Undefeatable – Ch530

Chapter 530 – Dragon Entering The Void


A dragon’s roar resounded across the horizon.

A golden light lit up the whole sky before scattering onto the earth.

A huge figure crushing all myriad living things! Tianxuan Continent’s strongest creature!

It’s worth mentioning that…

The body shape of a golden eastern dragon and the western dragon is similar, except the eastern dragon’s body could be over a hundred times bigger. Its body exuded an aura of violence and brutality! On the back of the Golden Dragon was a smaller Frost Dragon that was unconscious.

It was at the edge of death!

Before the Golden Dragon charged downwards…

Lu Zhen ran over covered in blood and yelled: “That Golden Dragon is that little boy!”

Out of the three immortal sect Elders, he was the only one running over.

He will never forget what he had just experienced previously!

Two dragons.

One Frost Dragon and one young Golden Dragon were standing before him. The shocking scene was something he didn’t have words to describe!

As his voice faded…

Yang Jin’s expression was strangely excited. “Sure enough, they must be the dragons that have run out from the Sky Palace Divine race location. Hahaha… hahaha… we cannot let them escape!”


Extreme excitement! His purpose in coming here was precisely to find a dragon’s bloodline.

While watching the Golden Dragon flying all over the air, Yang Jin’s blood started boiling crazily in excitement.

Ji Tongtian’s expression hiddenly changed as he said to himself: “The legendary Dragon race still exists, and these immortal sect people already knew about it but didn’t tell me. There’s truly no one good in the immortal sects. You guys just wait and see…”

“You cannot escape the responsibility of my three son’s death!”

Ji Tongtian’s expression turned gloomy.


This gloominess only briefly flashed by before turning into a smile. “Elder Yang has really concealed himself quite deeply. You can tell me the true purpose for your immortal sects coming here now, right?”

Yang Jin responded with a faint smile: “City Lord Ji, you can see it as well. Our purpose in coming here is the Dragon race located in the area of the Sky Palace Divine race. That kid killed your three sons so after killing him, there’s nothing left for you here.”

“You should quickly leave this place afterward.”

They no longer needed Ji Tongtian.

Even if they cannot find that injured dragon, getting this Golden Dragon’s bloodline will still allow them to defy the heavens. They may not be comparable to Murong Wanjian’s true dragon’s bloodline, but successfully fusing with it would mean their cultivation would soar to higher realms.


This Golden Dragon seems to have a lot of blood.

If that’s the case…

He could control the Golden Dragon’s bloodline and just this point alone will allow him to become an Honorary Prime Elder for the Imperial God Immortal Sect. It might even be a gateway for him to open up a new immortal sect, and it wouldn’t be a weak one at that!

Ji Tongtian’s expression hiddenly changed as he smiled coldly and said: “You want to dismantle the bridge after crossing the river?”

Yang Jin harrumphed in disdain and said: “What? Does City Lord Ji wish to have a share in the soup as well? Why don’t you take a look at your own moral integrity? What qualifications do you have to get a share from us? A Heaven Opening City like yours is a place I could destroy anytime I want. Do you really think your Profound Emperor 3rd rank cultivation is really that awesome?”

“Don’t forget, we are orthodox immortal sect disciples. Even if your cultivation breaks through to another small realm, you’re still not our opponent.”

“Quickly scram for me so you don’t keep embarrassing yourself here.”

He didn’t give Ji Tongtian any face.

Why would an Elder from the Imperial God Immortal Sect need to give face to a little city lord?

Yang Jin never placed a city like that in his eyes.

A dragon’s bloodline is a supreme treasure from heaven and earth. How could he be willing to share such a supreme treasure with others? Besides, there was still a Lu Zhen from the Starsea Immortal Sect. How much would he get if he had to split the treasure amongst three people?


Their greed can never be satisfied!

Ji Tongtian’s expression turned extremely ugly and his gaze turned gloomy. “Elder Yang, you are truly ruthless. Even though you’re an orthodox disciple and a Profound Saint expert that has cultivated immortal force for over a hundred years… so what? My cultivation realm may not be able to kill you, but can your cultivation strength kill me?”

Lu Zhen ran over in a rush and said: “You two should stop arguing. The strength of this Golden Dragon is quite powerful…”

When they were arguing…

Luo Tian looked up at the sky in amazement. He said to himself: “Qin Changtian is really a dragon child. It looks like the Sky Palace Divine race must have encountered some serious problems or else they wouldn’t have placed a dragon child with the dragon protector clan’s Qin family.”

He made a thought to pull back.

The Azure Dragon’s power that Luo Tian was about to release was pulled back.

At this time…

He didn’t really want to reveal himself this early. The Azure Dragon’s bloodline was his last trump card and exposing it meant he would have to kill everyone present.

But even if Luo Tian allows his Azure Dragon’s bloodline to explode forth, he still isn’t an opponent to those here. No matter how strong his bloodline was, it was restricted by his personal level. After all, his level was simply too low when compared to the others.

Luo Tian clenched his fists, “Level… it’s all about levels. The only way is to increase it like crazy!”

In an instant…

The dragon charged downward and sent a sound transmission: “Big brother Luo Tian, jump onto my back.”

The moment it dove down…

A golden colored flame sprayed out from the dragon’s mouth.

Even space itself was being burned to the point of distorting.

The sound of explosions kept resounding throughout the sky!

Yang Jin’s expression hiddenly changed. His Profound Saint 8th rank powers exploded forth and his figure blurred away to dodge.

Ji Tongtian also quickly leaped away with shock on his face.

He could tell that even someone like him wasn’t able to block this golden-colored flame!

This kind of power was too strong since it could even burn space!

A young Golden Dragon already has such power, so what about the mature dragons of the Sky Palace Divine race? Luo Tian’s mood turned gloomy. When he thought of the dragon egg he possessed, what kind of power could it reach if it was a Chinese dragon of legends?

“F*cking awesome!”

“I have to hatch it!”

Luo Tian couldn’t wait anymore.

The moment the dragon sprayed out flames, Luo Tian leaped up and landed on the dragon’s back. When he saw that Frost Dragon Little Xie was at the edge of death, Luo Tian frowned and started casting several Healing Art on him.

“Big brother Luo Tian, it’s useless.”

“Normal healing spells are useless on the injuries big brother Little Xie has suffered.” The dragon transmitted.

It then flew into the sky and continued speaking: “Big brother Luo Tian, hold on tight. I’m going to enter the void to escape.”


Luo Tian was startled by this. He originally thought it would be easy to deal with Ji Tongtian and the others. He didn’t expect that they would be trying to escape instead. He then thought back to when Little Xie was half-dead and wanted to transform into a dragon.

“Not good!”

“They’re trying to escape!”

“We can’t let them run!”

The three of them became anxious.

They all flew into the sky and chased after at lightning speeds.


Right at this moment, the Golden Dragon flew into the sky like a fighter jet while a series of dragon language came out of its dragon mouth. A black hole like barrier suddenly appeared in front of it before it flew inside.

Dragon entering the void?!

“Chase after it!” Yang Jin roared out with all his effort.

Except, their speed was much slower than the Golden Dragon.

Luo Tian looked back at the three of them. He then yelled out while standing on the back of the Golden Dragon: “Ji Tongtian, Yang Jin; you two just wait for this daddy! Your daddy will pay today’s enmity back by thousands of times!”


The void door closed.

Luo Tian’s vision turned black before his eyes were dazzled by a golden light.

As they shot out of the void, Luo Tian praised in joy: “Tian Tian is so good!”

“Big, big brother Luo Tian. I, I, I almost can’t hold on anymore.”

His voice was extremely weak.

His body started plummeting down like a kite with its string cut

Over 10,000 meters high in the sky!

Two hundred million experience points!

This is the song that starts playing before one dies!

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