Undefeatable – Ch535

Chapter 535 – The Powerful Dark Angel

Divinity’s Peak.

Luo Tian was alone as he quietly snuck over.

He didn’t bring Qin Changtian and Little Xie.

This time…

It was going to be a huge battle to snatch a treasure. If Qin Changtian and Little Xie came with him, they would definitely drag him down. It was going to be extremely dangerous this time and Luo Tian didn’t want them to take such risks.

After hiding them in a secret place, Luo Tian rushed over like crazy.

There were adventuring teams everywhere and their strength was generally around the Profound Venerate realm. There was even a small portion of them at the Profound Saint realm.

Their strengths couldn’t be compared to Ji Tongtian and the others though.


When it came to a spiritual treasure of heaven and earth, everyone would like to try their luck. What if a chance coincidentally arrives before them? These kinds of happenings are very difficult to determine.

Those teams noticed Ji Tongtian didn’t rush off to leave and was still waiting for an opportunity.

They understood…

The Rainbow Lotus will unearth at a random location so everything was based on luck.


Divinity’s Peak was glowing with a holy light. The holy light shone down and made people feel like a breath of fresh air blew by. But no one was enjoying this sensation and were actually on full alert.

It’s coming out of the earth!

The Rainbow Lotus is about to be unearthed.

After the holy light shone down, it suddenly pulled back to a certain spot. That spot was like a searchlight that kept changing and sweeping the area. While it was changing, an extremely beautiful lotus shining with seven different colors appeared and kept shifting to different locations.

Spiritual treasures of heaven and earth…

They couldn’t be described by words. A lotus is supposed to be an aquatic plant, but this Rainbow Lotus was growing in the underground depths. It was nurtured for three thousand years while absorbing the essence of heaven and earth and contained endless power within it.

Rumors say…

Whoever eats it can instantly make a breakthrough.

Their cultivation foundation becomes much more superb.

Even though these are only rumors…

People will still not let this opportunity pass by based on a tiny chance. Enlightenment that allows an instant breakthrough is something extremely difficult to encounter. Some martial artists have stayed in a certain cultivation realm for decades to centuries. The Rainbow Lotus could be an opportunity to change one’s destiny!


The holy light gave off a loud hum before landing at a certain place.

It then shone brilliantly from within a cave.


A red light surged into the sky from the cave before continuously alternated between the seven colors. A dense amount of profound energy rippled out like crazy along with the fragrant smell of a lotus flower.

“It has appeared!”

“It’s been unearthed! It’s about to mature!”

“Hahaha… the Rainbow Lotus is mine! It’s mine!”

For a brief moment…

The adventuring teams turned chaotic as they all charged over like they didn’t care about their lives. They were similar to ferocious beasts with red faces from being overly excited. They were acting like they were the only ones that were going to get the Rainbow Lotus.

Also at this time…

A powerful Profound Emperor battle aura charged into the sky before descending to the cave entrance. Ji Tongtian then shouted: “Heaven Opening Manor is taking care of business here! Everyone scram as far away as you can!”

Immediately after…

Dozens of Heaven Opening Manor assassins descended and released their gloomy killing intent.

After that…

Yang Jin landed and stood next to Ji Tongtian. He then spoke loudly in contempt: “The Imperial God Immortal Sect is taking care of business here. If you know what’s good for you, scram away from this place. Whoever dares to take a step in here means you wish to oppose my Imperial God Immortal Sect. The only outcome for you will be death.”

Heaven Opening Manor’s strength along with Imperial God Immortal Sect’s strength added on instantly restrained over a hundred people.

The faces of everyone here showed their unwillingness.

There was fear, unwillingness, and hatred in their eyes.


Ji Tongtian flicked his sleeves and went into the cave first. “Don’t let anyone else come in.”

Yang Jin followed after him.

The Heaven Opening Manor assassins surrounded the cave entrance.

Inside the crowd, Luo Tian wasn’t feeling anxious and was actually a bit puzzled. He asked himself: “Where did the Starsea Immortal Sect Elder go off to? Why didn’t he appear?”

He then felt an ominous premonition.

Right after that…

He spoke up in the middle of the crowd: “The destined one should be the person to obtain a spiritual treasure from heaven and earth. Isn’t Heaven Opening Manor acting a bit too tyrannical?”

Someone else voiced up as well.

And another person echoed loudly: “What you’ve said is right! The Heaven Opening Manor is acting too tyrannical! What qualifications do they have to do that?!”

“My fellow brothers…”

“The Imperial God Immortal Sect is over ten million kilometers from this place. Even if people come here, there’s no way they can get here quickly. What the hell are we afraid of? After getting the Rainbow Lotus, our cultivation will increase greatly so what’s the need to be afraid anymore?”

“That’s right!”

“Motherf*cker! This daddy has waited here for over half a year. Based on a few words and you want this daddy to leave? This daddy refuses to submit!”

More and more voices filled with anger could be heard from the crowd.

The resentment inside these people was getting stronger and stronger.

Luo Tian was walking around and fanning the flames. When he noticed the time was ripe, he shouted: “Let’s charge forward together! We’ll kill them all before entering the cave to snatch the Rainbow Lotus! No matter how strong Ji Tongtian is, there’s no way he will be an opponent for all of us!”


Luo Tian’s words were just like a fuse that instantly lit up a ten-ton blast.

Everyone charged forward like they didn’t care about their lives anymore.

The Heaven Opening Manor assassins were all death warriors who didn’t care about their own lives, and they were absolutely loyal to Ji Tongtian. But when they saw so many adventuring teams charging over like a tidal wave, even their faces turned pale from fear. They looked at each other and displayed a trace of fearful countenance.

Luo Tian’s figure moved and instantly killed one of the assassins from Heaven Opening Manor.

“Kill them!”

In an instant…

The flood of people charged into the cave entrance without a care for their lives.

There was no way the assassins from Heaven Opening Manor could block so many people. Greed could make anyone explode forth with endless potential. Ji Tongtian would only cause public outrage by doing what he did, so these people were naturally pissed off about it.

Luo Tian started laughing evilly inside. “The more chaotic, the better.”

He wasn’t in a hurry to enter the cave.

It didn’t matter who got the Rainbow Lotus because he only had to pay attention to the actual person who obtains it.

Whoever obtains it will be the one to die!

Directly exploding their corpse!

This was the benefit of the system. He believed with his 100 points in luck, what he needed will definitely explode out.

While lurking amongst the crowd, he would occasionally perform an instant kill on one or two assassins and make them enraged. Everything was within his control for now.

Inside the cave.

The seven colors of a rainbow kept changing and shining brightly.

Luo Tian entered the place and his expression drastically changed. A bird person was suspended in the air and quietly guarding next to the Rainbow Lotus. Next to the roots of the Rainbow Lotus was a black hole, and this black hole was giving off a dense aura of darkness.

What made Luo Tian excited wasn’t any of this.

It was the bright golden glow that surrounded the Dark Angel!

The golden light was bright and dazzling to the eyes. With its two large black wings behind it… Luo Tian stuck his tongue out and said excitedly: “I haven’t had barbecued chicken wings in a long time, heh heh… One boss, two bosses, three bosses, hahaha… This is awesome!”

“Entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race!”

It was unknown whose voice exploded out.

Yang Jin’s expression immediately sank.

At this time…

Ji Tongtian’s expression also hiddenly changed. He looked at Yang Jin and said: “Elder Yang, since we’ve found the entrance, it should be time for you to show some sincerity, right?”


The eyes of the Dark Angel standing in the air widened. Its faint green pupils exuded a power that seemed to be capable of taking one’s soul away. It then gave an eerie shout: “Endless darkness, nether extermination! Everyone must die!”

Its powers exploded forth violently! This was beyond terrifying!

The boss was showing its might!

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