Undefeatable – Ch551

Chapter 551 – Dragon Egg Acting Abnormal

Things were getting more and more complicated.

The quest difficulty was gradually increasing.

Luo Tian didn’t have any detailed plans to follow. He was also clueless about the internal matters of the Sky Palace and the Dragon race.

Is the Sky Dragon’s Bead supposed to explode out from a boss? Or is it located somewhere with one of the dragon clans?”

Will the Dragon God’s Soul only be rewarded after quest completion? Or is there another way to get it?

Luo Tian wasn’t clear on any of it.

Luo Tian sighed internally and said to himself: “I will take it one step at a time. First, release the news about the Sky Dragon’s Bead, and then try to complete the SSS-rank quest. After that, try to hatch the dragon egg as quickly as possible so that I won’t have to worry even if I end up meeting an even stronger opponent.”

The SSS-rank quest was split up into three parts.

Luo Tian already completed the first part. Now, he was on the second part to help the Dragon race resolve their crisis.

The quest completion criteria…

Was to kill the Nether King and the Black Dragon King. They were the two strongest subordinates of the Eight-winged Golden Dragon!

Very simple!

They are both super powerful bosses! A six-winged angel and one that was once the Dragon race’s strongest warrior – both at the peak of supreme existences! Wishing to kill them wasn’t your normal definition of difficult. Even the Dragon Emperor didn’t have certainty in killing the two.


The harder the quest was, the more excited it made Luo Tian. He couldn’t wait because killing those two bosses would definitely result in a magnificent loot explosion. Moreover, he had a feeling that his next target after that, the Eight-winged Golden Dragon may trigger a system reward!

“We’re back at the stronghold!”

“Everyone follow up.”

“Idol, please go ahead first.”

“Watch out for the rocks on the ground. Idol, those two slaps of yours were simply too handsome! I have never seen such a handsome human before. I have a little sister called Ai Xi, do you want me to introduce her to you?”

“Ai Xi? The Frost Archer Ashe?”

“Frost Archer? Uhhh… she does enjoy shooting archery when she has nothing to do. Idol, do you want me to introduce you to her?”

“What did you say?” Luo Tian then softly whispered: “Do it, I will follow you later.”

“I also have a little sister. Idol, you should accept my little sister as well.”

“My neighbor’s uncle also has a daughter. Idol… idol… can you accept her as well?”

For a brief moment, all the Frost Dragon Warriors wanted to get acquainted with Luo Tian and tried to get their little sisters betrothed to him. Luo Tian started to have a headache but when he heard the name Ai Xi, his eyes revealed his shock and he started drooling internally.

Ai Xi inside League of Legends was practically the embodiment of his goddess!

If he could…


Luo Tian swallowed his saliva and started becoming excited. “Goddess… a girl with the name Ai Xi will definitely be a Goddess existence. And since she’s part of the Frost Dragon clan, she really might be the Frost Archer from League of Legends.”

So awesome!

Luo Tian instantly turned excited to the extreme.

When Lun Sa watched Luo Tian and the others, his face revealed his annoyance. His expression was fierce and his tongue was moving about in his mouth before he spat out some saliva mixed with blood. He then said coldly internally: “Damn dog thing, you just wait for this daddy! Just wait for me to take your dog’s life! Humph~!”

Immediately after…

Lun Sa then whispered: “Take a shortcut and quickly head back to the stronghold and notify Earth Dragon King that the Dragon Emperor’s son is back.”

“I obey!”

One of the Earth Dragon Warriors quickly split from the group.

Lun Sa once more spat out a glob of saliva mixed with blood. He then muttered: “What the hell is Tai Long doing? He can’t even take care of a little bastard!”

Blood Sea Hall.

Blood Ghost with a hand cut off returned in an embarrassing manner.

Inside the main hall.

Tai Long started smiling with interest and said: “Interesting… very interesting. A mere lowly human can instantly kill eleven Blood Ghosts, and he could even tell their positions accurately. This kind of strong sea of consciousness already exceeds the peak of the Profound Saint realm. What’s the most interesting is that he can transform into the devil sect’s strongest battle god – Xingtian. He wears the Blood God’s Armor, holds the Blood God Sword, and cultivates Blood Shadow, a secret skill from the devil sect. This human is truly not simple.”


“I can immediately send someone to kill him.”

“Since he’s just someone from a lowly race, killing him is too easy.” Black Dragon King stood forward and said this.

Tai Long faintly smiled and replied: “No need to rush. Since this human has come to Sky Palace, he will definitely end up dying. It’s just a matter of time. You two should just focus your efforts on surrounding Dragon Mountain. When the time is ripe, we will wipe out the Dragon race in one fell swoop.”

“As for the human kid, heh heh…”

Tai Long smiled evilly and said softly: “Hasn’t Earth Dragon King always wanted our support for him to rise up? If he wants us to help him, one naturally needs to pay a price. We will have him take care of that kid.”

“Heh heh…”

“Perhaps, we can wipe out the Dragon race without needing a single soldier.”

“Oh Earth Dragon King, I hope your performance doesn’t disappoint me. Hahaha…”

Tai Long started laughing crazily.


The depths of Dragon Mountain, the stronghold of the Dragon race.

Instead of calling it a stronghold, one might describe it as looking like a backwater indigenous tribe.

Everything looked poor and crude.

Whether it be their defenses or their houses, they all looked very crude. One might even say it couldn’t even compare with an indigenous tribal village.

Luo Tian felt like his mind was being distorted. In his previous life, movies depicted the Dragon race as beings that enjoyed being clean and hoarding anything flashy and gleaming with luxury. Luo Tian thought coming to the dragon’s stronghold would be like going to the gnome race’s stronghold. He could sweep up a bunch of precious goods for himself! He was secretly glad that he had changed to a newer and larger spatial ring so he could store everything like crazy. What he never imagined was the scene before him looked like a very large pig’s pen.

What happened to all the golden sparkly things?

Not a single one!

“Big brother Luo Tian, this place is a bit crude… The place we used to live in was very luxurious. But now… sigh~…” Qin Changtian could only sigh to himself.

People in front of the stronghold noticed Kai Lun’s return.

Apart from those of the Frost Dragon clan, everyone else revealed looks of disdain.

Kai Lun pretended he didn’t see a thing.

“His Highness is back!”

“His Highness is back!”


The entire stronghold was boiling up. People started coming over like an ocean tide and their passionate eyes all focused on him. Qin Changtian was the hope for all these dragons to continue living. He was the sole motivating factor for these dragons to persist for so many years.

He has returned, and the Dragon race can be saved.

Qin Changtian secretly clenched his fists beneath his sleeves. When he saw their passionate gazes towards him, he felt like he really hated himself. “Why? Why can’t I comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart? Why?”

His heart felt like it was crying tears of blood.

Luo Tian gently patted Qin Changtian’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, there’s still me here to take care of everything.”

Qin Changtian looked up at Luo Tian and his gaze became steadier.

The dragon egg inside Luo Tian suddenly burst into joy.

It looked like it was really happy.

Luo Tian smiled and said through his senses: “Does it feel good to return home?”

The dragon egg suddenly stopped moving.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand this, “No? Then what are you excited about? Could it be that your parents are here?”

The dragon egg didn’t move.

Luo Tian was too lazy to keep guessing. Since the thing couldn’t talk, who knows why it’s rolling about like that?

Seeing how Luo Tian wasn’t guessing anymore, the dragon egg started jumping about even more. Its body started giving off a red light before it started flashing like it was about to break its shell and hatch.

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