Undefeatable – Ch554

Chapter 554 – Supreme Divine Weapon

With the Azure Dragon’s suppression power…

The power behind the slap was extremely heavy and fierce to the extreme, directly ripping Lun Sa’s head right off!

Fresh blood sprayed out.

His body was still standing upright. Blood came out like a fountain and splattered all over the place.

Lun Sa’s head was still rolling and only stopped when it bumped against Earth Dragon King’s foot. Lun Sa’s eyes were still wide open while it stared at Earth Dragon King.

He died!

Instantly killed by a slap!


The surrounding area turned quiet. It felt like the whole stronghold had become so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

Everyone’s eyes were wide and their mouths opened as they stared at Luo Tian.

“He, he, he, he…”

“Lun Sa, Lun Sa, Lun Sa is dead?”

“A single slap knocked his head right off.”

“Was that just a dragon’s roar? How come I’ve never heard of such a roar before? It’s kind of similar to our Dragon God. Could this kid…?”

There was shock in their voices and they stuttered their words. All of their thoughts had been distorted and incomprehensible.

At this time…

Luo Tian slightly looked up and coldly stared at Earth Dragon King. He then harrumphed: “Calling him a dog is practically insulting all the dogs. Are you unhappy about this? If you aren’t happy about it, just come at me!”

Directly provoking him!

There was no intention of cowering back.

Since he had to solve the Dragon race’s crisis, he had to first settle the internal conflicts.

Earth Dragon King’s faction was the strongest, and Luo Tian could see the ambition oozing in his eyes. Vicious and sinister. As long as he was given a tiny opportunity, he will definitely use the chance to take over the Dragon race. With him in control of the Dragon race, Luo Tian will have an extremely difficult time if he wants to complete his quest and find the Sky Dragon’s Bead.


If Earth Dragon King controls the Dragon race, his SSS-rank quest will fail!

Earth Dragon King’s gaze turned vicious as a powerful dragon aura exploded out from his body. An earthen yellow glow surrounded him and the dirt around his feet started floating above the surface. His whole persona made him look like he had entered into a state of berserk.


So powerful that using words would be hard to describe it!

“General Earth Dragon King is enraged.”

“What a terrifying dragon’s aura! His cultivation realm has already reached a horrifying level. For this human to directly kill his subordinate in front of him, that’s basically not giving him any face at all. That human is definitely not going to live much longer.”

“General, kill him! Avenge Commander Lun Sa! Kill him…”

“Our Dragon stronghold is not a place for a lowly human to act rampantly. This damn thing deserves death, so just kill him.”

For a brief moment…

The Earth Dragon clan and their warriors all scolded Luo Tian.

Frost Dragon King’s brows were furrowed.

Kai Lun took a step forward and stood next to Luo Tian.

His Frost Dragon Warrior subordinates also stood forward and stood to either side of Luo Tian. Their eyes were calm but their fists were clenched. As long as Earth Dragon King dares to make a move, they wouldn’t care about anything and block any fatal attacks aimed at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian had saved them.

The Frost Dragon clan were dragons that paid their debt of gratitude. Whether it be ten times or a hundred times, they were a clan that would pay back that debt without hesitation.


They were completely convinced by Luo Tian’s strength, his arrogance, and his domineering attitude. They practically worshipped him! For Luo Tian, they didn’t mind falling out with the Earth Dragon clan at all!

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Over a hundred Earth Dragon Warriors in the area were eyeing them with hostility. Their eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Luo Tian had no fear while he just stared at Earth Dragon King without blinking.

Earth Dragon King was staring back at him.

Luo Tian’s momentum wasn’t any weaker than the Earth Dragon King.

The sickly Dragon Emperor suddenly stomped down.


A powerful energy surged out from his foot. His body flashed golden yellow before his Golden Dragon’s might enshrouded the entire area. He then shouted: “Lun Sa made the first move, so he deserved to be killed! Earth Dragon King, are you really going to stand up for him?!”

His eyes opened wide.

His majestic power was directly pressing into Earth Dragon King.

At this moment…

The Dragon Emperor was showing his unparalleled powers! His powers were so strong that it instilled fear in everyone! Was this still a seriously injured Dragon Emperor?

There were no signs of injury on him.

Earth Dragon King’s brows were furrowed. He said to himself: “Wasn’t he supposed to be seriously injured? Why can he still release such powerful Golden Dragon’s Might? Did Tai Long lie to me? Or did he already recover and has been pretending to be sick?”

“You damn old fox, who would’ve expected you to be this sinister?”


“Just wait and see, this daddy will kill you one day.”

Earth Dragon King’s heart tightened before he revealed a hypocritical smile. He then said: “Since our Dragon Emperor wants to protect him, I have nothing else to say. But Dragon Emperor, you must be clear that he is only a human. Humans are the greatest enemies of our Dragon race. The reason our Dragon race has to huddle up inside Sky Palace is all because of those humans. For you to disappoint our Earth Dragon clan over a human, do you really think it’s worth it?”

His tone was calm.

But it still contained a strong threat behind it.

Frost Dragon King’s eyes turned fierce before shouting: “Earth Dragon King, what do you mean by that?! You can just directly say whatever you want to say!”

The Dragon Emperor’s face had a red glow as his voice lowered: “Are you threatening me?”

The aura around him drastically changed.

The oppressive pressure of his Golden Dragon’s Might directly surged out. It smashed into Earth Dragon King and made him unable to breathe properly! The Dragon Emperor frowned and shouted: “What I’ve just said was very clear – Lun Sa’s death was his own fault. He dared to jump out even though his abilities were not up to par, humph~!”

Earth Dragon King was crushed to the point of extreme discomfort. He felt surer that the Dragon Emperor was only pretending to be sick. Even during his peak, his Golden Dragon powers didn’t have such a powerful pressure. Earth Dragon King’s heart sank before saying out loud: “I don’t dare to.”

Immediately after…

Earth Dragon King turned around and said: “Let’s go!”

He then gave Luo Tian a cold side glance and said: “Kid, you just wait and see!”

Earth Dragon King brought his Earth Dragon Warriors away.

Frost Dragon King’s expression turned to joy. He rushed over and asked: “Big brother, have your injuries recovered?”

The Dragon Emperor didn’t say anything and just looked at Luo Tian and said: “Come with me!”

Luo Tian didn’t think too much and only furrowed his brows.

Others may not know but he was very clear about it. The Dragon Emperor’s health bar went from 110,000 to 30,000 points and it was still declining one point at a time. The injuries inside him had broken out!

That previous Golden Dragon’s suppression made his health bar drop by over 50,000 points.

If the Earth Dragon King didn’t leave and stay for a few more minutes, most likely the Dragon Emperor wouldn’t be able to endure anymore.

“No one follows us. I want to speak to him alone.” The Dragon Emperor’s expression sank and his body faintly trembled. He had been holding on with dear life, afraid that he would reveal his bluff. He could suppress Earth Dragon King for now, but if he agitated his injuries once more, most likely no one here could stop him.

At that time…

There would be no need for Tai Long to make a move anymore because the Dragon race would collapse by itself.

He had to make arrangements for everything.

Right now…

The main thing he wanted to do was to ensure the Dragon race’s bloodline and the only one he could rely on was Luo Tian. He was very clear that the current Dragon race’s strength cannot resist the Dark Army.

Luo Tian followed in silence.

When they walked to the center of the tribal stronghold, a huge dragon stone pillar made the dragon egg jump around agitatedly.

One couldn’t see the top of the dragon stone pillar! There were 108 eight-clawed golden dragons entangled around it. The dragon egg was jumping about in excitement so much that even Luo Tian felt annoyed by it. Luo Tian didn’t know what this was about so he opened up his system interface to check the dragon stone pillar’s attributes.

“Oh damn!”

“A supreme divine weapon!”

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