Undefeatable – Ch531

Chapter 531 – Congratulations For Winning A Big Lottery Draw

Ten thousand meters up in the sky!

This was a freefall so how terrifying do you think it is?


There were two large dragons plummeting down together!

The worst thing about this is that the Golden Dragon cannot suffer a single bit of injury. Such an injury to him would mean a loss of 200 million experience points.

There were only a few hours left before the end of the system’s quest timeframe. If he happens to get injured at a time like this, then this would be considered an extra huge loss!

“Hey, hey, hey…”

“Tian Tian, Tian Tian…”

“Little Xie, Little Xie…”

Luo Tian kept calling out to them but they had no strength to answer as they had collapsed in exhaustion.

“Fwoosh~, fwoosh~…”

The sound of the wind was so loud that it sounded like thunder. They also felt like wind blades slicing one’s face and were extremely uncomfortable.

“Even if we don’t die, we’ll end up with only half our lives left if we keep falling like this.” Luo Tian furrowed his brows and leaped into flight. He then shouted: “Level 7 Berserk!”


One hundred and twenty-eight times his base attributes were released.

Right after that…

Luo Tian swooped down and flew to the stomach area of the Golden Dragon. He raised his arms with all his strength and green veins popped out from his forehead. The muscles on his arms bulked up and ripped apart his clothes. His veins were like earthworms, bulging out, and clearly seen intertwining with each other.

A Golden Dragon weighing hundreds of thousand tons!

This was a freefall from over ten thousand meters in altitude. This kind of impact force felt like it was stronger than a nuclear bomb!


Luo Tian roared out and exploded forth with all the powers he had. He was holding up against the Golden Dragon’s falling speed. But its body was simply too large, so the freefall object with such a large mass made it fall faster due to it having a greater gravitational force.

The heavier the object, the faster it would fall.

Luo Tian’s effort only made the falling speed decrease by a tiny bit. “Damn it! I had to use up 8 million profound energy just to use level 7 Berserk once and only managed to slow it down by a tiny bit. And if that kind of follow-up power cannot handle its body, I would’ve wasted all my points for nothing.”


Luo Tian clenched his teeth while his eyes widened in anger. “Fine! This daddy will fight it out with all I’ve got!”

“Level 7 Berserk!”


He used the skill once more and managed to slow down the falling speed by a bit.

“Level 7 Berserk!”


“Level 7 Berserk!”

“Level 7 Berserk!”

Luo Tian was like a lunatic who kept on activating level 7 Berserk. His body was constantly ravaged by the powers of 128 times his attributes so it was extremely uncomfortable for him. His current fleshly body couldn’t support this kind of power yet so every time he used it, his body would suffer a serious injury.

But Luo Tian had no other methods right now and could only keep activating level 7 Berserk like a madman.

This was the only way to lower the freefall speed of the Golden Dragon!

Not only was it for the 200 million experience points, but it was also for how to find the location of the Sky Palace Divine race.

He would become extremely angry every time he thought of Ji Tongtian.

Profound Emperor realm!

Powerful and terrifying to the extreme. Even if he used all the powers he possessed, there was still no way he could resist. Ji Tongtian’s wild arrogance and his expression like he looked down on everyone in contempt made Luo Tian extremely annoyed. There were only two ways to play that guy to death!

Breakthrough into the Profound Saint realm!

Or hatch the dragon egg!

But those two methods had one thing in common – enter the location of the Sky Palace Divine race.

He had to go there!

The dragon egg had to be hatched! A Golden Dragon was already able to release such strong powers, so the dragon egg in his possession will definitely be strong to an unimaginable degree. Standing on a dragon’s head, traveling around the world, and then arriving at Shattered Sky City in style!

He would then crush Murong Wanjian with the greatest powers.

Crush the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect!

Everything required him to find the location of the Sky Palace Divine race. That’s why Luo Tian couldn’t let Qin Changtian and Little Xie die! He definitely cannot!


“Level 7 Berserk!”

Luo Tian had lost count of how many times he activated level 7 Berserk. Currently, fresh blood was coming out from his mouth, nose, and ears. The backlash damage of level 7 Berserk to his body was extremely strong. Once was tolerable, but after multiple times of using it, his fleshly body was like a large battlefield that was being destroyed like crazy.


Extremely unbearable!

But Luo Tian kept clenching his teeth and held on. He was screaming internally: “Ji Tongtian, you motherf*cker! This daddy will never let you off!”

“Yang Jin!”

“Four great immortal sects! You all just wait for this daddy!”

The rage inside him was surging into the sky!

If it weren’t for Ji Tongtian, he wouldn’t be stuck in such an embarrassing situation.

Continuously being chased down to kill.

Luo Tian was extremely pissed and said fiercely to himself: “If I don’t f*ck you over someday, this daddy’s surname won’t be Luo anymore!”

He absolutely had to f*ck that guy up!

Exploding a Profound Emperor boss should definitely be a joyful experience.

“Level 7 Berserk!”



Luo Tian couldn’t hold it in anymore and sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His profound energy was drained and he only had about ten thousand points left. He could no longer maintain the expenditure of level 7 Berserk.


They were about to reach the ground.

His arms were shaking and he used his last-ditch effort to support the Golden Dragon until he steadily landed.

Immediately after…

He collapsed onto the ground against the body of the Golden Dragon and panted heavily.

His sweat drenched him like rain.

His whole body was wet and his image looked embarrassing to the max.

Ever since he transmigrated, Luo Tian felt like he had never been in such an embarrassing state like he was now.

“Big brother Luo Tian, thank, thank you.” The Golden Dragon faintly opened its large eyes and said this in a weak manner.

Luo Tian waved his hand and replied: “It’s good that you’re okay.”

The Golden Dragon closed its eyes and its body quickly transformed. Ten seconds later, he turned back into a little boy’s body. He became weak and listless so Luo Tian quickly took off his outer clothing to wrap the boy up.

Not too far from him was the Frost Dragon, Little Xie.

He too quickly transformed back to a human body.

Luo Tian could only take off his inner clothing and cover Little Xie with it.

Compared with Qin Changtian, Little Xie’s body was even weaker because he had suffered some serious injuries. He most likely sustained those injuries when fighting Lu Zhen. Luo Tian exhaled and cast several Healing Art on him, but found out it was completely useless.

He then recalled Qin Changtian said previously that normal Healing spells were useless.

Not long after…

Qin Changtian gradually awakened. His eyes had no energy and his face still pale. He coughed weakly a few times before saying: “Big brother Luo Tian, big brother Little Xie needs the Rainbow Lotus in order to cure his illness. The reason he came here this time is precisely for the Rainbow Lotus.”

Luo Tian was a bit surprised and asked: “You knew he was a dragon all along?”

Qin Changtian replied weakly: “En, I already knew early on. Grandpa Qin San also knew. I’m sorry for not telling you.”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “Don’t worry about it.”

Those of the same race would naturally be aware of each other. Qin San was from the dragon protector clan so he too should be familiar with them.

The existence of the Dragon race was a secret, so not telling an outsider like Luo Tian was considered very reasonable.

Immediately after…

Qin Changtian held back a sob and asked: “Big brother Luo Tian, can you help save him?”

Tears were glistening in his eyes.

Qin Changtian then continued: “Big brother Little Xie became injured to this extent because he was trying to save me. Can you help him?”

At this moment…

The system suddenly gave off two alert notices.


“Quest has been completed. You have gained 2000 experience points as a reward.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for getting an S grade for completion. You have been given a single chance to draw from the system’s big lottery prize draw. Will you start the lottery now?”

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    • Belkar says:

      “But its body was simply too large, so the freefall object with such a large mass made it fall faster due to it having a greater gravitational force.”

      Actually, mass has no effect on the speed of falling objects. This is a common mistake. In fact due to his large size he will drop slower because of having more air resistance. Granted of course that this world has the same laws of physics as ours applied to it.


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