Undefeatable – Ch53

Chapter 53 – The Line Between Life And Death


This battle arena was not much different to the ancient Roman Colosseum except the surface area was larger.

The round grandstand surrounding the stage could accommodate over ten thousand spectators. The Lava Lizard that appeared was still chewing a staff member as blood dripped out of its jaws. None of the audience was afraid and actually started screaming for more blood.

The stronger the Lava Lizard was, the more excited everyone was.

The more bloody the fight was, the more excited the audience would become.

Above the ordinary seats were the luxury rooms. Inside them, everyone was screaming crazily out of excitement like they had taken some drugs or something.

“Haha… a 4th rank demonic beast. A 4th rank Lava Lizard is too motherf*cking powerful!”

“Luo Tian is screwed!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill those two pieces of trash!”

“Hahaha… this Lava Lizard is just like its mother in the past. Domineering beyond measure and would start eating people upon appearing. Just being able to witness the Lava Lizard is worth the admission fee already.”

The body of the Lava Lizard looked like it was spraying out fire. Its leathery skin looked similar to molten rocks floating in magma. Its eyes looked like they were filled with blood and each breath it exhaled was like spitting out fire. The heat exuding from its body had actually swept through the entire arena causing the temperature to increase several degrees.

Its eyes looked unfocused but seemed to be filled with madness.

The powerful aura it exuded had just rolled right through everything.

It was too powerful; Luo Tian had never experienced something this powerful before. It was like a completely different level when comparing the Furious Thunder Bull to it.


Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he faintly said to himself: “Is this thing really a 4th rank demonic beast? How come it’s so powerful?”

The feeling the Lava Lizard gave him was too strong.

The aura it exuded was particularly violent. Luo Tian’s heart sank as he reminded Feng Lei: “Fatty Lei, be extra careful.”

Feng Lei’s eyes narrowed and said: “Boss, no matter how much I send out my senses, this four legged serpent is much stronger than the Furious Thunder Bull. They wouldn’t have sent out a 5th rank demonic beast right?”

Feng Lei’s words caused Luo Tian’s expression to change for the worse. Recalling how sinister and cold Luo Jianshan’s smile was, Luo Tian clenched his fists and viciously said: “F*ck! Luo Jianshan you motherf*cker, you’re truly too ruthless!”

The Lava Lizard was constantly roaring inside the arena. It acted extremely irritated as it smashed against the walls like crazy as if it was berserk and trying to escape.

Even if it weren’t a 5th rank demonic beast, it should be a demonic beast at the peak of the 4th rank. Someone definitely tampered with the beast or else it wouldn’t go berserk right after being let out.

“Something’s wrong!”

Inside a private room for internal staff.

Li Gui’s face changed as he turned around and asked: “Who was responsible for feeding it?”

The several managers looked at each other for a while before someone finally stood up and cautiously said: “The person responsible for feeding it had just been bitten to death.”

“How did you guys manage this?”

“The Lava Lizard has been drugged and its current strength has reached a 5th rank demonic beast. This fight needs to be stopped so immediately execute the emergency protocols.” Li Gui scolded.

“Wait a minute!”

The Deputy General Manager Liu Yu stood up and said: “General Manager Li, if we cancel the fight, we’ll be paying out a huge loss. This figure is related to our entire year’s sales figure.”

“The Lava Lizard has been drugged and is now in a berserk state. I’m afraid even the emergency protocols may not be of any use and we might even encounter casualties on our end. How about we wait for the drug effects to pass first before we go stop it? Everything should be fine as long as we can guarantee the safety of the audience. As for Luo Tian and the other guy, whether the Lava Lizard is in its normal state or its berserk state, those two are dead anyways. This outcome will not change so there’s really no need for us to stop it right now.”

Liu Yu then excitedly laughed and said: “General Manager, once he dies, we will be able to net earn the five xuan stones. Just relying on the five xuan stones will give us huge promotions. You can’t be wanting to stay in this tiny place forever right?”

One could gain huge promotions when earning lots of money.

Li Gui’s heart was moved.

Who would care if this fight was fair or not? Who would care if Luo Tian lived or died?

Once Luo Tian dies, everyone will be happy and everyone will make money.

Li Gui frowned and a ||| image formed on his forehead. He finally loosened up his expression and clasped his hands behind his back. He no longer brought up this topic.


In another luxury room.


“Patriarch Luo truly has good abilities; you were even able to cause the Lava Lizard to go berserk. Its current strength is comparable to a 5th rank demonic beast… admiration, you have my full admiration!” Zhou Tairan laughed out in a carefree manner.

Luo Jianshan proudly smiled, “Not really, not really, this was all thanks to Patriarch Zhou for this to succeed.”


“A common enemy was dealt by both of us, that’s what you call a win-win situation. Not to mention that I placed a huge bet on the Lava Lizard. I’m going to be earning a huge profit after this!” Zhou Tairan laughed very leisurely.

Behind those two was Luo Changshan with an excited expression who asked: “The battle arena’s Violet organization has a huge background. What if they decide to investigate this?”



“The person that fed the drugs to the Lava Lizard has already been bitten to death, how are they going to investigate it?” Zhou Tairan loudly laughed.

At the side of these three was another person. The moment the Lava Lizard had appeared, he was constantly cursing in whispers.

“Play him to death, kill him, hahaha…”

“Luo Tian, you day has come, hahaha…” Luo Chen’s expression was like a lunatic. The more Luo Tian retreated in the arena, the more his heart was blooming in happiness.

Except for when he spoke, the people next to him would clutch their nose because the smell of horse manure was simply too nauseating.

Apart from the four of them…

There was one other person – an unconscious girl.

She was dressed in all white. Her skin was smooth like jade; her holy, pure, and cute face would cause anyone to be amazed.

The girl was exactly Li Xue’er.

While Luo Tian was away training for the eight days, it looked like Luo Jianshan had done nothing. The reality was that he had spied on Li Xue’er and Feng Lei and managed to grasp everything about their daily routines.

It was because of this that Luo Jianshan was able to find a time and place to drug Li Xue’er.

Luo Jianshan glanced at the unconscious Li Xue’er with eyes of success. His lips gently curved to a smile as he couldn’t help praise: “She is definitely the embodiment of a beauty. Lin Er, I will make sure to bury her so she can accompany you in the afterlife!”


Inside the battle arena.

“Boom, boom, boom~…”

The Lava Lizard was extremely irritated as it roared, smashed, and trampled around everywhere.

The large amount of aphrodisiac made it go crazy looking for a female. Since it couldn’t find one, it finally locked eyes onto Luo Tian. After pawing on the ground, it leapt off its hind legs and rushed out like a tank barreling down.



“Kill him!”

The audience in the spectator stands all stood up as they watched how the Lava Lizard was going to rip Luo Tian apart.

Luo Tian’s eyes tightened as he exhaled a deep breath. He then shouted: “Fatty, maneuver behind it and wait for an opportunity to attack!”


Feng Lei didn’t bother with any more words and immediately dashed off to the side.

“Fuu… fuu~…”

The hot breath from the Lava Lizard sprayed out towards Luo Tian making it feel like his body was on fire. His eyes changed as he clenched his arms with power.


A huge amount of profound energy was released.

Immediately after, the power of the Profound Master realm rippled out along with the aura’s release. The thick, heavy, and powerful aura wanted to burst out of Luo Tian all at once. His arms were shaking with power as he finally clenched his fists.

His eyes flashed.

Luo Tian leapt up into the air as he raised his fists up and then smashed down like a battle axe towards the Lava Lizard.

This attack was purely made up of strength!

Many viewers looked on in horror. Inside a luxury room, Luo Jianshan’s face suddenly had an ugly expression on it. “Profound Master 3rd rank… that kid actually broke through to the Profound Master 3rd rank?!”

In those short eight days, he consecutively broke through three times!

No one could compare to him with that speed!

“So what if he’s at the Profound Master 3rd rank? When facing the Lava Lizard with the strength of a 5th rank demonic beast, it will be hard for Luo Tian to stay alive even if he wanted to.” Zhou Tairan laughed out even though he was a bit surprised.

Luo Jianshan’s lips curved into a slight smile, “That’s right, what Patriarch Zhou said is correct.”

Luo Tian, even if you don’t want to die, you still have to!


A loud noise was heard from the midst of the arena. Luo Tian’s fists didn’t even land on the Lava Lizard yet when its hot aura had already sent Luo Tian’s body flying off like a missile. He smashed heavily into the wall. His head felt like it sank to the ground before feeling dizzy and spraying out a mouthful of blood.

It was also this time that the Lava Lizard began to rush towards his fallen body.

This was the line between life and death!

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