Undefeatable – Ch563

Chapter 563 – Luo Tian Waiting For His Death

Last night, Luo Tian had already prepared everything.

The gathering of the Earth Dragon clan’s elites.

He had calculated all the possibilities.

If Earth Dragon King wanted to make a move during the succession ceremony, he had to bring the elites of his Earth Dragon clan with him. Moreover, it was still a bit difficult if Luo Tian wanted to deal with Earth Dragon King with his current cultivation level. Earth Dragon King’s cultivation was already very powerful, and it would get even more powerful after his dragon transformation.

Luo Tian’s cultivation level was only at the Profound Venerate 4th rank and fell short by a large margin.


He had to find a way to kill off Earth Dragon King first. Then, he would help Qin Changtian solve the internal strife inside the Dragon race. Finally, they would all fight against Tai Long as a united group.

That’s when he thought of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array.

His current Engraving Array skill had already reached level 8, and setting up the Ancient Dragon Execution Array would allow it to display tremendous powers. Besides, this array was created by the ancestors of the Gnome race to particularly deal with the Dragon race, so the damage towards dragons will increase by several times.

Luo Tian smiled in a ferocious manner before his palm condensed with vigorous powers slapped onto the ground’s surface. The ground instantly revealed a dense amount of rune words he had inscribed beforehand. With him as the center, the runes started lighting up outwards forming a circle around him.

Apart from Luo Tian, only Earth Dragon King was still standing inside the circle.

“Ancient Dragon Execution Array, activate for me!”



A large amount of immortal force converged together into a single point to create a starlight-like force. The starlight powers opened a stone door up in the air. Ancient powers then started gushing out of the door like a tsunami.

The whole dragon tribal stronghold was in shock.

“The Gnome race’s Ancient Dragon Execution Array?! Oh heavens! How come he knows how to engrave such an array?! What kind of relationship does he have with the Gnome race?!”

“Back then, the Gnome race used this array to slaughter over a dozen of our experts. Even if this kid isn’t part of the Gnome race, he definitely has an extraordinary relationship with them. We can’t let him leave this place alive.”

“Apart from the humans, the Gnome race is our Dragon race’s greatest enemy.”

Once the Ancient Dragon Execution Array was revealed, everyone in the Dragon race was dumbstruck.

Even Qin Changtian and Frost Dragon King’s expression hiddenly changed. They didn’t know what to say to Luo Tian right now.

This array…

Was an extremely deadly taboo for the Dragon race!

Once the stone door opened, ancient powers poured out and crushed downwards.

Earth Dragon King’s expression faintly changed while he looked up and stared at the ancient-looking doors. He then coldly sneered: “I never imagined that you could comprehend the esoterics of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. You wish to use this array to kill me?”

“You are truly quite extraordinary and I can’t help but admire you somewhat.”

“Luo Tian, if you weren’t here, I would have already become the new Dragon Emperor. I never expected that you were so intelligent to calculate my moves. I will give you a chance – a chance to keep your life.”

“As long as you surrender to me and help me kill all these reckless things that have a death wish, I will spare your life.”

Earth Dragon King’s expression was rather calm.

From the looks of things, Luo Tian couldn’t see any signs of fear in Earth Dragon King’s eyes. He couldn’t help ask internally: “Could it be that he’s not afraid of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array? Or does he have a way out?”

Luo Tian smiled coldly in response and said: “Earth Dragon King, there’s no need to think too much because you will die today no matter what.”

“It looks like you’re not cherishing the chance I’m giving you.”

“Whatever, then all I can do is destroy you as well.”

Earth Dragon King transformed into a dragon and one could tell his huge body was filled with explosive power. He looked up at the ancient door once more and started smiling coldly.

At this time…

Luo Tian furrowed his brows and used his senses to control the array. He then shouted: “Smash for me!”



The power from the ancient stone door surged out at the speed of light and suppressed everything under it.

An array that had immortal force added to it was beyond the definition of powerful! Back then, only a little bit of ancient powers flowed out like lightning. Now, the ancient powers had turned into beams of light similar to a cannon on steroids.

Earth Dragon King still showed no fear and smiled in a smug manner. “Let me tell you something… Back then, the Gnome race used this array to kill a lot of elites from my Dragon race but not a single one from the Earth Dragon clan was injured. This is the secret of my Earth Dragon Clan. Today, I might as well tell you that the array is truly powerful and the damage towards the Dragon race increases multiple times. But its weakness lies under the ground… hahaha!”

Luo Tian’s eyes shook in surprise!

A sense of foreboding appeared in his heart.

The Earth Dragon clan possessed an unsurpassed ability when it came to controlling the earth. Luo Tian had done all his calculations yet somehow missed this important point.

Seeing Luo Tian’s shocked expression, Earth Dragon King turned even smugger. He then said: “Your trick was seen through by me, huh? Hahaha… As long as I hide inside the earth and wait for the array’s strength to deplete, the date of your death will be here! Hahaha…”



Earth Dragon King was acting wildly arrogant!

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed. He watched the ancient powers cascade down and said through clenched teeth: “You want to enter the earth? Let’s see if you have the strength!”

“Level 7 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants…”


His body turned crimson red and his muscles swelled about. The aura coming from his body had turned extremely hot. Luo Tian released all his powers at once and his figure only left an afterimage as he charged towards Earth Dragon King.

The time it takes for a spark to fall off a flint…

Everything happened too quickly.

Luo Tian’s speed was very fast; Earth Dragon King’s speed was very fast, and the speed of the ancient powers coming down was very fast as well.


Seeing Luo Tian charge over, Earth Dragon King’s wings immediately flapped. Dust and stones blasted out and the array instantly turned dusty where one couldn’t see clearly anymore.


The worst thing of all was all the dust was filled with Earth Dragon King’s aura, so Luo Tian wasn’t able to accurately pinpoint his position.

Luo Tian became anxious.

Just when he was about to give up, a dragon claw fiercely struck out amidst the dust.

The dragon claw swiped…

And ruthlessly tore out a large piece of flesh from Luo Tian’s chest. His body that was enhanced with defensive powers was easily shattered! Earth Dragon King’s attack was too strong!

Extreme pain assaulted Luo Tian.

At this time…

It was too late.

His right palm slammed down, “Underground Array!”


His figure dove into the earth.


“Boom~, boom~!”

With destructive powers comparable to an apocalypse, the ancient powers bombarded everything within the array.

Under the ground…

Luo Tian could suddenly feel a powerful energy charging directly for him.

“Luo Tian!”

“While we are underground, I am the King! I am an invincible existence! If you didn’t dive into the ground, you would have died by the ancient powers. Now that you’ve come underground… hahaha! It’s perfect for this daddy to play you to death!” Earth Dragon King’s vigorous voice was transmitted over.

Luo Tian couldn’t move at all when he was underground.

He was merely using a simple array to go under the soil. His whole body was immersed in the earth and couldn’t move. He was basically waiting for death!

He was feeling greatly dismayed.

“Titan’s Defensive Form!”



“Warning: The Titan’s defensive system cannot be used!”

“Level 7 Berserk!”

“Warning: Berserk cannot be used!”

He kept trying to use his skills but nothing would come out. The soil happened to be the most detrimental place for Luo Tian to be!

What should he do?!

Wait for his death?

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