Undefeatable – Ch528

Chapter 528 – Level 7 Berserk

They’re here!

They’ve all come!

Ji Tongtian and the Elders from the four great immortal sects were all here.

Assembly point.

The Kun Mountain Sect disciples were in a mess.

They were all scurrying around like mice. One of the Elders of Kun Mountain Sect strode out and said in a displeased tone: “City Lord Ji, what do you mean by this?”

Before he could say anything more…

Ji Tongtian flicked his index finger and a sword beam shot out, directly exploding that Elder’s head. He then coldly harrumphed and released his Profound Emperor’s battle aura without holding back. He then shouted: “Scram aside for me!”

Instant kill!

That Elder’s cultivation was at the Profound Saint realm.

Even though he wasn’t an orthodox disciple of an immortal sect, he was still considered a powerful existence on this continent. But Ji Tongtian barely lifted his hand and the Elder was instantly killed.


Ji Tongtian didn’t even give the guy a full glance.

An Elder was killed.

The members of Kun Mountain Sect became even more chaotic. Under the pressure of a Profound Emperor’s battle aura, many disciples kneeled on the ground and started pleading for their lives. Even more disciples were trying to escape this area.


“Ji Tongtian, do you think my Kun Mountain Sect doesn’t have anyone that can deal with you?”


After that shout, Kun Mountain Sect’s Leader Zhao Wudi descended from the sky. A powerful aura exploded outwards from his body as he glared at Ji Tongtian in rage.

Ji Tongtian coldly harrumphed. He glared at him with the corner of his eyes and said with disdain: “A Profound Saint 6th ranker dares to act presumptuously in front of me? Go die for me!”

He flipped his palm.

Up in the sky, a palm print similar to a seal crushed down.

Zhao Wudi’s expression drastically changed. He never imagined Ji Tongtian would strike a killing blow after just appearing and not even bother to speak some nonsense first.

Immediately after…

He could only resist with all his strength.

Except the gap between their cultivation realms was too large and couldn’t be comparable at all. This palm seal was extremely powerful, so Zhao Wudi could only release all his powers and receive it with his own pair of palms.


A dull thunderous sound exploded out.

Zhao Wudi was smashed flying away. He kept spraying out mouthfuls of blood and his face turned ashen like he was near death. His eyes glared at Ji Tongtian before struggling to ask: “Why? Why? My Kun Mountain Sect has never provoked your Heaven Opening Manor, so why must you move against us?”

Ji Tongtian didn’t bother with him and roared out once more: “Luo Tian, scram out here for me!”

Enraged to the extreme!

All three of his sons had died by Luo Tian’s hand. He had been trying to suppress the rage inside him these past ten days and had practically become a madman!

Now that he found Luo Tian’s whereabouts, the raging flames inside him erupted like an out of control volcano. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and wanted to tear Luo Tian into 108,000 pieces. He was going to peel out Luo Tian’s soul and then torture him in purgatory for a hundred thousand years!

On Luo Tian’s side.

Luo Tian’s expression sank, “We can’t hide anymore!”

If that’s the case…

Luo Tian smiled excitedly and said: “F*ck them up if you’re annoyed! This daddy is also quite pissed these ten days trying to hide. Isn’t it just a Profound Emperor realm expert? I could use this perfect opportunity to have a good look at the powers of someone at the Profound Emperor realm. I could also use this opportunity to have them clean out Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

His brows furrowed.

Luo Tian’s body released an intense amount of killing intent before saying: “Little Xie, bring him and leave this place. No need to bother about me!”

Little Xie’s expression sank as he replied: “No way!”

“If we leave, we leave together. If we stay, we stay together.”

“I am the descendant of the Frost Dragons. Our Dragon race will never betray our fellow brothers!”

His battle intent rose up.

Little Xie’s body started releasing an extremely cold icy intent. Ice colored scales of a dragon also started appearing on his arms.

Qin Changtian’s gaze didn’t move as he said: “Big brother Luo Tian, I am, I am able to protect myself. You two go.”

At this time…

Luo Tian had no other choice since there’s no way they’ll be able to escape from here.

Apart from Ji Tongtian, the four great immortal sect Elders were even more terrifying. If they tried to run, he could only hold back Ji Tongtian while the four Elders would definitely go after Little Xie and Qin Changtian. If that’s the case, then he might as well fight it out with all he had!


“Let’s fight it out!” Luo Tian’s gaze became steady and firm.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian laughed out crazily and shouted: “Old man Ji Tongtian, your daddy is right here!”

Once his voice faded…

Luo Tian landed not too far across from Ji Tongtian. He had a crazy smirk on his face as he coldly said: “What? Do you miss your three sons so much that you want me to send you down there to reunite with them?”


Ji Tongtian roared out in pain. His eyes became bloodshot as the pain of losing his sons exploded like a bomb inside his mind.

Instantly after…

His long hair was fluttering sideways and his robe billowed out. His Profound Emperor’s battle aura rose to its peak as he roared out hysterically: “Die for me!”

Yang Jin’s gaze sank as he muttered: “His dantian has indeed been crippled.”

“How did this kid train to increase his cultivation?”

“He’s the one that rejected the Imperial God Immortal Sect at Heavenly Sword City and then killed the Starsea Envoy – Luo Tian?”

“That piece of trash without an innate bloodline that Venerable Wu Nian used the Mount Hua’s Divine Token just to make Venerable Yun Ji accept him?”

“He’s only at the Profound Venerate 4th rank. Looking at his expression, it looks like he wants to seek his own death.”

The four of them were mocking and laughing amongst themselves.

In the eyes of the four, Luo Tian was considered beneath an ant. They merely gave him a glance and then completely ignored him.

No matter how Luo Tian was able to cultivate to the Profound Venerate 4th rank, they still thought of him as nothing but trash.

Someone with a crippled dantian couldn’t cultivate immortal force. This was basically an ultimate trash in the eyes of immortal sect disciples.

Someone without an innate bloodline was even more of a trash!

It was impossible for a person like this to be an opponent for Ji Tongtian, who was at the Profound Emperor 3rd rank.

Immediately after…

Yang Jin’s gaze turned gloomy and whispered: “I found the little boy. Don’t let him run no matter what. He’s our only chance to find the entrance to where the Sky Palace Divine race is.”

Lu Zhen coldly smiled and replied: “I understand.”

The three of them leaped into the void and instantly disappeared.

Also at this moment, Ji Tongtian already made his move. Earthen yellow Profound Emperor’s battle aura charged straight into Luo Tian’s mind. The power coming off his body was wildly overbearing as the heat started burning everything in his surroundings.



A sea of flames appeared around him.

Even the dirt on the ground started burning up.

This kind of power was terrifying to the extreme!

Luo Tian’s fists started moving as he shouted internally: “Level 6 Berserk!”


Sixty-four times his base attributes were released, and this somewhat stabilized his mind. He then shouted once more: “Titan’s Defensive Form!”


A huge phantom image of a Titan superimposed over Luo Tian’s body.

“Die for me!”

Ji Tongtian smashed out a fist covered in fire.

Luo Tian used the strongest defense he possessed.


The Titan’s phantom image was directly shattered by the punch, and the strength behind Ji Tongtian’s fist only weakened about 30%. Luo Tian exclaimed internally: “Motherf*cker! His powers are a bit too fierce!”

Profound Emperor realm!

How could their powers not be fierce?

Luo Tian was merely at the Profound Venerate 4th rank. If we used the levels of video games, there was a difference of 20 levels between them! How is one supposed to resist that?

This was impossible to resist!


Luo Tian was never one to admit defeat so he just took the strike head-on. He was assaulted with extreme pain as a deep fist imprint appeared on his chest. He was then sent flying backward and landed next to the dying Zhao Wudi.

Luo Tian aimed for Zhao Wudi’s head and smashed out with a punch.


“Congratulations to player…”

Luo Tian looked at his experience points and said with a cold smile: “There are just enough experience points!”

“Level 7 Berserk!”

“Activate for me!”

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