gained 230,000 experience points, 22,000 immortal force…”

“Congratulations to player…”

Luo Tian didn’t bother listening to it. These people didn’t even have the glow of elite mobs so what good stuff would explode from them? He had no mood to continue listening because these guys were scared to the point of looking like grandsons! This kind of feeling was simply too great!


“So great!”

Luo Tian laughed excitedly. His gaze then focused on Ji Tian before saying ferociously: “It should be your turn now.”

Ji Tian’s expression hiddenly changed. He then spat out through clenched teeth: “Luo Tian, this daddy will fight it out with you! All Heaven Opening Manor assassins – attack with all you’ve got!”


“Come! The more, the merrier! Only then will this feel more awesome!” Luo Tian shouted in a frenzy.


Heaven Opening City, Heaven Opening Manor.

“What happened inside the Dark Forest?”

“Why are there so many explosions?”

“The noise sounds like the assassins self-detonating their souls. Could something bad have happened?” Yang Jin unconsciously asked out loud why staring off into the distance.

Ji Tongtian’s gaze tightened, while an ominous premonition appeared in his heart.

Also at the same time…

Ji Tongtian’s figure moved and instantly charged out.

Yang Jin’s expression changed. He glanced at the other three Elders and said: “We should go over there too!”

All the bosses were moving out!

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