Undefeatable – Ch550

Chapter 550 – Chaos Within The Dragon Race

“Everyone be careful!”

“Someone’s coming!”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed and said: “This time, there’s a lot of them.”

Kai Lun’s expression changed and shouted: “Prepare for battle!”



All the Frost Dragon Warriors instantly transformed into Frost Dragons. An intense amount of their Frost Dragon auras shot out as they quickly shielded Qin Changtian and Little Xie.

“Something happened ahead!”

“Quick, quick, quick!”

“It’s definitely the Blood Ghost Assassin Group ambushing someone! I can smell the scent of blood coming from there!”

Over ten Dragon race warriors flew out of the forest. Seeing Kai Lun and the others, their expressions faintly changed and one of them said: “I was wondering who it was! So it’s the great commander Kai Lun that was beaten to a dog by the four-winged angel Fu Leide.”


“One of the ten commanders of General Bing Shuang was beaten to a pulp by a four-winged angel. The face of the Frost Dragon clan was completely lost by this guy.”

“He still has the face to keep living in this world. If I was him, I would’ve killed myself already by smashing into a wall.”

Voices of mockery were constantly heard.

The ten plus dragon warriors had earthen gray scales so they were most likely a different type of species of the Dragon race.

“What did you say?!”

“Lun Sa, come at me if you have the guts.”

“Do you even know what kind of situation it was back then? If you didn’t see it, then don’t go about spouting crap. If you were in my place, most likely you would’ve lost your life already.”

The Frost Dragon Warriors started yelling back in annoyance.


“Even if I were to lose my life, I would just fight until a bloody death. There’s no way I would crawl back on my last breath and become a disgraceful existence. I heard a rumor that someone actually kneeled on the ground and begged Fu Leide to spare their dog life.” Lun Sa started smiling in disdain after saying that.

The expression on those Frost Dragon Warriors drastically changed as the icy cold intent around them intensified.

Kai Lun was their leader.

They respected him from the bottom of their hearts. Back then, they personally witnessed how perilous the situation was. If it weren’t for Kai Lun kneeling down, their entire team would’ve been annihilated. Every single clan member of the Frost Dragons was grateful towards Kai Lun.

Kai Lun yelled out: “Don’t talk about it anymore!”

His gaze turned fierce as it swept past the Frost Dragon Warriors. He then said softly: “It’s a fact that I indeed lost.”


“You guys hear that, right? He said it himself that he lost. I really don’t understand why you guys keep trying to defend him. Losing is losing, and he lost very miserably. Then, he crawled back like a dog… wait, that’s wrong of me to compare you to a dog. It’s really inappropriate because you’re not even comparable to a dog, hahaha…”

Kai Lun clenched his fists tightly before loosening them.

Luo Tian gave him a glance and asked: “Do you want me to…”

“No need!”

Kai Lun knew what Luo Tian wanted to say and directly rejected it. He said with a smile: “They’re just mocking me with some words; it’s not like I’m going to lose any flesh over it. With the situation our Dragon race is facing, we can’t have anymore in-fighting. Otherwise, our Dragon race would be over before Tai Long even attacks us with his Dark Army.”

Luo Tian couldn’t help admiring him.

This was admiration from the bottom of his heart!

Luo Tian too had experienced such situations many times but he couldn’t endure it and started killing.

For the Dragon race and his Frost Dragon clan, the things Kai Lun did was truly noteworthy.


Luo Tian’s personality wasn’t like his.

He wouldn’t be able to endure.

His life’s motto was f*ck them up if you’re pissed off. Just f*ck them up all you want!

“A human?!”

“How can a lowly creature like him appear in our Sky Palace?” Lun Sa’s gaze changed as it landed on Luo Tian. His disdainful expression became even stronger as he said: “Insignificant lowly race, hurry up and scram out from my Sky Palace. This place isn’t something a trash…”

Before anything after trash was said, Luo Tian’s figure disappeared.

In an instant…

Luo Tian appeared in front of Lun Sa and fiercely slapped out.


This was a loud ear-piercing slap! Everyone turned dumbstruck because of this!

Even Lun Sa couldn’t react in time. His cheek was burning hot and a palm print appeared on it. His eyes widened before he roared out in anger: “Sneak attacking this daddy?! You damn tras…”


A left hand fiercely swung over for another slap.

The strength used was much stronger and almost sent Lun Sa flying to the ground.

Luo Tian’s gaze was filled with cold killing intent as he stared at Lun Sa. “I am not Uncle Kai Lun and I’m not someone from your Dragon race. If your dog’s mouth keeps spouting words this daddy doesn’t like, I will directly kill you!”

“Kid, you dare?!”

Lun Sa wasn’t a three year old child so he wasn’t scared just by a few threatening words from Luo Tian. His expression was still filled with pure arrogance.

Luo Tian’s eyes shifted and his grim reaper’s path of slaughter energy was released. Behind him was a huge phantom image of a Grim Reaper, holding a large scythe that was gleaming with death. Luo Tian then harrumphed: “You can see if I dare to or not!”


A cold chilling aura slowly diffused out to the surrounding area.

It oppressed Lun Sa to the point of making his face turn pale. The pupils in his eyes dilated and his body started shivering. His lips were trembling and he couldn’t say a single word.

He quickly retreated and almost tripped over into the arms of one of the Earth Dragon Warriors. He turned around and realized behind him was one of his subordinates. His expression faintly recovered before shouting: “Attack him! Immediately kill him for me!”

Over ten Earth Dragon Warriors instantly moved in unison.

Kai Lun also shouted in anger: “I want to see who dares to!”

At this time…

Seven Frost Dragon Warriors quickly rushed to Luo Tian’s side. They had ferocious gazes and looked like they would attack without hesitation if those Earth Dragon Warriors dared to rush over.

Those previous two slaps by Luo Tian were simply too awesome.

Luo Tian’s place in their hearts had risen to a whole new level. They admired him even more now!

Luo Tian had done something they had wanted to do for a long time but didn’t dare to.

This handsome guy had become a hero in their hearts! If someone wanted to harm their hero, they would definitely stand up without hesitation!

Lun Sa’s gaze turned cold before he said: “Just based on the few of you and you wish to contend with my Earth Dragon team? It looks like shit must have entered your brains.”

“What if you add me in?”

“And me!”

Qin Changtian stood forward unhappily. Little Xie also followed out right after him.

“Your, Your, Your Highness?!”

Lun Sa had an extremely ugly look on his face like he had just swallowed a fly.

“General Bing Shuang’s son, Young Master Bing Shuang?!”

“They’ve, they’ve, they’ve returned!”

Little Xie raised his voice and said: “Why aren’t you kneeling after seeing His Highness?”

Lun Sa hesitated for a few seconds. He was not quite willing but still kneeled down. His eyes had a trace of hatred as he said: “Paying respect to Your Highness.”

The Earth Dragon Warriors behind him also kneeled down and chanted in unison: “Paying respect to Your Highness.”

Qin Changtian was suppressing the rage of flames inside his heart. He understood the status the Earth Dragon Warriors had, and especially the Earth Dragon King. He could only force himself to reveal a faint smile and say: “Please rise.”

Luo Tian had been paying attention to Lun Sa.

He then said to himself: “This guy looks like he’s quite shocked, and it isn’t the kind of shock like Kai Lun had. He looks like he doesn’t want Qin Changtian to come back at all. Looks like there are various different factions within the Dragon race… this is going to be rather difficult to deal with.”

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