Undefeatable – Ch562

Chapter 562 – Executing A Dragon

There’s a saying where a single cloud-piercing arrow can call upon tens of thousands of troops.

After shooting out a cloud-piercing arrow, Earth Dragon King’s face revealed a smug look. “So what if I colluded? So what if I didn’t collude? I will still say the same thing – history is written by the strong. I will rewrite everything that has happened today and become the Dragon race’s hero.”


He was laughing like mad.

Earth Dragon King’s gaze then turned serious before saying: “Everyone – the stronghold is filled with my people. If you don’t wish to die, you should be clear on what you need to do. After today, everything will return to its calm. I will lead everyone to live a prosperous life and lead the Dragon race back to its peak once more.”

“Only if you believe in me can you remain alive!”

This was unbridled intimidation without a care!

All the elites of the Earth Dragon clan were stationed throughout the area. Once they see the cloud-piercing arrow, they would kill their way over. At that time, it wouldn’t matter if everyone here objected to him being the new Dragon Emperor. Using martial strength as suppression was the most useful tool out of everything!

Everyone had solemn expressions on their faces.

People were looking at each other and didn’t know what choice to make.

Maybe not making a choice was the best choice?

To Earth Dragon King, the silence from the people proved one point – they were afraid of him.

They clearly knew he had colluded with Tai Long yet didn’t dare to say anything. Earth Dragon King immediately became extra smug and said: “You all still have time to choose. But when my troops kill their way over, you guys will no longer have a chance to choose.”

Those three Elders who had originally stood with Earth Dragon King immediately said in chorus: “We support you.”

The two Elders who remained neutral were in thought with their brows furrowed. They eventually stood behind Earth Dragon King but didn’t say a word. Their actions had already proven their stance.

There were many people voicing their opinions in the crowd.


A majority of them chose to remain silent.

This sort of comforted Qin Changtian.

At this time…

Luo Tian saw that it was about time, so he stepped forward and said with a smile: “Earth Dragon King, I heard the support speed of the Earth Dragon clan warriors were the fastest out of the whole Dragon race. That cloud-piercing arrow you shot out – according to their cultivation realms, they should have rushed over here in just a few seconds. Now that a minute has already passed, don’t you think their speed is a bit too slow?”

Earth Dragon King’s eyes turned solemn.

Before he could speak, Luo Tian started smiling coldly and said: “A single cloud-piercing arrow yet not even a dog’s fart came.”


“I’m very sorry but I forgot to tell you something.”

“Those elite warriors of your Earth Dragon clan won’t be coming.”

“Not a single one will come!”

Earth Dragon King’s expression instantly changed as he raised his voice in anger: “Kid, what are you talking about? You better speak clearly.”

At this time…


By the stronghold entrance, Kai Lun was covered in blood. He ran quickly towards the dragon stone pillar and said: “Reporting to Your Highness! The Earth Dragon elites at the east gate are all under control. None of them will show up here.”

While saying this…

Kai Lun looked towards Luo Tian with eyes filled with admiration.

Admiration from the depths of one’s heart!


“Earth Dragon clan elites at the south gate are under control!”


“Earth Dragon clan elites at the north gate are completely under control!”

The last ones arriving were a male and a female.

They were Ai Lun and Ai Xi.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Ai Lun stepped forward and said: “Reporting to Your Highness – the elite Earth Dragon Warriors tried to rebel at the west gate. They have all been suppressed and are under our control.”

The figure of Ai Xi beside him was extremely burly, and the aura around her was much more violent than any of the Frost Dragon Warriors. The most terrifying thing was that she was striking various charming poses towards Luo Tian. She even blew a kiss at him…”

Luo Tian’s face turned pale and his stomach started churning.

It felt very similar to motion sickness.

And his eyes almost became blind.

He really couldn’t handle Ai Xi. It wasn’t solely because she was ugly, but Luo Tian just couldn’t accept this kind of reality. The Goddess of his dreams, Frost Archer Ashe, had suddenly turned into a woman with waists as thick as a water barrel and had a butt as large as a millstone. And from time to time, she would pick something out of her nose and shove it inside her mouth. He really couldn’t endure it since it was simply too horrifying to look at!

Because of that…

Luo Tian had thoughts of killing himself.

This was such a tragedy that he felt like his heart had shattered into fragments.

His mind was in chaos for a full day because Ai Xi’s large burly frame kept appearing in his thoughts.

Qin Changtian smiled and replied: “Good, you guys have done a great job.”

This was all arranged by Luo Tian.


This wasn’t the time to snatch the merit from Qin Changtian. He had to become the Dragon race’s new Dragon Emperor so everyone must be convinced he was capable. If he could solve the internal crisis of the Dragon race, his status will definitely be greatly improved.

Luo Tian had deliberately arranged for Kai Lun and the others to report to Qin Changtian.

Qin Changtian then said: “Earth Dragon King, what else do you have to say? What crimes do you think you’re guilty of after colluding with Tai Long and harming your own race?”

Also around this time…

The five Elders behind Earth Dragon King quickly moved away.

“Your Highness, he used his powers to force me.”

“He is the biggest scum of our Dragon race. With your command, I will be the first to send my forces against him.”

“He deserves death for his crimes. A degenerate scum like him definitely needs to die.”

They were all old wily foxes that had lived for thousands of years. The turning of their faces was faster than turning the pages of a book. Their faces didn’t turn red and their breath didn’t quicken, just like nothing unusual was going on. They were acting as if everything was very natural.

The trend had been lost.

Earth Dragon King started laughing like mad. “Hahaha… hahaha… you wish to condemn me for my crimes? Just based on you guys? Who in the entire Dragon race is an opponent of mine? I really feel sad for a bunch of old bastards like you guys.”

“Even if the Earth Dragon clan elites aren’t present, I will become the Dragon race’s new Dragon Emperor today no matter what!”

“You all shall die!”


As his voice was heard, the powerful aura of Earth Dragon King exploded outwards. Suspended in midair was the sight of yellow sand flowing about. It contained an extremely powerful energy belonging to someone of the Dragon race.

Frost Dragon King’s expression turned serious as he instantly transformed into a Frost Dragon.

“Thousand Ice Assault!”

Droplets of ice fell from his figure before turning into a thousand sharp arrows that shot towards Earth Dragon King.

The cold air was extremely oppressive.

The aura of a Frost Dragon was injected into every single droplet.

This was Frost Dragon King’s strongest ability that had reached a terrifying degree of damage.

But Earth Dragon King only chuckled coldly and said with disdain: “You wish to fight me with just this mere strength? Frost Dragon King, you weren’t my opponent even if I didn’t make a breakthrough. Oh right, I forgot to tell you that I made a breakthrough because Tai Long gave me a high-grade dragon crystal. It’s the dragon crystal from your father, hahaha…”

“Your father’s tomb was dug up, hahaha…”

Once the crazy laughter faded…

Earth Dragon King’s hands formed claws as he clawed towards the void. Yellow sand was forming in front of his palms as he yelled with ferocity: “Go die for me!”



His figure transformed as he penetrated through the gaps of the ice droplet arrows. He instantly arrived in front of Frost Dragon King before the yellow sand charged upwards like a hammer.



Two loud sounds were heard. Frost Dragon King’s chest had turned into a bloody mess as he was sent flying.



“Frost Dragon King, you couldn’t even withstand a single blow!”

“No one can stop me!” Earth Dragon King roared out with arrogance.

At this moment…

Luo Tian started walking forward one step at a time.

Qin Changtian immediately shouted: “Everyone leave! Quickly leave the area!”

Earth Dragon King stared at Luo Tian coldly while killing intent surged out of him. “Kid, if it weren’t for you today, I would’ve become the Dragon Emperor already. Just based on a piece of trash like you and you wish to stop me? You poor pathetic human, just go and die for me.”

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer. His right palm slapped down to the ground as he shouted: “Ancient Dragon Execution Array, activate for me!”

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