Undefeatable – Ch559

Chapter 559 – Internal Strife

The sky was gradually becoming bright and many people were already busy inside the tribal stronghold.

Today was a big day for the Dragon race.

A big day where a new Dragon Emperor was taking over.

This was the grandest day out of all special days within the Dragon race.

Everyone was clean and neatly dressed with a faint smile on their faces.

“His Highness is stepping up… even though he is a bit too young, the matters he handled these past three days were done intelligently. In the future, he will definitely bring the Dragon race to new heights.”

“That’s right. In the entire history of the Dragon race, who was able to become the Dragon Emperor at such a young age?”

“You guys don’t know but His Highness is the only person in the Dragon race that cultivates the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. Legends say the arcane secrets were capable of killing the strongest expert from the Ancient World. If Tai Long dares to come here, His Highness will definitely beat him into a pathetic state.”

“Let’s start heading to the Dragon Palace. It doesn’t matter what others think but I’m very optimistic about His Highness.”

“Same with me.”

Early morning.

The area of the dragon stone pillar was filled with people.

They were all discussing Qin Changtian.

Everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

These past few days, Qin Changtian had shocked a lot of people with his performance. The way he handled matters didn’t seem to be what an eight-year-old child was capable of.

Those Elders that had deliberately made things difficult for him now had a sense of admiration towards him.

Qin Changtian managed to convince many people in just a short three days. Those Elders who were originally neutral in all of this were now leaning towards him. This was something extremely difficult to accomplish for a child that was only eight years old.


The sun was rising.

An ancient bell was hanging from an ancient-looking tree. The sound of the bell rang out and slowly spread out throughout the stronghold.

The whole dragon stronghold became silent.

A few seconds later…

A door of the tallest structure of the stronghold opened. Qin Changtian walked out one step at a time in a dragon robe. Following behind him were Mei Lin and Frost Dragon King.

There weren’t any signs of Luo Tian.

“He’s coming! He’s coming!”

“His Highness is coming!”

“The ceremony is about to start. After the ceremony is the act of stepping into the main hall. After all of that, he will become our Dragon race’s new Dragon Emperor. I believe the future of our Dragon race will definitely be glorious under his leadership.”

Qin Changtian walked to the front of the dragon stone pillar.

Everyone instantly became quiet.

Around the dragon stone pillar were eight people.

The eight people were the Dragon race’s Elders, who all happen to be the ones in charge of the military.

Earth Dragon King couldn’t help smiling when he looked at Qin Changtian.

Mei Lin cleared his throat before saying majestically: “Worshipping the heavens begins now.”


Qin Changtian was the first to kneel towards the dragon stone pillar. Right after him was the eight Elders, and then the various dragon warriors. Eventually, it came to the common Dragon race citizens.

The ceremony of worshipping the heavens was very simple.

They would kneel down and bow, then silently pray for their God’s blessings towards their Dragon race.

Right after that…

They would enter the main hall.

Mei Lin once more said majestically: “The succession ceremony will now begin…”

Before Mei Lin could finish, Earth Dragon King interrupted: “I don’t agree!”

Earth Dragon King walked forward and said to Mei Lin with a smile: “My apologies for interrupting you but I really couldn’t endure anymore and didn’t want you to waste your breath. I don’t agree with him being the new Dragon Emperor.”

While saying that…

Earth Dragon King pointed at Qin Changtian’s nose. He was standing tall with the height advantage and a disdainful expression. “What qualifications does he have to become the Emperor of the Dragon race? Who is he? Is he truly His Highness? Who can prove that?”

“A wild young child running in from the mortal world and he’s our Highness?”

“I don’t believe it.”

“The Dragon race hasn’t deteriorated to this degree where a random cat or dog can become the Dragon Emperor, right?”

“Humph~!” After saying that, Earth Dragon King coldly harrumphed.

His eyes were full of contempt.

Frost Dragon King’s face turned ferocious as he shouted: “Earth Dragon King, what are you trying to pull?! Can you bear the blame of sabotaging the succession ceremony?!”

The area started clamoring with noise.

“What the Earth Dragon King said feels kind of right. He had left Sky Palace the day he was born. No one has seen him before so who can prove he’s our Highness? The Dragon Emperor isn’t present so who can stand in as proof?”

“He does have a dragon aura coming from his body.”

“But so what if he has a dragon aura? Anyone hanging around the Dragon race all day would also absorb some dragon’s aura. Feeling his dragon’s aura is very normal.”

Sounds of discussion were all over the place.

Qin Changtian had a calm expression on his face and asked Earth Dragon King: “How do you want me to prove myself?”

Earth Dragon King’s mouth formed a sneer.

Before he could reply, Qin Changtian’s eyes turned serious and he shouted: “Dragon transformation!”


A golden beam surged into the sky and a pair of wings spread out. A thick Golden Dragon’s aura rippled out, exactly the same as the previous Dragon Emperor.

Earth Dragon King’s expression faintly changed.

The surrounding people were clamoring once more.

“His Highness! That’s absolutely His Highness! A member of the Golden Dragon clan; who else could it be if it’s not His Highness?”

The expressions of those people trying to sow discord sank.

Qin Changtian transformed back into his human body and said with a smile: “Earth Dragon King, may I please ask if that will prove my identity? Can we continue on with the succession ceremony?”

Mei Lin was about to speak when…

Earth Dragon King interrupted once more and said coldly: “No!”

Frost Dragon King then shouted: “That’s enough, Earth Dragon King!”

Earth Dragon King didn’t even give him a glance and coldly harrumphed: “Even if you are His Highness, you still cannot become the new Dragon Emperor. Your father was the Dragon Emperor but the position of Dragon Emperor in the Dragon race is not hereditary. Just because he says he’s going to pass it to you and it gets passed to you? Based on what?”

“What qualifications do you have?”

“What kind of strength do you have?”

“Since this is the succession ceremony, you should at least let everyone witness your strength, right?”

Earth Dragon King’s tone was very aggressive.

And he had a sinister expression on his face while staring at Qin Changtian.

Frost Dragon King’s eyes glared at Earth Dragon King in anger before shouting: “Based on him being a Golden Dragon! Based on him being the only person of the Dragon race to cultivate the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart! And based on him in possession of the Dragon Emperor’s Token! Earth Dragon King, are all those things enough for you?!”




Earth Dragon King laughed out loud into the air before suddenly releasing his Earth Dragon’s aura. A vigorous power flowed throughout his body while he shouted: “There are many pieces of trash with a Golden Dragon’s body! And the Dragon Emperor’s Token was given to him by his father, yet where is his father right now?”

“Do none of you know?”

“The Dragon Emperor, as in his father, is already dead!”

His voice was loud enough where the entire stronghold heard it.

Everyone’s expression instantly changed.

Frost Dragon King became enraged as he shouted: “Earth Dragon King, what kind of nonsense are you saying? The Dragon Emperor is in seclusion and hasn’t died. Everyone, don’t believe in his words!”


Earth Dragon King made a move and instantly grabbed Qin Changtian’s throat. He slightly used some strength before shouting: “A Golden Dragon is connected by their bloodline! If one’s son is suffering pain, the father will also have the same feeling! Dragon Emperor, if you don’t make your appearance quickly, your son will die right now!”

“Stay your hand!”

“Earth Dragon King, what are you doing?!”

“You’ve lost your mind!”

“Cough~, cough~…”

Qin Changtian’s cultivation was too low, so there was no way he could retaliate when he was in Earth Dragon King’s grasp.

His face became pale and his breathing quickened. He couldn’t undergo his dragon transformation even if he wanted to.

When he felt like he was nearing death…

Earth Dragon King let go of his hand and smiled coldly. “Everyone has seen it. If our old Dragon Emperor was still alive, it’s impossible for him to not appear when his son was about to die. It’s very clear that the Dragon Emperor is already dead. This was all just a scheme so that his son can successfully take over the Dragon race.”

“I will tell you all another piece of bad news.”

“This little kid wasn’t able to comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. What is he going to use to resist the Dark Army with? What is he going to use to kill Tai Long with?”

As his voice faded, the surrounding area instantly became dead silent. Everyone was staring at the pale Qin Changtian without blinking.

Earth Dragon King had an extremely smug smile on his face!

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