Undefeatable – Ch556

Chapter 556 – Goddess, Here I Come

One hour later.

Luo Tian came out with a calm look like nothing had happened.

Outside the tent.

There were many Dragon Warriors staring at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “The Dragon Emperor is going into closed door seclusion in order to make a breakthrough. He’s not coming out for a while.”

In fact…

The Dragon Emperor had already died and his corpse was placed inside Luo Tian’s spatial ring.

If the news of his death was announced while the Dragon race was in such a situation, there will definitely be chaos. There will no longer be anyone that can suppress Earth Dragon King. Apart from this issue, Luo Tian also found out Earth Dragon King was colluding with Tai Long.

This meant the news of the Dragon Emperor dying definitely cannot be spread out.

“Closed-door seclusion?!”

“Isn’t the timing a bit off to going into seclusion right now? The Dark Army has already surrounded the Dragon Mountain so who’s going to make the decisions?”

“How come he didn’t tell the Elders this?”


Many voices were filled with doubt.

There were many people belonging to the Earth Dragon King voicing this in the crowd.

It was indeed a bit too sudden for the Dragon Emperor to go into seclusion.

Luo Tian walked to the side of Qin Changtian and said: “From today onwards, all large and small matters will be managed by His Highness. Frost Dragon King and Earth Dragon King will assist him. When the Dragon Emperor exits his seclusion, he will explain to everyone why he suddenly secluded himself to make a breakthrough.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian took out the Dragon Emperor’s token and placed it into Qin Changtian’s hand.

The faces of everyone changed.

Everyone instantly kneeled down with serious expressions.

The Dragon Emperor’s decree was inviolable.

Qin Changtian looked at Luo Tian and his eyes flickered with a trace of pain.

Luo Tian gently patted his shoulder and sent him a sound transmission: “Stay strong, your imperial father believes you can do it. Do not let him down, you can definitely do it. I also believe in you so fight on!”

Luo Tian didn’t know how to comfort him.

Qin Changtian knew his father had died.

His gaze faintly tightened as he released an aura befitting someone stepping into a position of authority. He raised the Dragon Emperor’s token into the air and gave a loud dragon roar!

He transformed into a Golden Dragon and his body gave off a Dragon Emperor’s might!

At this time…

All the dragon warriors in the tribal stronghold transformed into their dragon form. They all roared into the air and created a resonance with their dragon’s roar. Sky Palace was shaking non-stop and even Blood Sea City that was ten thousand kilometers away was shaking.

Tai Long’s expression turned solemn.

His expression turned serious while he muttered with doubt: “Thousands of dragons roaring in unison… could it be that the old Dragon Emperor has passed away and a new Dragon Emperor has appeared? Maybe that little brat returned not because he comprehended the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart but to succeed the position?”

“That doesn’t sound right.”

“The old Dragon Emperor shouldn’t have died that quickly. He should have at least another year to live… did he abdicate?”

“How can a little brat like him be able to suppress the Dragon race Elders that are holding onto the military powers?”

For a brief moment…

Tai Long just couldn’t figure it out.

He thought he understood what the Dragon Emperor was thinking and every step he took was with confidence. But for a new Dragon Emperor to suddenly appear, he really couldn’t figure out what the old Dragon Emperor was planning.

Black Dragon King’s expression hiddenly changed before saying: “Lord, what do you think the Dragon Emperor is doing? Abdicating at such a time like this seems ill-timed. The Dragon race is still filled with internal strife so who’s capable of suppressing those Elders?”

Nether King coldly grinned and said: “Lord, this is an excellent opportunity. Most likely the Dragon race troops are feeling instability which is perfect for us to destroy them in one fell swoop. We will then rule the entire Sky Palace and our next steps will be to charge out of here. We shall contend for hegemony in the Tianxuan Continent and restore our supremacy from ten thousand years ago!”

Tai Long’s brows furrowed while he was in thought for a few seconds. “This matter isn’t as simple as that. We won’t do anything for now and see what kind of news Earth Dragon King will bring us. That old fox Dragon Emperor isn’t that simple and definitely has some hidden tricks planned. Unless he really has gone crazy, there’s no way he would let his son succeed his position so suddenly.”

Because he felt like he understood the ins and outs of the Dragon Emperor…

Tai Long became extremely careful in his actions.

Also because of this…

The Dragon Emperor saw through Tai Long’s reaction.


Dragon race stronghold.

The succession ceremony will be held in three days.

Within these three days, Qin Changtian held countless meetings because matters big and small needed his input.

On the surface…

Everything looked calm and peaceful like nothing major had happened. Beneath the surface, currents were brewing and many people, even some Dragon race Elders were searching for the Dragon Emperor’s seclusion location. They were all searching in secret.

The Elders didn’t let Luo Tian participate in the majority of the meetings.

Luo Tian didn’t forcefully participate either.

Qin Changtian had to rely on his own abilities during this time. There was no way he would grow up quick if he was there to help him with everything. If Qin Changtian can handle the enormous pressure right now, then he’ll be able to keep walking forward no matter what kind of pressure he encounters in the future.

Luo Tian had been very leisurely these past two days.

He was just walking all over the tribal stronghold to pass the time. Whenever he arrived at the dragon stone pillar though, he would faintly sigh to himself.


“I can’t use this supreme divine weapon.”

“Eggy, why aren’t you giving me any instructions? Where am I supposed to find the Dragon God’s Soul? Even if we can’t find the Dragon God’s Soul, at least give me some hints on where to find the Sky Dragon’s Bead.” Luo Tian never forgot his purpose in coming here.

He couldn’t open the ancient battlefield if he didn’t have the Sky Dragon’s Bead.

If he couldn’t level up as soon as possible, how was he going to challenge Murong Wanjian?

Mount Hua Immortal Sect still had several super-strong bosses that suppressed him to the point of being unable to breathe. If he doesn’t take care of them when he goes back, most likely he will be the one to end up being taken care of.

Enormous pressure!


Just when Luo Tian was in a daze, one of the Frost Dragon Warriors came over.

The warrior was one of Kai Lun’s subordinates.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Ai Lun, are your patrol duties over?”

Ai Lun nodded and replied: “That’s right, hero. I told my little sister Ai Xi all about your deeds and she really wants to meet you. She also said that she has already fallen in love with you. I wonder if you have any time right now to go meet her?”

“Frost Archer Ai Xi?”

“A Goddess!”

Luo Tian had forgotten all about this! If Ai Lun hadn’t reminded him, he really would’ve forgotten the whole matter! He immediately replied excitedly: “I do have time! Definitely have time!”

No matter how busy he was, it wasn’t as important as meeting his Goddess!

When he thought about League of Legends Frost Archer Ashe’s icy cold looks, he couldn’t help thinking of her ample chest and that tight curvaceous butt that any straight male creature would be filled with wild thoughts as well. Luo Tian couldn’t endure anymore and swallowed down a large mouthful of saliva.

“Ai Lun, lead the way. We can go right away.” Luo Tian said impatiently.

Luo Tian replied in joy: “Really? Hero, my idol, are you really willing to go meet my little sister?”

“Of course!”

“Is there anything wrong?” Luo Tian smiled and couldn’t calm his excitement. “Goddess! I’m about to meet the Frost Archer Goddess! Wohoo! I never imagined I would gain such immense benefits after transmigrating. It’s simply too awesome that I can meet a character from a video game in my previous life!”

Ai Lun was a bit excited and immediately led the way. As he was walking, he said: “Idol, my little sister may not be the prettiest but she’s definitely the most gentle. You will definitely feel happiness by marrying her.”

“Sexual happiness? I will definitely feel sexual happiness.” Luo Tian chuckled and said to himself.

“Not only will I feel sexual happiness, this is the song that plays where you can’t even get out of bed!”

“Goddess, here I come!”

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