Undefeatable – Ch526

Chapter 526 – Big Beauty Little Xue

Sometimes, the more you want to be low-key and pass the day peacefully, the more likely trouble will come looking for you.

Luo Tian’s group of three sat down.

They requested a pot of tea and were planning to rest for a bit before entering the depths of Sky Mountain.


Before their butts were even warm, a large unappealing man came over.

One leg was stepping onto the bench Luo Tian was sitting on while his eyes showed a perverted look. He swallowed a few times while looking at Little Xie and said: “Yoh, who would’ve thought such barren mountains would have such a pretty lady here. Little beauty, you’re here for an adventure in Sky Mountain as well?”

“Hang out with this big brother and I’ll guarantee you’ll live the easy life.”


Luo Tian couldn’t hold it in and laughed out loud.

These past few days on the road, Little Xie achieved a hundred percent rate of head turns whenever they encountered people. That exquisite looking face and those ice-cold eyes had attracted the entire male herd.

All the guys were staring at him ever since they entered the teahouse.

This made him extremely uncomfortable.

Qin Changtian couldn’t help giggle and deliberately say: “Big sister Little Xie, he asked you to go follow him.”

“Little Xue?”

“What a good sounding name! I like it!”

“Young sister Little Xue, our Kun Mountain Sect is rather powerful in the Sky Mountains. If you follow me, I will bring you to experience the Rainbow Lotus. How about it? Currently, only our Kun Mountain Sect knows the whereabouts of the Rainbow Lotus.” The large man said with a big smile. He looked at Little Xie’s neckline and tried to look down the opening to the chest area. The more he couldn’t see, the higher he raised his head. He kept swallowing down his saliva and his looks were wretched as one could get.

Little Xie furrowed his brows and was about to show his anger.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s gaze changed and pretended to be an old and decrepit man, “So it’s an expert from the Kun Mountain Sect. This is my daughter and she knows a bit about martial arts, except her cultivation isn’t too high. Is your Kun Mountain Sect recruiting members?”

Hearing those words, the eyes of the large man shone brilliantly. His attitude towards Luo Tian underwent an obvious change as he said politely: “Others may not, but as long as I, Zhu Dazhuang give the word, she’ll be able to join my Kun Mountain Sect even if she’s never practiced martial arts before.”

“You’re her father, right?”

“That’s perfect. I’m very satisfied with your daughter. As long as you agree, I will immediately bring her to the Kun Mountain Sect. There’s no need for an assessment and she can directly become an outer sect disciple. What do you think about that?”

“This is a never seen before opportunity and also your daughter’s chance to rise to the heavens in a single bound. This is a lucky opportunity that many people have dreamed of. And it’s also because I, Zhu Dazhuang, am a nice person. Otherwise, I will definitely not give such a good opportunity to others.”

He revealed a “this daddy is a nice person” look.

While saying those words, his throat started moving again.

He swallowed a large mouthful of saliva.

His gaze clearly showed he couldn’t wait to swallow Little Xie whole.

Luo Tian held his laughter in and said: “Little Xue, why haven’t you thanked this master? You will definitely have good days if you follow him.”


“That’s absolutely right.” Zhu Dazhuang started laughing loudly.

Little Xie didn’t know what Luo Tian was trying to do and could only suppress the rage inside him. He could only nod in cooperation and didn’t dare to say a word. He was scared that once he spoke, he would reveal himself since a male’s voice was very easy to tell apart.


Zhu Dazhuang rubbed his hands while his gaze turned even more perverted. He swallowed his saliva and said: “Come with me then.”

Luo Tian then said: “Expert, I want to cultivate and join your Kun Mountain Sect as well. Do you think that’s possible? If I cannot join, I’m afraid that my daughter…”


Zhu Dazhuang didn’t look too happy. He has never seen an old guy fifty to sixty years of age wishing to join his sect before. He started muttering to himself, but when he looked at Little Xie’s beautiful looks, he said with a frown: “Fine, you can all come with me.”

Luo Tian gave an eye signal.

Immediately after…

The three of them got up and followed Zhu Dazhuang out.

Little Xie sent a sound transmission, “What the hell are you doing? I want to play this damn fatty to death right now. I’m feeling sick just from looking at him.”

Luo Tian joked: “Don’t! He has his eyes on you and has been completely charmed by your beauty. You don’t understand how attractive you are, hahaha…”

Little Xie’s gaze tightened while he clenched his fists; an icy intent started rippling out from his body.

Luo Tian then said seriously: “Don’t be so impatient, it looks like Kun Mountain Sect has a bit of power here. Previously, I noticed this small town had quite a few assassins from Heaven Opening Manor around. I am afraid there’s a high chance that the Heaven Opening City Lord and the four great immortal sects aren’t too far behind.”

“With our current strength, there’s no way we can deal with them. Moreover, the target on the back of us three is too obvious. It’ll be different if we manage to blend ourselves in with the Kun Mountain Sect.”

Luo Tian’s goal was very simple.

Muddle their way into the Kun Mountain Sect.

And avoid the assassins from Heaven Opening Manor.

Luo Tian didn’t have a sure way to beat an expert at the Profound Emperor realm. Unless he broke through to the Profound Saint realm, it’s best to not clash with them too early. Besides, there were also the Elders from the four great immortal sects hanging around Ji Tongtian.

They were orthodox immortal sect disciples and their cultivation realm should be at the higher levels of the Profound Saint realm. This meant their capability shouldn’t be that much weaker than Ji Tongtian.

There were five of them in total. No matter how strong he was, there’s no way he would be their opponent!

He had to find a chance to level up or quickly finish the hatching dragon egg quest. If he could hatch the dragon egg, he could borrow the little dragon’s power and easily crush them all. It was still fresh in his memories with the display of power by the dragon egg while he was in the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

Little Xie’s gaze tightened and didn’t speak anymore.

He too was very clear.

Ji Tongtian should be very clear as well. This was the last small town before entering the Sky Mountains, and Luo Tian’s group will definitely pass by here.

That night.

Ji Tongtian had been chasing for over 100,000 kilometers and still couldn’t find any traces of Luo Tian’s group.


He thought of the possibility that Luo Tian changed his route and wanted to enter the unchartered territories of the Sky Mountains. There has always been a rumor that the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race was in the depths of Sky Mountain. Thinking up to this, he immediately changed his direction. He also had the remaining assassins from Heaven Opening Manor initiate a blanket search all the way to that small town.

“That is the only place one must pass through to enter the Sky Mountains.”

“Since they’re bringing a child with them, they definitely need to stop there for some brief respite. We definitely cannot allow them to run away this time.” Ji Tongtian’s expression was gloomy as he said this. His three sons have all died so the flames of rage inside him were burning in an unprecedented manner.

Yang Jin’s expression was a bit heavy as he said: “City Lord Ji, if they leave that small town and enter the Sky Mountains, the difficulty in catching up with them will become much harder. The Sky Mountains is so big that finding them will be harder than finding a needle in the ocean.”

Lu Zhen added: “City Lord Ji, we haven’t found any traces of them these past nine days. Could they be long gone already? Maybe they won’t pass through that town at all, so you need to make sure we’re on the right track. The contents pertaining to our alliance… If we can’t find the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, humph~!”

Lu Zhen coldly harrumphed.

And his gaze turned gloomy.

Yang Jin revealed a faintly satisfied grin and said happily: “Elder Lu, for you to say such words… Do you think City Lord Ji has forgotten it?”

Right at this moment…

An assassin from Heaven Opening Manor blurred and appeared next to Ji Tongtian. He then whispered something to him.

Ji Tongtian widened his eyes in anger. He then smiled evilly and shouted: “Damn dog thing! Let’s see where you can run off to now!”

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