Undefeatable – Ch536

Chapter 536 – Bosses Fighting Each Other

One boss, two bosses, three bosses…

So many!

And they happened to be those super bosses with bright golden glows! They will definitely explode with a ground full of loot. One of them might even be a boss that will trigger a system reward. Amongst the crowd, Luo Tian was the only one drooling. It was like seeing a… wait, it should be seeing three beautiful women completely naked without a single piece of clothing!

Three extremely strong bosses and none of them were easy to deal with.


The Heavenly Flame’s cooldown was too long so he could only use it once.

Even if he kills one instantly, there’s still two left so it wasn’t worth it.

What Luo Tian wanted was to kill all three bosses at once. Now that would be cool!


He directly withdrew from the place.

Right out of the cave.

He was quietly leaving without anyone noticing.

But his spiritual senses were still amidst the crowd lurking there silently. With a crowd of over a hundred martial artists, wanting to find that strand of spiritual sense of his would be rather difficult.

“Go fight!”

“I can feel they’ve started fighting each other. The more intense the fight the better, heh heh…” Luo Tian was chuckling evilly at the cave entrance.

Inside the cave.

The Dark Angel exploded forth with its so-called Nether Extermination powers. This was a power purely related to darkness. When this power was released, it felt like thousands of ghosts had appeared simultaneously. They gave off ghostly wails, flew up into the air, and randomly circled the area.

Yang Jin coldly scoffed and said: “City Lord Ji, don’t be in a rush to make your move. These people want the Rainbow Lotus badly, right? Then let them go snatch it first.”

Yang Jin took a few steps back.

Ji Tongtian smirked coldly and also took a few steps back.

At this moment…

The Dark Angel’s wings suddenly spread out before it shouted in a ghastly voice: “Kill them for me!”

After it gave the order…

The ghosts from the Nether flying about instantly charged down.



“Block them! Block them! Everyone block them while I go pick the Lotus!”

“That’s my Rainbow Lotus!”

“Just based on a few people like you guys and you think you’re qualified to get the Rainbow Lotus? Scram for this daddy!”

For a brief moment…

The Dark Angel’s nether ghosts were easily slaughtering all the martial artists. On the other side, there were a lot of martial artists charging towards the Rainbow Lotus like they didn’t care for their lives. The craziest part was that some people had started fighting amongst themselves. No one wanted the other person to obtain the Rainbow Lotus.


“A ghost!”

“Help me!”

Miserable screams rang out constantly. Out of three hundred plus adventurers, half of them had already died in less than 30 seconds. The other half was still resisting and had no intention of retreating out of the cave. They actually kept inching forward toward where the Rainbow Lotus was!

The green iris of the Dark Angel shrunk. It then shouted in a gloomy voice: “Lowly humans like you wish to contaminate the holy item? Courting death!”

While saying this…

The Dark Angel’s right hand started moving and summoned out a dark-looking angel’s sword. It then slashed downwards.

Right above the blade…

Dark-colored flames looked like it was slashing space apart. Below the blade, several Profound Venerate martial artists had their souls ripped out and fused together with the sword. Their souls were struggling but it was completely useless.

The Dark Angel was too powerful!

Its ability to manipulate dark energy was extremely strong!

Another minute passed by.

Out of over three hundred people, only about thirty were left. This meant only one-tenth was left!

The dead and the injured were everywhere.

The corpses were all intact but every one of them had white eyes and their mouths wide open. Their positions of death looked like their bodies had been turned to stone.

Their souls had been pulled out.

“What a powerful dark energy!”

Ji Tongtian couldn’t help exclaim, yet his lips showed a cold smile.

Yang Jin also coldly scoffed and said: “It’s useless no matter how strong it is. This kind of dark energy is much worse than those experts from the devil sects. This Dark Angel is only at the peak of the Profound Saint realm. City Lord Ji, it should be easy to deal with if we join hands.”

“Heh heh…”

“Brother Yang, those are exactly my thoughts.” Ji Tongtian chuckled before continuing: “Kill it, take the Rainbow Lotus, and enter the place of the Sky Palace Divine race. When Brother Yang gains the dragon bloodline, you will definitely rise to the heavens within the Imperial God Immortal Sect. You might even be promoted to an Honorary Prime Elder.”

“Good words!”

Yang Jin became excited like he could already see this glorious scene. He then said: “Brother Ji, I’m about to make my move.”

“Heh heh…”

Ji Tongtian took a step forward.

At this time…

The thirty-something martial artists finally realized this Dark Angel wasn’t an existence they could deal with, and this charming and seductive Rainbow Lotus had nothing to do with them. Only now did they start shivering from fear.


Before they could escape, Ji Tongtian and Yang Jin made their move.

A Profound Emperor’s battle aura exploded forth.

A high level orthodox immortal sect Profound Saint powers exploded forth.

They were both holding swords and started moving through the crowd. Wherever a sword light flashed by was where blood would spray out and the scent of death veiled the area!

In less than two breaths of time…

The thirty-something martial artists were lying on the ground.

Yang Jin chuckled coldly and said: “A bunch of trash like you guys want to leave with the secret of the Sky Palace Divine race location? You really think we would let you go just like that? What a bunch of trash who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Ji Tongtian’s hands were covered in blood as he said with disdain: “They’re not even comparable to trash. Shit went into their brains, so they actually dared to act presumptuously in front of us. They were all courting their own deaths!”

Their methods were cruel to the extreme!

They understood clearly that the secret of the Sky Palace Divine race location cannot be spread out.

These people had to die.

In the world of martial artists, the weak were the prey for the strong. If you don’t kill me, I will kill you!

Luo Tian’s heart faintly sank as he said to himself: “What ruthless methods! In the end, those so-called experts are the remaining ones standing on top of a large pile of white bones!”

Luo Tian once more saw the truth behind this world.

There were only two people left in this extremely large cave.

Ji Tongtian and Yang Jin.

There was also the bird person, the Dark Angel.

After taking care of the thirty-something martial artists, Ji Tongtian stepped forward a few steps. He looked at the Dark Angel and said with a cold smile: “Are you going to surrender or do you want me to personally make a move?”


“I’ve always thought dark energy was the cruelest type of energy in this world. But when compared with you guys, I realized the cruelest energy is a human’s heart!”

The Dark Angel seemed to be sighing in sorrow before its iris shrank. Its wings spread out and the dark aura around it started rising. It then shouted: “Just based on you two and you wish to enter the place of the Sky Palace Divine race?!”

“Don’t speak any more bullshit with it.”

“Just attack!”

Yang Jin stepped forward first with a shout. His sword started moving and a powerful immortal force exploded forth. At the same time, his left hand pinched an inner core and more immortal force surged out. The sword qi that came out of his sword shot out at the speed of light and crushed everything in its path!

Powerful to the extreme!

Ji Tongtian’s expression hiddenly sank as he said to himself: “An immortal sect’s powers are truly strong.”

At this time…

He didn’t want to be left behind. He flipped his right hand and a large palm print appeared above the head of the Dark Angel. “Heaven Turning Palm, crush everything for me!”

Outside the cave.

Luo Tian was smiling so wide that he couldn’t even close his mouth.

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