Undefeatable – Ch529

Chapter 529 – Golden Dragon

In order to raise Berserk from level 6 to level 7, it required 170 million experience points.

Luo Tian was only missing a bit.

Killing the Profound Saint 6th ranker Zhao Wudi was just enough.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and increased Berserk to level 7. He was actually only about 100 million experience points away from leveling up his cultivation realm. But even if he does level up to Profound Venerate 5th rank, he still wouldn’t be Ji Tongtian’s opponent. The only choice he had left was to increase Berserk’s level.

“Sssssss~… Sssssss~…”

Steam started coming out of Luo Tian’s body, just like a red hot metal plate getting splashed with water.


Extremely strong and intense power!

This kind of power almost exceeded Luo Tian’s control.

Level 7 Berserk.

This was releasing the power of 128 times his base attributes. How terrifying was this concept?

Even with Luo Tian’s Profound Venerate 4th rank fleshly body combined with his Titan God’s Body, he was still extremely uncomfortable supporting this level of power. The power of 128 times his attributes was simply too violent!


Luo Tian took one step forward. He was just like a giant and directly shattered the flames around him. His whole body was crimson red as he roared into the sky: “Motherf*cker! Come at me again if you have the guts!”

Unrestrained arrogance!

Ji Tongtian was a bit dumbstruck by this.

Luo Tian’s powers suddenly increased by dozens of times! This kind of martial skill was too terrifying!

Yang Jin’s expression faintly sank as he said to himself: “This martial skill is a bit too terrifying. This kid with a crippled dantian managed to cultivate such a powerful martial skill. It would be great if I can strip off the martial skill he trains in and make it mine.”

He was feeling envious.

Even if he was an Elder from the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the martial skills he trained in weren’t as fierce as the ones Luo Tian had.

It started with the phantom of a Titan, and now this level 7 Berserk.

Each one of those skills was an incomparably fierce existence.

This was a world where martial skills reigned supreme, and a good martial skill will cause envy in many people. Yang Jin was envious, and so was Ji Tongtian.

The difference between the two was…

Ji Tongtian had once cultivated an evil martial skill that can strip a person’s skill from them and transfer it unto themselves. In other words, they could absorb someone’s martial skill and make it become their own!


Ji Tongtian smiled evilly and stared at Luo Tian excitedly. He then said: “Damn dog thing, no wonder you could kill my sons. It looks like you do have some capabilities. That’s fine too because today, I will peel off all the martial skills you have trained in and see whether you can still act arrogantly!”

As his voice faded…

Ji Tongtian’s figure instantly disappeared.

In the next second, he appeared in front of Luo Tian.

Do you think 128 times the attributes is just a pretty display?

The moment Ji Tongtian disappeared, Luo Tian’s body followed and made his move. His fists were like thunder and directly smashed towards the position Ji Tongtian was supposed to appear at. He then shouted: “Magma Fire, level 7! Divine Flame Fists, explode for me!”


Red hot magma exploded outwards.

It splattered over a hundred kilometers out! It was similar to a volcano erupting without a care!


Ji Tongtian’s body didn’t move after appearing. His mouth formed a smile before laughing coldly: “Hahaha… Little kid, you wish to injure this old man based on this kind of strength? I forgot to tell you that this old man has the strongest defensive bloodline in the world – the Earthen bloodline!”



While he was speaking…

The spot that Luo Tian attacked caused a large amount of soil to scatter everywhere. The soil was burnt black! The moment it was scattered to the ground, Ji Tongtian’s body reformed and he was intact without any injuries. Even his clothes didn’t show any traces of being damaged!

The moment the attack landed…

A blood-red BOSS word appeared above Ji Tongtian’s head!

It’s very clear that…

That previous attack didn’t injure Ji Tongtian at all. Luo Tian’s heart sank as he was appalled at the outcome. “Level 7 Berserk gives 128 times my base attributes yet I still couldn’t do any damage. The defensive powers of the Profound Emperor realm are absurdly strong!”

While he was thinking of this…

Luo Tian’s heart shook, “Oh shit!”

In an instant…

Ji Tongtian’s palm came smashing over.


A palm strike landed on Luo Tian’s chest. There was a crack sound and he felt like his chest was shattered apart! The wound was so deep that his bones could be seen. Blood kept spilling out from the wound on his chest and the pain he was feeling was unbearable. A pungent smell of blood stung Luo Tian’s nose before a mouthful of it sprayed out.

“Fuuu~, fuuu~, fuuu~…”

He was panting like a cow.

Luo Tian instantly cast Regeneration on himself. His wounds recovered and the pain gradually decreased.

“Secret skill?”

“Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill, Regeneration?!”

Yang Jin was extremely shocked by this. He has seen the experts of the Starsea Immortal Sect use Regeneration before, and only the highest-ranking Elders were qualified to cultivate this secret skill. Lu Zhen was an inner sect Elder inside Starsea Immortal Sect yet he still wasn’t qualified to cultivate it. So, how could a Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple be able to cultivate a secret skill from the Starsea Immortal Sect?


Yang Jin instantly moved and his figure blurred. He struck Luo Tian in the chest again and smashed him flying once more. He then shouted: “Kid, how come you know the Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill?!”


Luo Tian flew out for dozens of meters. His expression turned paler and his mouth sprayed out blood once more. He struggled to climb back onto his feet and said with a cold smile: “Is it any of your business?”

In an instant…

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and roared out internally: “Level 7 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 6!”

“Six Dragons and Imperial Elephants, overwhelming power, come out for me!”


Two different powers stacked together.

Luo Tian’s body turned crimson red and looked like a piece of metal that was heated up. Power was billowing out of his body! He already couldn’t fully control level 7 Berserk yet so adding Six Dragons and Imperial Elephants on top of it made it even harder for him to control.


He was all out of options!

Ji Tongtian was too strong.

The Profound Emperor realm was a realm he couldn’t reach right now, and the strength gap between them was so great that it could make one’s hair stand on its end.

It was the same with Yang Jin.

An orthodox disciple of an immortal sect and possessing a Profound Saint 8th rank cultivation. The cultivation gap difference between them was also very large.

Luo Tian was a youth not even twenty years old yet while these guys were considered monsters who have cultivated for over a thousand years. How could he compare with them?


“Another half-step saint level martial skill? How many martial skills has this kid trained in?” Yang Jin’s expression faintly sank as he felt shocked once more.

At this time…

Ji Tongtian took a step out before charging over for another strike. He was laughing excitedly, “Hahaha, all those martial skills will become mine. They will all be mine! Kid, quickly come to me! Hahaha…”

“Absorption skill!”

“Strip it off for me!”

Ji Tongtian was extremely excited.

The stronger the martial skills, the more excited he became. The martial skills Luo Tian trained in made him excited to the max! He looked like he was afraid Yang Jin would kill Luo Tian ahead of him. Now, he could only quickly use his Absorption skill first so that he could strip Luo Tian of his skills ahead of time.

“F*ck!” Luo Tian directly cursed out.

The flame aura around him started surging about in an even crazier manner.

Even if he couldn’t really control his powers or his cultivation gap with Ji Tongtian was too large, or he wasn’t an opponent at all, Luo Tian had no fear! F*ck them if they annoy you! Even if you can’t f*ck them over, you still had to die trying!

Clenching his teeth!

Luo Tian’s gaze sank as he roared out: “Azure Dragon’s bloodline, come out for me!”

Also at this moment…

Before Luo Tian’s Azure Dragon’s bloodline could explode forth, a huge golden dragon flew into the sky!

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