Undefeatable – Ch549

Chapter 549 – Be Low Profile

First, he instantly killed one guy.

Then, his Blood Explosion instantly killed ten more.

There was still one more person alive in the Blood Ghost Assassin Group, which happened to be their Team Leader.


He had hidden very deeply and didn’t reveal any auras.

Luo Tian’s cold gaze swept the area before he said with a cold smile: “Come on out. Is there really a need to keep hiding?”

His voice woke up the shocked warriors.

Kai Lun and the other Frost Dragon Warriors all stopped breathing while their eyes kept sweeping the area.

At this moment…

Their hearts were filled with incomparable shock!

Blood Ghost Assassin Group – many experts of the Dragon race had unknowingly died under their sneak attacks. Their disguises and their stealth were practically flawless. But under Luo Tian’s eyes, they were like assassins under the eyes of Buddha without any place to hide.

“Very strong!”

“He’s way too strong!”

“I have never seen such a strong human. Even General Bing Shuan isn’t this strong, right?”

These were all spoken inside their hearts.

When Luo Tian originally showed his strength and took down a Frost Dragon Warrior in a second, they were only slightly surprised. This was because the Frost Dragon Warriors were the weakest existence in the Dragon race. Being able to defeat them wasn’t something worth showing off over.

But it was different this time.

Luo Tian found those hidden Blood Ghosts and used a secret skill of the devil sect to instantly kill ten of them. It was simply too shocking and created a strong impact inside their hearts.

When Luo Tian said there was still one more person left, none of them dared to relax and became even more cautious.

Kai Lun then said in a serious manner: “A small team of Blood Ghost Assassins have six people and a large team has twelve. Eleven of them have died so a Team Leader is still hiding nearby. Everyone needs to be extra careful.”

While saying this…

Kai Lun looked over at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian gave a faint signal with his eyes.

Kai Lun seemed to understand it and took a slight step out. He exposed signs of relaxing and transformed back into the figure of a human.

Very quickly…

A powerful blood figure flew out.

“Ke ke…”

A weird evil chuckle was heard. Blood-colored light brightened the sky before it flew past Kai Lun and went for the encircled Qin Changtian. A large ghastly blood-covered hand went straight for Qin Changtian’s throat while a cold shout was heard, “Die for me!”

The speed was so fast that one couldn’t see clearly.

Even if Kai Lun deliberately showed himself relaxing, he still wasn’t able to react fast enough. His expression turned to shock and screamed out: “Your Highness! Watch out!”

“Ke ke…”

“Too late!”

“Accept your death!”

The blood covering the sky turned into thick killing intent. It was like it could kill Qin Changtian within an instant!

The order he received wasn’t to capture Qin Changtian alive but to directly kill him.

This was the Nether King deliberately changing Tai Long’s command.

There was no way he was going to allow someone that could threaten his Lord to continue living. Even if Qin Changtian had no way of comprehending the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart, he still had to be killed. No matter what, every single threat had to be eliminated in its cradle. Everything he did was for the great cause of his Lord!


Blood Ghost grabbed the chance to directly charge towards Qin Changtian.

“Shadow Clone!”

“Shadow Shift!”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded, his body turned into a black shadow before instantly blocking in front of Qin Changtian.

Incredibly fast speeds!

It was so fast that it had reached an unimaginable level! Luo Tian grinned fiercely and said: “You’ve finally come out!”

“Decapitation Strike!”

“Chop it off for me!”

His arms bulged out and the Sky Splitting Divine Axe arced across space and chopped down. Those series of movements were completed in an instant! No matter how fast Blood Ghost was, he was still half a beat slower than Luo Tian.

Blood Ghost’s expression drastically changed.

It was no longer possible for him to kill Qin Changtian.

At this moment…

He planned on fighting Luo Tian head-on. The blood in his body surged, and a huge blood-colored hand smashed straight for Luo Tian. “Blood Soul Palm!”


Before the palm strike could reach him, Luo Tian already chopped down with his Sky Splitting Divine Axe.


Blood Ghost was directly slashed in half.

Even if this was the case, the Blood Soul Palm still struck heavily onto Luo Tian’s chest and sent him flying out. His chest became fiery hot and the Blood God’s Armor started flickering while giving off faint green smoke.


“It’s highly poisonous!”

Luo Tian was stunned as he said to himself: “It’s fortunate I had the Blood God’s Armor on, otherwise, this Blood Ghost’s poison will definitely play me to my death.”

“Blood God…”

“Blood God’s Armor?!”

“Who are you?!”

“Old ancestor Bloodfiend has been dead for over ten thousand years and his set of Blood God’s equipment has disappeared. It’s impossible for it to appear again! Who are you exactly?!” Blood Ghost, who had been chopped into two, could actually keep talking. And he acted like he hadn’t suffered any injuries.

Luo Tian’s expression unconsciously sank before coldly sneering. He put away the Sky Splitting Divine Axe and took out the Blood God’s Sword. He then grinned: “So what if it’s the Blood God’s Armor? This daddy also has the Blood God’s Sword. Your old ancestor Bloodfiend’s remnant soul was actually destroyed by me.”


“The Spectral Forbidden Grounds outside of Heavenly Sword City, the one where Human Emperor Hong Wanfu sealed up our old ancestor’s soul, was killed by you?”

The two split up parts of Blood Ghost didn’t heal up, yet the two different parts still stood up without support.

Two eyes stared at Luo Tian before shouting: “Kid, I will remember you…”

Without waiting for him to finish…

Luo Tian started moving interrupted: “Remember me? Damn, I’m so f*cking scared!”

The Blood God’s Sword turned into many sword flashes as it pierced towards Blood Ghost.

Blood Ghost’s body splashed down as it turned into a pool of blood. It then disappeared into the soil at an extremely quick speed.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed, “You want to escape?”

Luo Tian leaped up into the air with the Blood God’s Sword and then held it with both hands before stabbing down fiercely.



“Kid, this daddy will definitely be back! You just wait for me! Your Dragon race better wait for me!”

A loud squeal of a pig being slaughtered came out from the ground.

Below the sword blade…

A stream of blood gushed up before turning into a blood hand.

“Damn it!”

“He managed to escape!” Luo Tian said in annoyance. Their speed was simply too fast once a Blood Ghost entered the ground.

Blood Ghost’s speed was already at a terrifying rate, yet he never imagined he would still have one of his hands chopped off. Luo Tian wasn’t afraid he would go back and report everything about them.

Only that…

That Blood Ghost was a mini-boss and was worth at least a few hundred thousand experience points.

He wasn’t that far from leveling up.

Every single experience point was extremely precious to him.


Luo Tian put away his Blood God’s Sword and transformed back into his human body. He then said angrily: “You’re lucky you ran away so quickly, or else this daddy will definitely explode your corpse.”

“Oh heavens!”

“The Blood Ghost Assassin Group had twelve people, yet only their team leader managed to escape alive. And he ran with his hand chopped off! This kind of power is too terrifying! Idol! You are my idol…”


Those Frost Dragon Warriors all crowded around Luo Tian with eyes full of worship and admiration.

This world is just like that.

Whoever had the strength was the ruler.

Every member of the Dragon race worshipped the strong.

The strength Luo Tian displayed made them filled with admiration. Even Kai Lun’s eyes were burning up in heat. He started laughing in happiness and said loudly: “What a good kid! I will treat you to some alcohol when we get back to the stronghold. It’s the strongest alcohol of our Dragon race!”

Luo Tian smiled in response.

Qin Changtian giggled and said: “Killing these Blood Ghosts is nothing. Big brother Luo Tian still has greater powers he hasn’t demonstrated yet.”

Luo Tian chuckled and said: “Low-key, low-key, it’s best to be low profile a bit.”


A large swath of powerful auras charged towards Luo Tian and the others.

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