Undefeatable – Ch534

Chapter 534 – Done With Refueling, Preparing To Kill

In the depths of the Sky Mountain ranges is a huge mountain peak called Divinity’s Peak.

It is the highest peak of the Sky Mountains.

It is also the highest mountain peak in the entire Tianxuan Continent.

The mountain peak rises through the clouds and one cannot see how tall it is. The world only knows this mountain peak is the highest and closest place to the sky.

At the foot of the mountain.

Many adventuring teams were gathered here.

Inside one of the bigger tents.

Ji Tongtian didn’t look happy as he asked: “The exact location of the Rainbow Lotus still hasn’t been found?”

“City Lord, the location of the Rainbow Lotus is constantly changing so we cannot grasp where it will be unearthed. It’s not just us but everyone is the same and can’t figure it out. And there’s a divine guardian beast at Divinity’s Peak so we can’t get close.”


“What’s the use of keeping you?!”

Ji Tongtian flicked his sleeves and his Profound Emperor’s battle aura shot out. That person was instantly smashed into powder.

A few people inside the tent were like quiet cicadas and didn’t dare to make any noise.

Yang Jin then said: “Treasures of heaven and earth are born of heaven and earth. Those kinds of things have sentience and have the ability to think, so wishing to find them will be very difficult. But as long as it matures, it will definitely show itself and that’s the best time for us to make our move.”

“Divinity’s Peak is only that large, so it shouldn’t be difficult for City Lord Ji’s Profound Emperor 3rd rank powers to cover it.”

After saying this…

Yang Jin gave a smile and continued: “I don’t really care about the Rainbow Lotus so if City Lord Ji wants it, you should quickly go grab it. I only want to know when you’re going to find the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race for me so that I can find that Golden Dragon that escaped.”

Lu Zhen coldly grunted: “You can’t afford to waste our time. City Lord Ji, I think you should be spending more effort in finding the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race instead.”


“You two still have face to be speaking here?”

“If it weren’t for you guys hiding information from me, do you think it would turn out like this now? You want to dismantle the bridge after crossing the river? Your Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sect people are truly amazing!” Ji Tongtian coldly replied.

He was feeling quite pissed.

Luo Tian escaped and he wasn’t able to absorb the martial skills Luo Tian cultivated in. He couldn’t take revenge for his three sons’ death either so this made him even more pissed off.

He has killed over a hundred people during this trip.

But the rage inside him didn’t decrease a single bit and actually surged even higher. In addition to Luo Tian, he hated Yang Jin and Lu Zhen’s guts to the core. The only issue was that he wasn’t fully confident in killing those two with his current cultivation realm.

Yang Jin’s expression sank and his gaze turned fierce. “Our alliance treaty never mentions our obligations in telling you such information. And you aren’t qualified to take a share in this either. Who do you think you are? Ji Tongtian; if it weren’t for you, we would’ve entered the place for the Sky Palace Divine race and gotten our dragon’s blood already. Why would we have to wait in such a desolate place like this now?”

He was also pissed off.

Who would be happy when a piece of meat nearing one’s mouth would suddenly fly off?

Lu Zhen then became the peacemaker and said: “Okay, stop arguing. Our top priority is to find that Golden Dragon. City Lord Ji, since you wish to get a share in the soup, then you need to show some sincerity. Your people cannot go searching for that whatever Rainbow Lotus and should be looking for that Golden Dragon. A dragon entering the void will only allow it to move somewhere not too far instantly. I believe it should be still within the Sky Mountains and not too far from where we are.”

While saying this…

Lu Zhen gave Yang Jin a glance.

Yang Jin coldly harrumphed and didn’t say anything.

Ji Tongtian coldly sneered and said: “Elder Lu, finally you’ve said some human-like words.”


“I will send out all the assassins of Heaven Opening Manor and we’ll definitely find that kid’s whereabouts. But your first priority should be helping me grab the Rainbow Lotus. You immortal sect Elders naturally don’t care about such a thing, but it’s something quite good for me,” said Ji Tongtian.

Lu Zhen and Yang Jin glanced at each other.

Since one or two days didn’t matter much, they nodded and replied: “Fine!”

For a brief moment…

The three-person alliance was established once more.

This time, their goals were the same.

Yang Jin no longer had anything to hide. In order to find the entrance location to the Sky Palace Divine race, they needed Ji Tongtian’s help. They didn’t have enough people on their side and Sky Mountain was too large. They may not be able to find anything even if they searched for a hundred years.



Luo Tian punched out and directly smashed the head of a rank 8 demonic beast.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Mountain Fire Beast. You have gained 12,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Mountain Fire Beast’s demon core. Will you be consuming it?”



The experience points for this type of demonic beast weren’t that much because Luo Tian’s level was too high now. When dealing with such a demonic beast, Luo Tian could kill it instantly. The experience gained will be very little but the profound energy will be a lot, so this was considered a compensation of some sort.

There’s also the demon core!

A rank 8 demonic beast’s demon core contained a dense amount of profound energy. Even though the replenishing rate is rather slow, the amount of profound energy recovered was the best option.

Luo Tian didn’t let a single demonic beast off!

Not to mention rank 1 demonic beasts, Luo Tian didn’t even spare an ant below his feet!

No matter how low the experience was, he still got one point!

There’s still meat on a mosquito no matter how small it is. Experience points are slowly accumulated and it’s impossible to reach the heavens in one step.

Luo Tian’s figure moved and leaned to the right. He directly charged into and smashed a demonic beast flying. “Shit, a damn thing like you wants to ambush this daddy?!”

Another instant kill!

Luo Tian swept his glance around and quickly gathered all the spiritual herbs nearby. He sent out his senses and didn’t find any more demonic beasts in the area. He then started concocting medicinal pills like crazy. In just ten minutes, he used up all the spiritual herbs he gathered and concocted them into medicinal pills.

He consumed them all!

His profound energy increased by a large chunk.

Right after that…

Luo Tian charged off ferociously to look for more demonic beasts.


“One day’s time will be over soon.”

“Is he really coming back?”

“We haven’t even seen a shadow of him this whole day,” said Little Xie in a low tone. He believed in Luo Tian but also didn’t dare to trust him. The Dragon race was deeply hurt by the deception of the humans. Even if Luo Tian once saved him with his life, there was still a trace of wariness inside his heart.

Qin Changtian’s gaze was firm as he replied: “He will; big brother Luo Tian will definitely come back.”

Little Xie then mumbled: “I hope that’s the case. But him not coming back is also normal. Who would risk themselves for two injured dragons? We’re already quite fortunate that he hasn’t drained all the blood from our bodies.”

“Those idiotic humans don’t understand that their fleshly bodies cannot handle our blood. Once they try to merge it together, their bodies will definitely explode.”

Little Xie smiled coldly.

Immediately after…

Little Xie continued saying: “Who knows what he’s planning on doing at the Sky Palace Divine race area? His abilities are very special – his dantian has been crippled yet he’s still able to explode forth with such powerful strength. The martial skills he cultivates are all over the place but they are all incomparably strong. If he plans on doing something unfavorable to our Dragon race, we will be condemned as sinners throughout all the ages.”

“No way!”

“Big brother Luo Tian will definitely not do something like that,” muttered Qin Changtian.


At Luo Tian’s location.



“Congratulations to player…”

“My profound energy is full!”

“Ji Tongtian, it’s time to hand your old life over!” Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy. His figure turned into a stream of light as he quickly went back.

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