Undefeatable – Ch555

Chapter 555 – Too Screwed Up!

“A supreme divine weapon!”

“Holy f*cking hell!”

Luo Tian’s mouth was in an O shape as he was shocked beyond shock.

He’s had divine weapons explode from loots before.

He’s had divine artifacts explode out as well. He’s killed many powerful bosses, entered Dark Mountain Corpse City, the Gnome territories, immortal sects, Dark North Sea to search for the Titans, and now he had arrived at the most mysterious place of Tianxuan Continent – the Sky Palace.

Luo Tian considered himself as someone that has seen the world.


He was so shocked that he stood frozen like a dumb idiot!


“Way too powerful!”

Luo Tian swallowed a large mouthful of saliva while his eyes glowed brightly. He wanted to snatch this dragon stone pillar and run home with it! Except, this stone pillar was too ginormous where he couldn’t even see the top of it.

The base showed 108 fierce-looking dragon heads. The carvings were so life-like that they looked like they were alive and moving about. It gave the beholder a sense of deterrence effect.

Their dragon bodies were entrenched into the pillar.

Their dragon scales looked like they were moving. Every single inch of the carving contained a powerful aura like all 108 dragon’s might was hidden inside it.

This made Luo Tian think of a very familiar novel of his previous life – Journey To The West. This dragon stone pillar was very similar to the Divine Sea Stabilizing Needle. Or in other words, this was Monkey King Sun Wukong’s Golden Hooped Rod!

Thinking up to this point…

Luo Tian once more swallowed a large mouthful of saliva. “It’s also within the Dragon race. One was in the East Sea Palace while the other one is in the Sky Palace Dragon race stronghold. Oh my god, this can’t really be the Golden Hooped Rod, is it?”

“This is too…”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he softly muttered: “My computer never had the novel Journey To The West but I did have a few novels that had main characters based on Sun Wukong. It can’t be… damn! Lord System, can you not be so awesome?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian asked: “Eggy, you were so excited because of this thing, right?”

The dragon egg immediately started rolling about.

Luo Tian froze for a bit before opening up the system interface for a better look.

Item: Dragon God’s Pillar

Grade: Supreme? ? ?

Characteristic: ? ? ?

Description: The Dragon race’s most powerful divine weapon, forged by the Dragon God.

The description was so simple that it made one’s hair stand on its end. He couldn’t figure out anything more from it. Luo Tian then asked in his mind: “This divine weapon was forged by your ancestor. Did he become famous while using it?”

The dragon egg kept moving about.

Luo Tian asked in puzzlement: “This thing is so huge, how are you supposed to use it?”

Upon thinking of the Golden Hooped Rod, he then said: “Could it be that it can shrink down to become smaller?”

The dragon egg started jumping about in excitement like it was praising Luo Tian.

“Damn, that can’t be for real, right?” Luo Tian held down his agitation and asked: “Do you know how to make it smaller?”

The dragon egg moved about once more.

Luo Tian started laughing internally and revealed an evil grin. “Tonight, you will teach me how to shrink it and we’ll steal it! With this supreme divine weapon, wouldn’t I end up being invincible in the world? It would be much easier to find the Dragon God’s soul and hatch you then!”

The dragon egg stopped moving.


“Eggy, your face doesn’t seem quite right. It’s a waste for the Dragon race to have such a good divine weapon and not use it. It will display the greatest use while in my hands, and I can help the Dragon race solve their crisis. Isn’t that a win-win situation?” Luo Tian analyzed.

Supreme divine weapon?!

Most likely there wouldn’t be a second one in the entire Tianxuan Continent!

This is a super awesome existence!

With it, I’ll have a higher chance to completely crush Murong Wanjian. I will also have one more thing to show off!

But Eggy wasn’t on board with it!

Seeing how Eggy wasn’t moving, Luo Tian continued: “What’s going on? Eggy, this thing would be great for me to use. Could it be that you don’t want me to have it?”

The dragon egg started moving about once more.

Luo Tian’s expression changed while he said: “You’re saying I’m not suited for it?”

The dragon egg rolled about.

Luo Tian immediately lost all hope in life and felt like the world completely sucked. It wasn’t easy for him to encounter a supreme divine weapon and now it was right before his eyes. Then, someone goes ahead to tell him that he wasn’t suited for it. This…

A little too screwed up, right?

This was similar to a girl using everything possible to seduce you. She takes off all her clothes, starts posing in a variety of seductive postures, sticks out her juicy tight butt, pushes out her large round twin peaks, reveals all her jade like snow white skin, and exuding the most alluring aura possible.

This completely hooks Luo Tian’s little brother.

The tent has been erected, killing intent is rising, and the giant bulge in his pants is like a spear that’s about to pierce the sky.

At this moment, the girl tells you she’s having her period!


Isn’t this practically taking one’s life?

Luo Tian instantly started scolding: “Do you have to be like this?! Why the f*ck are you so excited then?! It has nothing to do with me! Since I can’t use this thing, why are you guiding me towards it then?!”

Luo Tian was no longer in the mood to even look at the dragon stone pillar.

The dragon egg was like a child that had done something wrong and didn’t dare to move anymore.

Luo Tian exhaled a deep breath of air and calmed his mood. He then asked: “Since I cannot use it, does that mean you can use it?”

At this time…

The dragon egg started moving once more.

“Fine, this was something forged by your ancestor so for you to be able to use it is only logical. When you hatch out, you can come get it yourself.” Luo Tian sighed without any spirit but he was a bit happy.

It’s just that he had flown to heaven and was suddenly plunged down to hell, so he didn’t know how to react.

“Come in!”

The Dragon Emperor’s voice was a bit depressed as he urged Luo Tian at the doorway.

Looking at Luo Tian blanking out at the base of the dragon stone pillar, he then said: “This is all we have left. Ten thousand years ago, my Dragon race created the Sky Palace. In reality, we used most of our energy to move this pillar into the Sky Palace. Just because of this, several tens of thousands of our Dragon race warriors died.”

Luo Tian recovered and asked: “Dragon Emperor, do you know how to use it?”

The Dragon Emperor was startled by the question and said: “Use it? That’s just our Dragon race’s stone totem and cannot be used. It was something left behind by our ancestors so that’s why we had to move it into the Sky Palace.”


Luo Tian hid his surprise and said to himself: “It looks like they don’t know this dragon stone pillar is actually a supreme divine weapon. Since even the Dragon Emperor doesn’t know about it, then most likely no one else in the Dragon race knows either. Yet the dragon egg knows what it is, so could it be that the dragon egg is the son of the Dragon God…?”

“Dragon God!”

“Eggy, oh Eggy, what’s your background?”

“So very mysterious.”

“I’m really looking forward to it!”

Luo Tian felt like he really couldn’t wait to see what would happen. He wanted the dragon egg to hatch as soon as possible so that he would look extremely cool at that time!


“Dragon God’s Soul, where could it be?”

Luo Tian’s heart sank a bit before he followed the Dragon Emperor into the tent.


The Dragon Emperor sprayed out a mouthful of black blood. His body weakened and fell towards the ground in a paralyzed state.

If it weren’t for Luo Tian supporting him, he would’ve hit the ground already.

Luo Tian furrowed his brows, and quickly cast Regeneration.


After using Regeneration, he noticed the Dragon Emperor’s health bar didn’t even go up by a single point. Luo Tian’s expression changed as he said to himself: “How could it be like this?”

The Dragon Emperor faintly smiled and said: “It’s no use, I’m about to die.”

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