Undefeatable – Ch560

Chapter 560 – Luo Tian Makes His Appearance

Earth Dragon King had a smug look on his face.

An extremely smug look.

Everything was in the control of his palms.

Not only did Blood Ghost tell him the Dragon Emperor was already dead, but he also told him that Qin Changtian wasn’t able to comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. In other words, Qin Changtian was nothing but trash and didn’t have any capabilities.

Why would he be afraid of a piece of trash?

The Dragon Emperor was already dead.

Who can block him in the entire Dragon race?

No one!

Not a single person! Everything was impeccably calculated because he had laid dormant for over a decade, all for this. Right now, he was feeling extremely exhilarated and happy.

The crowd was clamoring.

Every one of them knew Qin Changtian cultivated the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart.

This was a form of hope for them.

Now that they heard he wasn’t able to comprehend the arcane secrets for the Sky Dragon’s Heart, everyone felt like lightning had struck them on a clear day! They instantly stared with wide eyes and mouths agape. Their eyes had turned dull while they stared at Qin Changtian with disappointment.

“He couldn’t comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart.”

“The Dragon Emperor has died.”

“He’s just a mere Golden Dragon that hasn’t comprehended the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. There’s no way he can resist the huge army of Tai Long. Even if he has the Dragon Emperor’s Token, he isn’t qualified to become the new Dragon Emperor. I also don’t agree!”

“A Dragon Emperor should be the strongest expert of the Dragon race. Since he couldn’t comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart, he isn’t qualified to become the new Dragon Emperor. I also don’t agree.”


Three Elders stood forward.

Another two Elders were frowning for a few seconds before stepping forward as well. “Since that’s the case, we don’t agree either.”

Out of eight Elders, five of them didn’t agree.

There was no need for this succession ceremony to continue anymore.

There were two Elders who were loyal followers of the old Dragon Emperor. They furrowed their brows and put up their guard.

At this time…

One of the Elders spoke out: “The Dragon Emperor is naturally the Dragon race’s strongest expert. Without comprehending the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart, his strength is lower than a ten-year-old child so he’s not qualified to become the new Dragon Emperor. Now that the Dark Army is hanging over our heads and we’re in the middle of a succession ceremony, this is the perfect time to elect a new Dragon Emperor.”

“I recommend Earth Dragon King!”

“I also recommend Earth Dragon King.”

“Same with me.”

Three Elders who have always sided with Earth Dragon King stood forward.

The other two Elders gave Earth Dragon King a glance and furrowed their brows. “We also recommend Earth Dragon King.”

It was very clear…

The general trend for Qin Changtian was gone, so supporting him was tantamount to courting their own death. Not only was Earth Dragon King’s personal strength strong, but the whole Earth Dragon clan’s strength was also the strongest out of all the other clans. They could only stand on his side in order to keep living.

“I also recommend Earth Dragon King.”

“Same with me.”

“He is our Dragon race’s strongest expert so he should become the new Dragon Emperor. Not like some fraudster who only knows to cheat and play with our emotions. You should’ve told us early on that you haven’t comprehended the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart instead of shattering our hopes.”

“I recommend that he be expelled because the Dragon race doesn’t need a person like that here.”

The crowd started getting loud. Many of them started staring at Qin Changtian with hatred like he had deliberately lied to them.

Their hopes were shattered.

This kind of feeling was really hard to stomach.

But from start to finish, Qin Changtian never told people he had comprehended the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart.

Earth Dragon King started laughing in the air before cupping his hands, “Thank you, thank you for all the Elders’ support. Once I become the Dragon Emperor, I will bring the Dragon race to newer heights. As for the wishes of the people, I will definitely do my best since I’m a fair person. Little guy, what do you think about that?”

Earth Dragon King looked at Qin Changtian and smiled smugly.

Qin Changtian didn’t say anything.

Frost Dragon King’s face was filled with hatred as he said: “Earth Dragon King, you will pay the price for this.”

Earth Dragon King’s face turned cold as he stared at Frost Dragon King. He coldly harrumphed: “Pay the price? What price? If we let this little brat that likes to cheat people become the Dragon Emperor, our whole Dragon race will be paying the price. Frost Dragon King, could it be that you wish to see our Dragon race walk the path to its own destruction?”

“It looks like you really want that.”

“Life seems to be treating you too well. You’ve lost almost half of your Frost Dragon Warriors and it hasn’t put a dent in the Dark Army. If I was the Dragon Emperor, I would’ve punished you heavily already. You are not qualified to rule over the Frost Dragon clan, humph~!”

Many people were unhappy with the Frost Dragon clan’s defeat.

Especially the common people.

There was a wide gap in their military number yet they still lost so miserably. This was practically a big insult to the Dragon race. If they hadn’t lost so tragically, they wouldn’t have had to hide in the mountains. They couldn’t eat enough, their clothes weren’t warm enough, and they lead inhuman lives each day.

This was all bestowed by the defeated Frost Dragon King!

When Earth Dragon King spoke about that, it immediately aroused the unhappiness in everyone’s heart.

Several people deliberately arranged at strategic locations loudly spoke up: “Frost Dragon King is unfit to rule the Frost Dragon clan! He is basically trash! He has lost all the face of our Dragon race! What qualifications does he have to still remain here? Expel him!”

“Expel him!”

“Expel him!”

After that, a large group of people echoed this sentiment.

Their voices shook the sky!

Frost Dragon King’s face turned fierce, and just when he was about to speak…

Qin Changtian stepped forward and said: “Earth Dragon King, you just want to become the new Dragon Emperor, right? Why do you need to stir up so much trouble? You should be clear on why Frost Dragon King lost, right? Do you think talking about it thoroughly would be in the best interest of everyone?”

“Don’t try to act clever when you’ve sold your story to the mass. If we really revealed the things you’ve done, I don’t think it would be as simple as expelling you.”

Neither humble nor overbearing.

His steady tone made him sound like an adult.


Qin Changtian showed no fear and never tried to defend himself from beginning to end. He only stood forward when Earth Dragon King aimed his cannon at Frost Dragon King.

Earth Dragon King narrowed his eyes and said to himself: “Does this kid know something? Or is he just like his sinister old bastard father, waiting like a fox for the best moment to screw with me?”


Earth Dragon King didn’t dare to speak too much and waved his hand. “Everyone, please be quiet. These matters are all in the past. And since they’re in the past, I will no longer look into them. This Dragon King has always been a magnanimous person.”

“Look how kind Earth Dragon King is.”

“Only someone with this kind of benevolence is qualified to become the new Dragon Emperor.”

“Long live Earth Dragon King!”

“Long live Earth Dragon King!”

For a brief moment…

The people that Earth Dragon King mobilized and arranged around the area started shouting and raising the emotions of the people.

Earth Dragon King had a smug look as he glared coldly at Qin Changtian. Killing intent was roused inside him as he thought: “Little damn bastard, once the succession ceremony is over and I become the Dragon Emperor, that’s the time when you all shall die. This daddy will not let a single one of you off.”

“There’s no way I will tolerate your existence!”

Immediately after…

Earth Dragon King turned to Mei Lin and said: “Mei Lin, you can continue now.”

Mei Lin first gave Qin Changtian a glance.

Qin Changtian had a complicated look on his face as he shouted internally: “Big brother Luo Tian, how come you’re still not here?! Quickly come!”

Frost Dragon King was extremely anxious inside.

Qin Changtian couldn’t drag it along anymore and could only nod towards Mei Lin.

Mei Lin had a bitter look as he helplessly said: “The new Dragon Emperor will be the Earth Dragon King. Is there anyone that objects to it?”

“I object!”

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