Undefeatable – Ch558

Chapter 558 – Sky Dragon’s Bead Appears

Two hours later.

The outer periphery of Dragon Mountain.

Luo Tian was on the branches and leaning against an old pine tree with a fierce gaze. He then said with a cold smile: “Come out, Blood Ghost.”

There wasn’t any sound in the immediate area.

Not even the sound of creatures.

Luo Tian’s figure moved before stomping down. He then smiled in disdain, “Do you really think I haven’t discovered your location?”

Below his foot…

The soil started moving.

Right after that…

A blood-covered head stretched out from the soil. Its eyes were icy cold while they stared at Luo Tian and said: “Who are you? It seems like I don’t recognize you.”

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer before he said: “It’s not important who I am. The only thing you need to know is that I’m someone that has come to kill you.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian instantly displayed the ordinary martial skill he got after killing the Earth Dragon clan’s Lun Sa – Earth Wind Palms!

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s hands started moving, and the dust and stones started flying about. The vigorous palm technique contained a trace of his Azure Dragon’s power. If one didn’t analyze it carefully, they wouldn’t be able to tell and would only think this was a power from the Dragon race.

His palms shook while he coldly scoffed, “Die for me!”

The speed of the strike was extremely fast.

Blood Ghost’s eyes showed a faint surprise but his face still showed disdain as he shouted: “You wish to kill me just based on you alone? Even if you transformed to your dragon form, you still won’t be able to kill…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Luo Tian’s speed suddenly changed and his pair of palms struck Blood Ghost’s chest.


Blood Ghost’s eyes bulged out. He had an unsightly look on his face before saying in shock: “You… how did your speed suddenly increase so much? Who the hell are you? Why are you trying to kill me?”

Luo Tian slowly walked towards him. His hands were surrounded by soil and gravel and could be seen moving about to his will. “Our Chief will control the Dragon race tomorrow so there’s no need to rely on your Lord anymore.”

“Once our Chief becomes the Dragon Emperor, the whole Dragon race will be able to fight against your Lord. At that time, the day of your doom will soon be here. Hahaha…”


“Our Chief needs a few days to stabilize his position. He doesn’t want anyone to spread what’s going on within the Dragon race outside, therefore, you should be clear on the reason why I’m here.”

Luo Tian said this slowly.

He didn’t make his words that clear.

Making things too clear would create a reverse effect of what he wanted. Anyone with a bit of a brain would know who this Chief he was talking about.

Blood Ghost furrowed his brows while his expression turned heavy.

Luo Tian activated his powers and an even more fierce Earth Wind Palms smashed out.

Blood Ghost’s eyes glimmered and his body turned into a blood mist. “You want to kill me? You still lack the ability.”

“You want to run?”

“Eat another one of my palms!”

Luo Tian used a lot of strength and didn’t show any mercy. The palm smashed down as he shouted: “Die for me!”

A lethal strike.

Except, the target location he locked onto wasn’t Blood Ghost’s fatal spot but his shoulder.


The blood mist shook and a whole arm fell down. Fresh blood spurted out and the blood mist became a shade darker. At this moment, the blood mist shrunk and instantly disappeared.

Within the void…

“Earth Dragon King, you better wait for me.”

“Tomorrow will be the anniversary of your death!”

Luo Tian pulled back his powers. He looked in the direction Blood Ghost had disappeared off to and coldly smiled. He then muttered: “There’s definitely going to be a good show tomorrow.”

Right after that…

Luo Tian turned around and quickly flew back to the tribal stronghold.

Tomorrow is the succession ceremony. When the news of the Dragon Emperor passing away is spread, Qin Changtian will definitely fall into a precarious situation. He had to make some preparations beforehand.

After returning to the stronghold…

Luo Tian didn’t look for Qin Changtian and went straight for Frost Dragon King.


In another area.

Earth Dragon King shrank the defensive line around Dragon Mountain and transferred a large portion of his elites back to the stronghold.


“Will be my big day!”

“The Dragon Emperor position will definitely be mine.” Earth Dragon King started smiling evilly. Playing around in his palm were two different looking beads, and one of them had a dragon’s head engraved on it.

Sky Dragon’s Bead!

“Chief, according to your arrangements, Ma Xiu and the others have all rushed back. They are ready anytime and are just awaiting your commands.”


Earth Dragon King smiled excitedly and said: “Relay my orders – have them hide themselves around during tomorrow’s succession ceremony in front of the dragon stone pillar. Watch my eyes before acting. As long as I give the signal, immediately charge out. After this is done, each and every one of you will have your titles raised!”

“I obey!”


Blood Sea City, Blood Sea Main Hall.

“Lord, that damn dog Earth Dragon King is too despicable!”

“Tomorrow’s succession ceremony will become his own succession ceremony. He wants to become the Dragon Emperor and get rid of us? Humph~, I think he’s practically dreaming!”

“He dares to fight against our Dark Army with his current strength?”

“Lord, Earth Dragon King will definitely shrink down his defensive line. This is a golden opportunity for us to annihilate the Dragon race.”

Main hall…

Several Elders were discussing this out loud.

Tai Long had two fingers propping up his head while he frowned. He was thinking through every detail Blood Ghost had mentioned. He didn’t quite believe Earth Dragon King would dare send his subordinate to assassinate one of his people. But he also couldn’t say it was in the realm of impossibility, so he was in thought for a long time and didn’t make any decisions. He then asked: “Are you absolutely sure he’s someone under Earth Dragon King?”

“Absolutely sure.”

“Your subordinate is 100% sure. He used the Earth Wind Palms and he had a dragon aura about him. I dare to guarantee that he’s a person from the Earth Dragon clan,” said Blood Ghost through clenched teeth. “Lord, a despicable person like Earth Dragon King cannot be left alive.”

“Only someone from the Earth Dragon clan can cultivate the Earth Wind Palms, so he’s definitely someone from the Earth Dragon clan.”

“Lord, Earth Dragon King cannot be left alive!”

At this time…

Black Dragon King stood forward and said: “I’ve just received news that the Earth Dragon clan’s defensive line has really shrunken back. We can tell from this that there’s definitely going to be some movements made in tomorrow’s succession ceremony. Lord, the Dragon Emperor is dead and the Dragon race is in chaos. How can we let go of this heaven-sent chance?”

Nether King cupped his hands and said: “What Black Dragon King said is correct. Lord, let me be the one to destroy the Dragon race tomorrow.”

“There’s also me!”

“Me too!”

“After tomorrow, My Lord will rule the entire Sky Palace.”

“Long live the Lord! Long live!”

Tai Long’s mouth formed a cold sneer and no longer dwelled in the matter of Blood Ghost being intercepted and the attempt on his life. He stood up and shouted: “Black Dragon King, Nether King, here are your orders!”

“Your subordinate is here!”

“Tomorrow, you two will attack together from the eastern and western directions. I want the Dragon race annihilated without a single survivor!”

“I obey!”

“Heh heh…”

“What Dragon Emperor, Earth Dragon King, or Frost Dragon King? In front of me, Tai Long, they are all nothing but a fart.” A strange glimmer appeared in Tai Long’s eyes that didn’t belong to the Dragon race or the Angel race.

If Luo Tian was present, he would definitely be shocked by it.


The glimmer in Tai Long’s eyes contained the shocking powers of the Ancient Kings from Pangu’s Cave!

Ancient World.

A place where Tai Long had once stepped foot on. Ever since then, his personality underwent a drastic change and no one knows what had happened to him there.

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