Undefeatable – Ch561

Chapter 561 – Tear Through The Facade, Start The Fight!

“I object!”

As the voice faded, the crowd broke out into a clamor once more.

The main path.

In front of the main entrance to the tribal stronghold was a person covered in blood.

Luo Tian!

The crowd split apart and stared at Luo Tian with uncertainty.

Qin Changtian clenched his fists, “He’s finally here.”

Frost Dragon King’s gaze clearly became more relaxed.

At this time…

Those two glanced at each other and revealed a faint smile.

Earth Dragon King started laughing loudly, “You object? As a lowly creature of the human race, what qualifications do you have to object to it? Those not of the Dragon race are not qualified to object. Kid, this daddy will take care of you in just a bit.”


Earth Dragon King coldly harrumphed before looking at Mei Lin. “A human objecting to this matter is invalid. You can continue.”

Mei Lin didn’t say anything and didn’t continue with the ceremony.

Earth Dragon King had a displeased look on his face. His eyes widened as he angrily yelled: “Damn old thing, didn’t you just hear what this daddy said?!”

Mei Lin then replied: “Didn’t you hear someone oppose it?”

Earth Dragon King’s eyes widened as he shouted: “Are you deaf or are you blind?! Didn’t you understand my words? He is a human and isn’t qualified to interfere with the matters of the Dragon race, nor qualified to object to it! Quickly announce that I’m the new Dragon Emperor!”

Mei Lin still didn’t move.

Earth Dragon King had truly turned enraged as the earthen yellow aura around him instantly turned violent. He glared at Mei Lin with anger and shouted: “Damn old thing, looks like you’re tired of living!”

At this time…

Qin Changtian walked forward and said: “Since only someone from the Dragon race is qualified to oppose, then I am objecting to it.”

“Me as well.”

Frost Dragon King followed along and took a step forward.

Another Elder followed them by stepping forward. The two of them were now standing behind Qin Changtian’s figure.

Earth Dragon King started laughing out loud in a cold manner. His laughter was full of arrogance and contempt while he pointed at the three of them, “We’ll consider you Elders but the three of you opposing it is useless. Don’t forget there are five Elders standing with me. If you add me in as well, I have a total of six votes while you guys only have three votes. Your objection is invalid so I have won. I am the new Dragon Emperor, the real and rightful Dragon Emperor!”

The more he spoke, the more excited he became.

Earth Dragon King’s expression even turned ferocious looking.

At this time…

Luo Tian walked in front of the dragon stone pillar and coldly smiled at Earth Dragon King. “You’ve won? What did you win? You’re nothing but the scum of the Dragon race. In order to weaken Frost Dragon King’s strength, you actually colluded with Tai Long. If it weren’t for you betraying the Dragon race, there’s no way Frost Dragon King would have suffered such a miserable defeat.”

Qin Changtian stepped forward and shouted: “Earth Dragon King, did you really think no one knows of your dirty deeds?! My father already knew about it! You are the sinner of our Dragon race! You can quit dreaming of becoming the Dragon Emperor! Anyone here is more qualified to become the Dragon Emperor other than you!”

The crowd broke out into a clamor.

“Colluding with Tai Long?”

“Did Earth Dragon King really collude with Tai Long?”

“Looks like it wasn’t Frost Dragon King that was inferior to his opponent but he was betrayed. Earth Dragon King, you are really too cruel. You betrayed the Dragon race just for your own benefits. If it wasn’t for you, how could the Dragon race end up like this?”

“That’s impossible, right? Why would he do something like this?”

“In order to gain the Dragon Emperor’s position, I’m thinking the matter of the Dragon Emperor being ambushed by Tai Long must be connected to him.”

For a brief moment…

The crowd broke out into discussions. Those people arranged to be scattered amidst them by Earth Dragon King were dumbstruck as they didn’t know what to say.

Earth Dragon King’s expression drastically changed. He started smiling coldly and said: “I have no clue what you’re talking about. He is just a human. I can’t believe you guys will believe the words spoken by those despicable and sinister humans. Have you all forgotten how the humans have treated our Dragon race? If it weren’t for the humans, why would we have to hide in here? We are the overlords of the Tianxuan Continent! We are the ones that gave humans their current achievements yet they became rabid dogs and tried to kill us! Now you all actually believe the words of a human? I’m starting to feel really sad for everyone.”

He was very intelligent.

He instantly changed the topic and made Luo Tian the enemy of the masses.

Many of them furrowed their brows and coldly stared at Luo Tian.

Earth Dragon King’s words had worked.

“You’re right; we cannot believe those despicable and sinister humans.”

“Humans cannot be trusted.”

“Our ancestors activated the bloodlines within the humans yet they in turn started killing us like crazy. Humans are the most hated enemies of our Dragon race!”

Qin Changtian didn’t expect it would turn out like this.

His eyes tightened as he didn’t know what to do.

It was the same with Frost Dragon King.

The hatred the Dragon race had towards the humans were extremely strong. It was as if it came from the depths of their bones! Now that they were pushed to the brink of destruction by the Dark Army, the masses would push all responsibility onto the humans! There was no way they would choose to believe Luo Tian.


Qin Changtian and Frost Dragon King might be implicated by Luo Tian.

Only those two would dare to speak out for Luo Tian, and they will eventually become the target of the attacks after him!


Qin Changtian still stepped forward without hesitation. He used the power within the Dragon Emperor’s Token and said loudly: “Big brother Luo Tian is different from the other humans. He has once saved me and killed those from the Blood Ghost Assassin Group. He personally saw Earth Dragon King and Blood Ghost meet up at the cliffs of the volcano. Everything he knows was spilled by Blood Ghost!”

“We will never believe in a human.”

“Your Highness, are you going to associate yourself with those evil humans?”

“Don’t forget about your status – you are of the Golden Dragon clan. By standing on his side… have you forgotten how your ancestors died?”


In an instant…

Qin Changtian became the target of criticism and many people started scolding him.

Earth Dragon King started showing his smug smile again. His eyes turned gloomy as they glared at Luo Tian in disdain. “Kid, you want to fight with me based on you alone? You are still too tender, hahaha…”

He started laughing out loud in a smug manner.

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer before saying: “Earth Dragon King, it’s too early for you to be happy. The Blood Ghost that you were talking to yesterday was seriously injured by me and has already returned to his base.”

“What Blood Ghost? I don’t know any Blood Ghosts.” Earth Dragon King was chuckling in contempt.

Luo Tian coldly scoffed and continued: “I forgot to tell you that I deliberately let him leave. I told him that I was someone from the Earth Dragon clan and it was you that had me try to assassinate him. I told him you wanted to become the new Dragon Emperor so that you could go against Tai Long.”

“Guess what Tai Long would do if he heard this?”


At this time…

Earth Dragon King had an extremely ugly look on his face and no longer had that smug expression. He wasn’t afraid of anyone inside the Dragon race. The only person he was afraid of in the entire Sky Palace was Tai Long. His eyes stared at Luo Tian with so much rage that he lost all rationality. He then roared out: “You damn dog thing, I’m going to kill you!”

Luo Tian retreated a few steps back and quickly gave Qin Changtian a glance.

Qin Changtian understood the signal.

Right after that, Luo Tian laughed before saying: “Everyone look! Earth Dragon King is mad now! You all should believe my words now, right? He’s the scum of the Dragon race that has been colluding with Tai Long all along!”

Earth Dragon King’s face turned fierce and said ferociously: “So what if I colluded with him? History has always been written by the strong. Today, I will change everything! Earth Dragon clan elites, all come out for me!”


A cloud-piercing arrow shot straight into the sky!

The battle was about to start!

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