Undefeatable – Ch532

Chapter 532 – Heavenly Flames, Green Lotus Core Flame

The C-rank quest has been completed!

The reward can be negligible, but he received a grade of S for his completion!

This was an extremely high grade and can be considered as a four-star rating.

Typically, the easier the quest was, the harder it was to get a good completion grade. Luo Tian originally thought that as long as the quest wasn’t a failure and 200 million experience wasn’t deducted, he would already be thanking the Gods. He never imagined he would actually gain such a high grade.

It was almost worth it to use so many level 7 Berserks and practically using his life to guarantee Qin Changtian would be alright.

The quest was completed!

“You have been given a single chance to draw from the system’s big lottery prize draw. Will you start the lottery now?”

“Start it!”

The heart arousing moment has arrived.

Luo Tian focused on the system interface and saw a slot machine type image. There were various things in front of him and Luo Tian started drooling from seeing it.

“Wow! Wow!”

“Peerless Divine Sword!”

“Increase by one level!”

“Divine Seal!”

Various treasures! Various super powerful treasures!

Of course…

Apart from these good things, there naturally were bad things mixed in as well. The amount of stuff like tier 1 Healing Pills and rank 2 martial skills was not low.

At the center of all the treasures, also known as the most important heaven’s gate, there was an image of a cluster of fire. Just a casual glance showed that there wasn’t anything special about it. Luo Tian has played with slot machines in his past life and knew this position had the best things.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian carefully looked it over and his eyes almost bulged out. His expression became as excited as one could get! He kept swallowing down his saliva while muttering: “Heavenly Flame, Heavenly Flame, Heavenly Flame, mama mia! The Heavenly Flame that Xiao Yan cultivated in Battle Through The Heavens…”

“Oh My God!”

“It has actually appeared here! Appearing in a big lottery draw!”


Incoherent babbling!

Luo Tian was so excited that he couldn’t even speak properly anymore. His blood was boiling and the earth felt like it was cracking and being flipped upside down. One million alpacas were galloping past him before coming back to run by him again. Luo Tian’s heart was feeling happiness to the extreme!

He swallowed his saliva and started feeling nervous. His eyes stared at the heaven’s gate area and didn’t bother looking at anything else other than the Heavenly Flame. Whatever Peerless Divine Sword or Divine Seal can get the hell out of here!

Luo Tian was a super fan of Battle Through The Heavens.

It would be such an awesome thing if he could cultivate Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame!

The most important part…

The attacks of Heavenly Flames were extremely powerful and could be split into over a hundred types.

Every attack was an extremely strong technique!

As long as he could draw it, Luo Tian could practically blast the Profound Emperor Ji Tongtian to death! He then said to himself excitedly: “The third method of killing Ji Tongtian has come. Oh mighty heavens, please let me draw that.”

“Teacher Sola Aoi, Teacher Maria Ozawa, Little sister Rola Misaki, Teacher Yui Hatano…”


“Please bless and pray for me. I have loved you all for so many years, I even have all your limited edition movies. I am willing to love you all for the rest of my life. Please grant me the power!”

He was chanting this inside his heart.

Immediately after…

He made a thought and started the lottery draw.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s heart was thumping all over the place and wouldn’t calm down. When he watched the bright lights that kept flashing, his heart almost couldn’t handle it anymore. He couldn’t look anymore because this was about to take his life! This was even more hair-raising than the quest of protecting Qin Changtian that could deduct a bunch of experience points at any given moment!

“I can’t stand this!”

“I really can’t stand this any longer.”

Luo Tian closed his eyes and didn’t dare to keep looking, afraid that he might have a heart attack at any moment.

He clenched his fists.

He clenched them on and off while praying internally: “Heavenly Flame, Heavenly Flame, it has to be the Heavenly Flame.”

In just a short few seconds…

Luo Tian felt like it was longer than a hundred years. He was excited, nervous, and just wanted to skip the whole waiting process. But he was really afraid of drawing a garbage item…

A big lottery prize draw like this was very random when it came to prizes.

They wouldn’t have the same prizes every time. If he missed out on this chance, he may not get another chance the next time.


The spinning sounds stopped and the brightness stopped at a certain location.

Luo Tian’s mind tightened and his pounding heart started calming down. The breathtaking moment has arrived! His vision slowly opened to reveal a thin line like he was about to meet his greatest enemy ever.

After that…

He became dumbstruck.

His expression turned listless.


“I didn’t draw anything?”

“How did it turn out like this?”

Luo Tian was flabbergasted because the slot machine’s screen didn’t show anything. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and started cursing: “F*ck your uncle, you damn system! What the f*ck are you…”

Just when Luo Tian was going to continue cursing…

There was a sudden bright flash of light above the slot machine before a small square-shaped light fell down. With a “boom” sound, it accurately landed on the flame image situated at the heaven’s gate area. Another louder “boom” was heard, similar to thunder raging through all nine heavens.

Luo Tian’s expression froze once more.

Everything came too suddenly.

It almost scared him to the point of pissing himself.

“Heavenly, Heavenly, Heavenly Flames! I drew it!” Luo Tian was so excited that his lips were trembling and tears were about to come out from his eyes. If there weren’t people around him right now, he would’ve already screamed into the air.

Too excited!

The system instantly gave an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for drawing a Heavenly Flame level 1. Will you be cultivating it?”


“Why would I not cultivate it?”

“Your sister! This is a Heavenly Flame we’re talking about! This is Xiao Yan’s strongest skill, so why would I not cultivate it?” Luo Tian almost went off in a tirade.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully cultivating Heavenly Flame level 1.”

Right after that…

Luo Tian quickly opened up the system interface.

His martial skills list had an extra skill.

Martial Skill: Heavenly Flame

Grade: Upper Divine

Rank: Level 1 (Green Lotus Core Flame)

Cooldown: 12 hours

Consumption: 10 million profound energy

Description: This martial skill is at level 1 and is called the Green Lotus Core Flame. It cannot level up and only has a single characteristic. The higher the cultivation level of the user, the greater the attack power Green Lotus Core Flame will be. This martial skill is extremely terrifying so please use it with caution!

“It’s only at level 1?”

Luo Tian faintly frowned. Based on his memories, the Heavenly Flame should have over a hundred variations and the Green Lotus Core Flame is only one of them. The description says he cannot level it up and it only had one characteristic. That meant if he could level it up, he wouldn’t get any other types of Heavenly Flames.

Luo Tian was faintly relieved when he started thinking back to the Heavenly Flames inside Battle Through The Heavens.

The hundred-plus Heavenly Flames was Xiao Yan gathering it from all over the realms and wasn’t something he trained to level it up.

The Green Lotus Core Flame is the first Heavenly Flame he gained, and this world labeled it as level 1 in Luo Tian’s possession. Even though it was only at level 1, it was ranked 19 out of all the Heavenly Flames. This was already considered a very high-level existence!

Knowing all of this…

Luo Tian was secretly ecstatic and said to himself: “So awesome! If I was given enough time, I could gather up over a hundred Heavenly Flames!”


If a few more big prize draws came his way and he was lucky, heh heh… Luo Tian started chuckling in excitement while his imagination ran wild.

Also at this time…

The system gave off another alert tone.



(T/N: The exact translation of those flames is Aberrant Flames or Unnatural Flames, but I’m following Battle Through The Heavens and calling it Heavenly Flames because the author is taking skills from that novel.)

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