Undefeatable – Ch553

Chapter 553 – This Daddy Will Slap You To Death


Suppressive powers surged out like the waves of the sea and crashed into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned solemn.

The power of the Titan God’s Might was raised to the peak as it was ready to clash with it head-on.

Within an instant…

Another suppressive pressure that felt like a ten thousand year old iceberg intercepted Earth Dragon King’s pressure, but this new power seemed to be unable to block for long.

“Earth Dragon King!”

“He is His Highness’s savior! Treating the benefactor of the Dragon race like this isn’t too good, right?!”

Another area of the crowd.

A male covered in icy intent and crystal-like scales came forward. Following behind him was Little Xie.

There’s no need to say…

This person was obviously Little Xie’s father, Frost Dragon King – Bing Shuang.

People would just call him Frost Dragon King.

He was in control of the Dragon race’s Frost Dragon Warriors. Frost Dragons were once the strongest and the most populous clan of the Dragon race. Except for a few months ago, the large Frost Dragon army was ambushed and over ten thousand of them were either seriously injured or died in a single night!

Frost Dragon King was seriously injured and by the time he returned to the stronghold, he was already on his last leg.

Even now, his face clearly showed he was sickly and weak.

The large Frost Dragon Army failed and their status in the Dragon race instantly plummeted.

The second strongest, the Earth Dragon clan, took this opportunity to rise up and became the strongest out of the Dragon race. A few days after the Frost Dragon Army failed, Earth Dragon King made a breakthrough one night and became the strongest warrior of the Dragon race.

The Dragon Emperor was injured and his life was hanging by a thread.

Frost Dragon King was seriously injured and wouldn’t recover for a while. The Dragon race became rocky with waves and internal factions forming. Amidst all of this, Earth Dragon King became an important catalyst because his status had already reached a terrifying level.

If the Dragon Emperor dies, he would become the new Dragon Emperor.

Earth Dragon King coldly harrumphed before mocking: “Frost Dragon King, why are you running over here instead of resting at home? If I were you, I wouldn’t have jumped out interfering with a matter that you shouldn’t have interfered with.”

Rage surged up inside Frost Dragon King’s heart.

When has anyone dared to say such words to him before?

Back then when Earth Dragon King saw him, he would walk by with his head lowered. Now, he wasn’t even placing him in his eyes.

Frost Dragon King endured it and said with a smile: “Earth Dragon King, I am merely advising you. Dragon Emperor is still here and His Highness has come back. This little brother is the savior of His Highness. No matter what, you are a great General of the Dragon race. Aren’t you afraid people would make fun of you for releasing your dragon pressure against him?”


Earth Dragon King heavily harrumphed and said to himself: “Damn dog thing, using the Dragon Emperor to suppress this daddy? Just you wait. When that old thing dies in a few more days, you will be the first one to meet my blade. You just wait and see.”

Immediately after…

Earth Dragon King said: “I don’t care who he is and who he saved. The only thing I know is that he beat up my subordinate. Warriors of the Dragon race have never feared anyone. If someone attacks them, we will attack them back.”

“Lun Sa!” yelled Earth Dragon King.

Lun Sa immediately stepped forward and shouted: “Your subordinate is here!”

Earth Dragon King coldly glanced at Luo Tian before saying: “Attack him in whatever method he used to attack you. I will directly cripple whoever dares to interfere with this matter!”

“I obey!”

Lun Sa started smiling evilly. He pulled up his sleeves and stared at Luo Tian, “Damn dog thing, you dare to hit this daddy? It looks like you’re tired of living.”

Frost Dragon King shouted: “Earth Dragon King, this is the Dragon race stronghold! You dare to instigate your subordinate to attack here? Don’t forget, private fights are not allowed here, and whoever violates it will be punished severely!”

Earth Dragon King didn’t even give Frost Dragon King a glance. He only shouted: “Frost Dragon King, I have not forgotten the laws of our Dragon race. But you shouldn’t forget that the law is only for our fellow Dragon race brethren while he is only a lowly inferior human.”

“This isn’t included in our laws, right?”

After saying that…

Earth Dragon King once again shouted: “Lun Sa, make your move!”


Frost Dragon King shouted once more: “You dare?!”

Earth Dragon King’s brows furrowed as he shouted coldly: “Frost Dragon King, are you really going to interfere when I’m teaching a lesson to a reckless human?! You need to consider the consequences. If I’m not happy, none of you will end up happy either!”

Frost Dragon King’s expression turned solemn.

Earth Dragon King was currently in power and half the military powers were under his control. Moreover, one-third of the Dragon race Elders supported him. If he starts causing trouble, the Dragon race will definitely be in chaos. At that time, they would not be able to resist Tai Long’s Dark Army as a whole.

The moment he was hesitating…

Earth Dragon King smiled smugly and shouted: “Make your move!”

“Stay your hand!”


Mei Lin walked out while supporting a sickly old man. The old man was giving off a faint golden glow but Luo Tian could tell it wasn’t the glow of a boss. It was the glow coming from the old man’s scales. This was the special characteristic of a Golden Dragon, so he must be the Dragon race’s Dragon Emperor!

Earth Dragon King’s brows faintly leaped up.

Everyone bowed and said: “Paying respects to the Dragon Emperor!”

The Dragon Emperor was unstable on his feet and his face was pale white. He looked at Luo Tian and smiled politely before saying: “Brother Luo, thank you for taking care of my child throughout the journey. You are a distinguished guest of my Dragon race so no one will dare to do anything to you.”

Luo Tian also smiled back politely and replied: “Thank you.”

Earth Dragon King’s expression showed he was clearly unhappy as he said: “Dragon Emperor, he is only a lowly human. Even if he has saved His Highness, he insulted my subordinate in public by slapping him twice. This kind of insult is a huge shame to us higher tier races. We have to avenge such hatred, otherwise, how can we convince the mass? How would our race see me in their eyes? If they happen to use this opportunity to cause trouble, who’s going to take responsibility for this?”

His tone was neither soft nor hard.

But the undertone was very aggressive.

His meaning was very obvious.

If you don’t let me mess with this kid today, this daddy will fall out with you right now!

The Dragon Emperor’s expression turned solemn.

Frost Dragon King immediately shouted: “Earth Dragon King, are you threatening our Dragon Emperor?!”

Earth Dragon King smiled coldly and replied: “I don’t dare to, I am only voicing out the facts. As one of the leaders of the Dragon race, I have to take into consideration our well-being. Otherwise, how am I supposed to lead them to resist the Dark Army?”

“You…!” Frost Dragon King was so angry that he couldn’t even speak.

At this time…

Luo Tian felt he understood the Dragon race’s main issue. He walked forward with a smile and said: “You want revenge, right? It’s possible for me to go along but you need the necessary strength to back it up.”

“You want to slap me back, right?”

“Come, come, come. I’m going to stand here and not move, so come if you have the ability!”

Luo Tian stood directly in front of Lun Sa.

Earth Dragon King coldly harrumphed. He wasn’t afraid of the Dragon Emperor or Frost Dragon King. He directly commanded: “Make your move! Viciously slap him to death!”

Lun Sa grinned fiercely and said: “You damn trash, go die for me!”

He raised his palm and released his dragon’s might. This slap of his was going to be a fatal strike. Anyone getting slapped by it will definitely have their neck broken!


The moment he raised his palm for a slap…

A powerful energy surged out of Luo Tian’s body – the power of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline! The Azure Dragon roared and the entire stronghold started shaking violently. The oppressive pressure of an Azure Dragon surged out overbearingly!

Luo Tian condensed all his powers while he raised his palm. “This daddy will slap you to death instead!”


Lun Sa’s head fell off and rolled around…

Way too domineering!

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