Undefeatable – Ch557

Chapter 557 – Ai Your Sister’s Xi!


Luo Tian couldn’t wait to meet her.

Frost Archer Ashe was one of the many Goddesses inside Luo Tian’s heart.

Ai Lun was walking along with excitement when he thought of his little sister marrying his idol. As they encountered his fellow brothers on the road, he would say: “Idol is going to meet my little sister right now!”

“Idol is going to marry my little sister!”

“Idol is going to…”

He was beyond excited all the way!

On the road…

Many people looked at Luo Tian with weird gazes before giving him a big thumbs up.

Their smiles were rather strange.

Luo Tian scratched his head and didn’t bother to think too much. All he was thinking about was the Frost Archer Ashe from League of Legends from his previous life. He was thinking about her twin peaks, her little butt, and her icy cold expression. When his thoughts reached the part of pushing her onto a bed, he felt like this was definitely something every straight male would dream of doing.


He didn’t bother with the weird gazes from other people.

Half an hour later.

Ai Lun pointed at a small tent ahead and said with a smile: “Idol, we’ve arrived. This is the tent that my little sister lives in.”

After saying that…

Ai Lun ran over with excitement and yelled: “Ai Xi! Ai Xi! Quickly come out! Look who I’ve brought with me! Quickly come out!”


The loud sounds of feet stomping were heard from inside the tent.



The footsteps got closer and closer, and Luo Tian started shaking along with them. He then said to himself: “Who in the tribal stronghold turned into a dragon?”

“Big brother…”

“Big brother, I’m coming.”

A rough voice similar to some large muscular guy was heard.

Right after that…

Ai Lun turned to his little sister Ai Xi and said: “Quick, I brought idol over here. Let me introduce you to him.”


“Ai Xi?”

Luo Tian suddenly felt like committing suicide.

Ai your sister’s Xi!

Her waist was thicker than a water bucket and her face uglier than the ugliest flower you’ve ever seen. Her butt was indeed very big and was similar to a millstone. Her twin peaks… were drooping down and couldn’t stand straight. Luo Tian felt like he was instantly struck by lightning that turned his insides mushy and the outside burnt!

His image of Goddess Ashe was instantly destroyed!

Luo Tian’s body was trembling, “How did it turn out like this? How? How did it become this tragic? Even if she’s not Goddess-like, her name is still Ai Xi, okay? Can you please not insult the two words Ai Xi?”

His heart was dripping blood.

He was really looking forward to meeting a Goddess for the very first time. He never imagined that he wouldn’t meet Goddess nor meet a girl at all. He actually… looking at Ai Xi’s looks, Luo Tian really didn’t know what words to describe her with.

Ai Xi was stunned. Her gaze landed on Luo Tian while she picked her nose. She dug out a large black blob of something and put it inside her mouth. She sucked her finger once before smiling. Her two front teeth were missing as she yelled with great vigor: “Idol! Idol!”

After saying that…

She charged towards Luo Tian at her fastest speed.




Her footsteps were like thunder and practically shook the world. The sounds coming from a body weighing a few hundred jins were simply horrifying!

Luo Tian became dumbstruck.

A flash of fear appeared in his eyes! This was possibly the greatest fear he has ever experienced in all of history!

His expression drastically changed before he pointed up at the sky and yelled: “Look! It’s a UFO!”

Ai Xi and Ai Lun were startled by this and both looked up at the sky.

“Level 7 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”

“Asura Domain…”

“Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”

“Shadewind Steps, level 9, Phantom!”

Luo Tian released all his powers together. He did everything possible to raise his speed to the maximum! He turned around and ran like crazy! He finally understood the feeling when someone was running away and started to hate their parents for not giving them an extra leg.

If he had any magical abilities, he would definitely make himself disappear from the spot.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

A figure flashed side to side and was gone in an instant.

Ai Xi recovered and muttered: “What’s a UFO? Eh? Where’s my idol? Big brother, have you seen where idol went?”

Ai Lun looked everywhere and didn’t see Luo Tian. “Where did he go? Could it be that he was overly shocked by my little sister’s beauty?”

A few hundred kilometers away near a cliff.

Luo Tian was supporting himself up by holding onto an old pine tree and throwing up like crazy. “My, blurghh~ my, my Ashe. From today onwards, this daddy will refuse to believe there are any connections between this world and Earth. There will be nothing here related to any video games anymore.”


“More like goddamn crazy!”

“Her looks were so horrible that one could hardly look at her with a straight face!”


After saying that, Luo Tian started throwing up again. Practically all the food he had eaten these past few days had been vomited out.

He had an unbearable expression on his face.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~… This daddy will rather fight with ten Profound God experts than look at Ai Xi! My heart is about to shatter!” Luo Tian grumbled as he almost vomited out his stomach acid.

Luo Tian’s countenance sort of recovered after ten minutes.

He didn’t throw up anymore.

But there was an image of a horrifying evil ghost.

Luo Tian tried to raise his spirit and was just about to leave…

When a faint bloody smell wafted over to the cliff area he was at.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed, “Blood Ghost?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian pulled back his aura. His figure instantly leaped onto the top of the old pine tree and hid amongst the thick pine needles. He ceased breathing and stared at a certain location.

The bloody scent was getting closer.

The bloody aura stopped before arriving at the cliff and didn’t reveal itself. It was hiding in a certain area like Luo Tian, not revealing themselves.

Not long after…

Another powerful aura rushed over.

The newcomer was none other than Earth Dragon King!

Earth Dragon King furrowed his brows and said: “Blood Ghost, come out!”

“Ke ke ke…”

A head covered in blood started coming out from the ground before the rest of the body appeared. One couldn’t tell what this person looked like due to all the blood covering it.

“Earth Dragon King,” said Blood Ghost in a ghastly voice.

Earth Dragon King looked at Blood Ghost and asked: “Blood Ghost, what are you in a rush to give me? This place is less than a hundred kilometers from the tribal stronghold. We’ll be done for if someone happens to see us.”

Even though Earth Dragon King was the Chief of his clan and held its military power…

The majority of the Earth Dragon Warriors have sworn to protect the whole Dragon race. If word of him colluding with Tai Long gets around, his position will be instantly shaken.

Blood Ghost continued saying in a ghastly voice: “My Lord wants to know why a new Dragon Emperor has suddenly appeared. Where did the old Dragon Emperor go?”

Earth Dragon King didn’t hide it and replied: “His Highness came back and became the new Dragon Emperor. As for his father, they said that he went into closed door seclusion. I sent people to investigate his seclusion location but haven’t gotten any news yet. That old undying bastard really knows how to hide.”


Blood Ghost’s eyes shook as he revealed a cold smile. “It looks like My Lord has guessed correctly – Dragon Emperor has already passed away. Earth Dragon King, your opportunity is here.”



“Back then, he suppressed me with his powers, so how can he be dead? Now, I’m actually second-guessing if your Lord had really injured him in the fight.” Earth Dragon King was faintly stunned and didn’t really believe him.

Blood Ghost coldly said: “If he hadn’t used his Dragon Emperor’s Might to suppress you, he may not have died so soon. But now, I dare to guarantee that he’s definitely dead.”

“He’s really dead?”

+Earth Dragon King suddenly became excited, “Tomorrow is the succession ceremony! A good show is about to start, heh heh…”

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