Undefeatable – Ch525

Chapter 525 – The Last Day

“What a powerful energy!”

At the foot of the Sky Mountains, Luo Tian was staring at the direction of the Dark Forest. He was watching the Dark Forest rapidly collapse! The Profound Emperor’s energy covered a radius of a thousand kilometers. All types of demonic beasts were whimpering as the force crushed down on their minds. Luo Tian’s mind also felt like it was sinking and he couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and exclaiming: “A Profound Emperor ranker is indeed extraordinary!”

“It’s fortunate…”

“Fortunate that I changed my route!”

Luo Tian said this to himself.

Their original route was to escape through the Dark Forest and to leave Heaven Opening Manor’s area of influence in the shortest amount of time.

Except, Luo Tian changed the route at the last minute.

They cut across the Dark Forest in a different direction to enter the Sky Mountains.

Soon after…

The three of them went through a simple disguise. Luo Tian became an elderly person nearing a hundred years old while Little Xie was a bit special and changed into a young girl. His new look was actually a bit attractive to the beholder, especially when he gave off an icy aura. Little Xie looked just like those ice-cold beauties.

Qin Changtian also underwent a slight disguise and became a little girl.

Even though Little Xie protested his unwillingness, he understood they were out of options. Their road was filled with danger so if he didn’t have such a drastic change in appearance, people would easily spot them out in a crowd. There’s no way they can reach the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race if Ji Tongtian catches up with them.

Little Xie was standing at the rear while his gaze tightened. He then softly said: “After killing his three sons, his rage would certainly be boundless. There’s no way Ji Tongtian will let us off at all. What plans do you have now?”

“Go to the location of the Sky Palace Divine race.”

Luo Tian then continued saying: “Change our route and enter the Sky Mountain’s ranges. It should be difficult for them to find us by then and we will be safe for a short period of time. As long as we enter the place of the Sky Palace Divine race, there’s no way they will be able to chase after us.”

The entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race was extremely hidden, and most likely no one else in this world except for Qin Changtian knows of the location.

They will naturally be safe once they enter inside.


Little Xie’s gaze turned gloomy as he said: “The Sky Palace Divine race location isn’t as safe as you think. It’s possible that it’s even more dangerous than out here, and there might be even stronger opponents waiting for us inside.”

Speaking about this…

Luo Tian didn’t hold back anymore and directly asked: “Are you from the Dragon race?”

Little Xie looked up and stared at Luo Tian. He wasn’t too shocked and only smiled bitterly before replying: “I was still discovered by you. When I was poisoned, that should’ve been the time you saw my Frost Dragon scales, right?”

“It looks like my guess is right. In the beginning, I thought you didn’t realize anything but it looks like you are more intelligent than my expectations.”

“I am of the Dragon race.”

“I am a descendant of the Frost Dragons!”

While saying this…

Little Xie furrowed his brows and dragon scales started appearing on his arms. Each was crystal clear that gave off a dense amount of icy intent. The aura from his body instantly changed to something much stronger and heavy, similar to a monarch arriving.

In merely an instant…

The power coming from his body was filled with a violent aura.

A cold breeze whipped up in the surrounding area and the ground below his feet started freezing over and giving off cracking sounds. Even the water particles in the air around them were starting to freeze over. The tips of Luo Tian’s brows and the hair on his head started turning to ice as well.

The blood flowing through Luo Tian’s vessels had slowed down and looked like they could freeze at any given moment.

“Sure enough…”

Luo Tian was just speculating about this originally since this world was filled with wondrous things. Just like how Feng Lei could make scales appear when he transformed. He was emotionally prepared for the answer but upon hearing it come out of Little Xie’s mouth, he still couldn’t help feeling shocked.


Little Xie pulled back his powers and the icy intent in the area quickly disappeared.

After this…

His expression turned a sickly white like he had over-exhausted his powers. His lips were extremely white while he started coughing.

Little Xie bitterly chuckled before saying: “I’ve embarrassed myself. I wanted to transform into a dragon but realized my body could no longer support a dragon’s body. Dragon race… cough~… so what if I’m of the Dragon race? We were labeled as the strongest creatures in all of history, but in fact… our Dragon race isn’t as powerful as what you humans have imagined. We were once very strong, but now…”

Luo Tian didn’t really understand what was going on.

He didn’t ask any further when he saw the helpless expression on Little Xie’s face.

He only said to himself: “It looks like something major must have happened to the Sky Palace Divine race. Who knows if this would affect my quest? Whether my dragon egg can hatch or not will all be dependent on this trip. If I somehow cannot find a dragon soul, then there’s no way it can hatch. If this were to happen…”

Luo Tian’s mind turned solemn when he thought up to this point.

Luo Tian then asked: “Do you know the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race?”

Little Xie looked at Luo Tian seriously before replying: “The Sky Palace Divine race location is a hundred times more terrifying than Heaven Opening Manor. Are you sure you still want to go?”


“I have to go!”

Luo Tian continued firmly: “Before Qin San died, he made me promise him to bring Tian Tian to the Sky Palace Divine race. Apart from this matter that must be completed, I have another matter that I must take care of at the Sky Palace Divine race location. This is something I really have to complete.”

Little Xie was in thought for a few minutes before saying: “Fine, I will take you to the location of the Sky Palace Divine race!”


Sky Mountain ranges.

It looked incomparably majestic and the area was much larger than Jade Mountain City’s Ghostly Mountain Range.

In the dark night sky, every mountain peak looked like a wild beast with its mouth opening to devour the darkness. This kind of scene created a sense of chill in one’s heart.

The ninth day.

Luo Tian, Little Xie, and Qin Changtian arrived at a small town located in one of the ranges of Sky Mountain.

This was a small supply town.

They provided supplies to those martial artists braving the dangers of the mountains. They were also the last town before one entered the uncharted lands of Sky Mountain.

In the past…

The foot traffic of this town wasn’t much, mostly small teams and lone rangers looking for adventure.

This was a place to rest before they started their trial.

But now…

This little place was filled with people all over the town. Their cultivations weren’t low, and most of them seem to be small teams of adventurers. There weren’t many lone rangers noticeable.

“Did you hear yet? The Rainbow Lotus will mature in the next day or two.”

“It only matures once every three thousand years. This time, my Kun Mountain Sect will definitely get it.”

“It’s a spiritual treasure born from heaven and earth. Only those fated will get it. Not to mention your Kun Mountain Sect, even Heaven Opening Manor will have to depend on their luck to get it.”

“That’s right.”

There are about three hundred adventure teams here and there’s no lack of experts. No matter how capable your Kun Mountain Sect is, can they compare with three hundred adventuring teams?”

There were discussions everywhere in the small town.

The topic of their conversations was centered around the Rainbow Lotus.

Who wouldn’t want a spiritual treasure that only came about once every three thousand years?

Apart from this topic, there was also one other topic.

“The three noble sons of Heaven Opening Manor have all died. In addition to them, over half the assassins from Heaven Opening Manor have died as well. Even the disciples from the four great immortal sects have died. I heard it was the reinforcements invited over by the remnant Sunset City’s Qin family, disciples from one of the immortal sects.”

“City Lord Ji had those sons only when he was old, yet he suddenly lost all three at once. This is practically taking his old life. It looks like the heavens will be flipped over this time.”

“The kill order is already out, and anyone that can provide clues to their whereabouts will receive 100,000 xuan stones as a reward. If someone was to capture them alive, their reward would be a million xuan stones!”

“Damn it! If I were to capture them, this daddy would be rich!”

At this time…

Luo Tian was sitting exactly opposite to them. He was cautiously eavesdropping on them and also watching his surroundings. There was only one thing on his mind right now, and that was to peacefully pass the day. Then, he would finally complete the damnable C-rank quest!

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