Undefeatable – Ch537

Chapter 537 – Might Of The Heavenly Flame

Sometimes, Luo Tian was rather sinister.

He too felt like he was kind of sinister.

The three bosses inside started fighting, and he as the oriole, was simply too happy about it.

“Fight! Fight!”

“The more fierce the fight, the better!”

Luo Tian started smiling evilly.

He was very clear…

The Dark Angel wasn’t easy to deal with. His health bar was bigger than Ji Tongtian by 300,000 and bigger than Yang Jin by 200,000 points. It’s obviously clear that out of the three of them, it was the strongest!

Ji Tongtian and Yang Jin definitely had the advantage when they joined hands though.


If they wanted to kill the Dark Angel, they had to pay some sort of price.

Regardless if they end up paying a price or not, just the energy consumption would be very huge.

Luo Tian continued to quietly sense the battle with his spiritual senses.

He was secretly monitoring everything inside. He was kind of worried one of the three bosses would die an early death because this would be considered a huge loss to him.

Inside the cave.

The three of them were fighting back and forth to the point of being unable to untangle themselves.

Each attack was used with all their strength and each move was aimed to kill.

Their health bars were going down like crazy.

“He’s almost dead!”

“Brother Yang, put in more effort!”

Ji Tongtian was panting and there was a large hole in one of his shoulders. A hot black flame was continuously burning his wound and trying to devour his body. He took a few high tier healing pills and then charged back into the fray.

Yang Jin’s body had numerous wounds as well.

The Dark Angel’s cultivation had exceeded their calculations.


The Dark Angel was more severely hurt than them. The feathers on its wings were almost plucked clean, its abdominal area had suffered a strong attack and black-colored blood was seeping out from the corner of its mouth. Its face was especially pale right now.



“It’s almost over!”

Sweat was coming out from Luo Tian’s palms as he was feeling a bit agitated. This was his first time encountering three bosses together and he was planning on killing them all. He would then grab the Rainbow Lotus and save Little Xie, thus completing the quest. What kind of grade would he get if he managed to accomplish this?

It should be an S grade or above, right?

Another big lottery draw!

That would be way too awesome! Luo Tian started getting excited upon thinking of this.

At this time…

His entire focus was placed inside the cave.

Not too far away…

A black shadow lightly flashed through the air before landing. Upon seeing the messy battlefield and the sounds coming from inside the cave, he said to himself: “It’s still not taken care of? Those two are a bit too disappointing.”

Lu Zhen had arrived!

An Elder level existence from the Starsea Immortal Sect.

Another boss!

However, his left hand was holding onto Little Xie and his right hand holding onto Qin Changtian.

At this moment…

Those two were unconscious and didn’t have any energy in them. Their bodies were soft and flopping around without a bit of strength. There was black-colored blood at the corner of Little Xie’s mouth and he happened to be seriously injured!

Luo Tian was only focusing on what was happening inside the cave.

He was in a hidden spot at the cave entrance but didn’t notice Lu Zhen had brought Qin Changtian and Little Xie here.

By the time he noticed them, Lu Zhen would already be walking into the cave.

Lu Zhen wasn’t aware anyone was around.


Luo Tian’s gaze sank as he cried out internally: “Oh shit!”

He didn’t imagine Lu Zhen could find Qin Changtian and Little Xie so quickly. At the time when Luo Tian realized Lu Zhen wasn’t around, he had a faint premonition that something bad might happen to Qin Changtian and Little Xie. He never expected it to happen so quickly!

His mind tightened. It was too late if he wanted to intercept Lu Zhen and kill him because he had already entered the cave.

“Damn it!”

Luo Tian clenched his fists in anger, “Now what…”

“Why am I so dumb?” Luo Tian criticized himself.

He already tried hiding Qin Changtian in the most hidden location and didn’t expect he would still be found so quickly. This made Luo Tian extremely angry.

At this moment…

Luo Tian turned anxious. But even if this was the case, he didn’t make a move and continued hiding.

Inside the cave.


“We’ve finally caught the two pieces of trash.”

“We don’t need those two for now so just throw them to the side. Elder Lu, we need to take care of this Dark Angel first.” Ji Tongtian said after laughing loudly.

Yang Jin also became exhilarated.

A Golden Dragon and a Frost Dragon. The blood flowing through these two dragons was very powerful, and just fusing with it will allow his cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.

The three joined hands and the pressure became greater for the Dark Angel.


When the Dark Angel saw Qin Changtian, it started laughing like crazy. The dark energy exploding from its body became even stronger. “Son of Tian Yu, hahaha… you thought you would escape your calamity by staying with the humans? Hahaha…”

He was very clear on Qin Changtian’s identity.

Apart from guarding the Rainbow Lotus, its other purpose was to intercept and kill the son of Tian Yu!

Now Qin Changtian had been deposed of without him needing to make a move.

How can he not be excited?


Ji Tongtian’s brows sank as he asked: “Where is that dog thing Luo Tian?”

Lu Zhen responded with some startlement, “I didn’t see him.”

Yang Jin immediately retreated to one side. He sent out his senses and found a strand of spiritual sense within the cave. His expression turned evil before smiling coldly, “That piece of trash from Mount Hua Immortal Sect is nearby.”

“You damn dog thing, scram out here for me!”

Luo Tian had been discovered!

There was no longer any need to keep hiding.

Luo Tian didn’t expect Lu Zhen’s appearance would expose his whereabouts so quickly.

Luo Tian made his move and entered the cave, standing near where Qin Changtian and Little Xie was. He then said with a smile: “I felt it was too awkward to interrupt such a lively battle. So what’s up? Do you guys miss me or something?”

“Ji Tongtian – 580,000 health points.”

“Yang Jin – 650,000 health points.”

“Lu Zhen – 1,290,000 health points.”

“Dark Angel – 200,000 health points.”

The health bar for the four bosses was clearly seen by his eyes.

At this time…

The battle had stopped.

The Dark Angel was staring at the dying Qin Changtian on the ground.

Ji Tongtian was staring at Luo Tian who had killed all three of his sons.

Yang Jin was staring at the Dark Angel.

Lu Zhen was looking over at the Rainbow Lotus.

Each person’s state of mind was different.

For a brief moment…

The inside of the cave became quiet and the aura emanating from the battle disappeared, but the atmosphere inside the cave had turned oppressive. Luo Tian was calculating like crazy while his senses spread out all over the place.

He was trying to sense if there were anyone else left here.

He had to guarantee that no one alive would know if he released his Azure Dragon’s bloodline.

The Heavenly Flame could instantly kill a single person.

Three people will remain after that. In order to kill the rest, he had to release his Azure Dragon’s bloodline or else it’ll be impossible. The cultivation realm of these people was too strong when compared with Luo Tian’s personal cultivation level.


Ji Tongtian said coldly: “Brother Yang, brother Lu; you two deal with the dark demonic beast. I am going to twist off the head of this kid so that he can accompany my three sons in burial.”

“We’ll do it just like that!”

Ji Tongtian then gave a mournful shout: “Luo Tian, hand your life over!”

Luo Tian’s expression was gloomy and didn’t hesitate to shout: “Might of the Heavenly Flame! Green Lotus Core Flame, come out for me!”


(T/N: If anyone is reading the raws, the author made a mistake in giving the number of health points left of each character here so I fixed it. I only figured it out when the next chapter didn’t make sense until I put in hundreds of thousands.)

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