Undefeatable – Ch564

Chapter 564 – Eggy

Waiting for death?!

This was currently Luo Tian’s only choice.

He would be smashed to death by the Ancient Dragon Execution Array if he went up to the surface.

Under the ground?

Earth Dragon King was about to kill his way over. He was like a fish in the water, capable of going wherever he pleased without any restraints.

Luo Tian’s brows were locked into a frown.

The system gave him a series of warnings.

There was a red flash of light.

Luo Tian never knew such a thing would happen since he had never encountered such an incident. He had no idea that while underground, he wasn’t able to activate any of his abilities. He couldn’t use any internal energy and was somehow completely restricted. It was as if this was his kryptonite!

“What should I do?!” Luo Tian asked himself.

There were thunderous explosions like crazy going on above his head. If he went up there, he would definitely be instantly killed.

The powers inside the ancient array will only end after a short period of time.

But this little bit of time was too long for Luo Tian. One second was similar to ten thousand years, so there’s no way he can wait that long.

“There’s nothing I can do?”

“Wait for my death?”

Luo Tian clenched his fists and couldn’t explode forth with any power. He couldn’t circulate his profound energy or his immortal force. He was completely restricted! This feeling was similar to being tied up by someone to the point that he couldn’t move at all.

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling!

Take it head-on!

Luo Tian clenched his teeth as he realized the only way left was to take it head-on. Take the full brunt of it and when the ancient powers stopped bombarding the area, he could then charge out back onto the surface.


So what if he manages to charge back out onto the surface?

The Ancient Dragon Execution Array couldn’t kill the guy and his own attacks would be fruitless as well. Even if the Heavenly Flame can do close to a million points in damage, Earth Dragon King’s health bar reached ten million. One million damage was equivalent to only taking off ten percent of his life and wasn’t of much use.


Earth Dragon King wasn’t Yang Jin or Lu Zhen; he wouldn’t give Luo Tian a chance even if he suffered a series of attacks. There’s no way he would make such a low-level mistake when his cultivation realm was so high.

No matter which way he approached the problem, Luo Tian will undoubtedly die in the end!

There was no solution!


“Kid, just accept your death.”

“I am the king when it comes to being underground.”

“Even in your dreams, you never thought it would turn out like this, right? Hahaha… My Earth Dragon clan is the counter to the Gnome race’s Ancient Dragon Execution Array. Who would’ve thought that you would use such an array to deal with me? Did you think I am the same as the other dragon clans? Hahaha…”


Loud and overbearing laughter!

Extremely arrogant!

Earth Dragon King was arrogant to the extreme while his smug expression looked down on everything. Seeing how Luo Tian was unable to move underground, he couldn’t help but loudly laugh in excitement. “Once I take care of you, I will slaughter that little bastard Qin Changtian. After that, I will take care of the seven Elders and make them all kneel before me. Then, I’m going to kill them one at a time! They are nothing but a bunch of old bastards! It’s all because of their stubborn and out-dated thinking that has made the Dragon race decline to such extent.”



Earth Dragon King went off into another bout of crazy laughter.

Moreover, he knew Luo Tian couldn’t move so he only walked towards Luo Tian one step at a time. A dragon claw that contained a vigorous power of earth was extended out in front of him.



“A lowly ant like you dares to ruin my affairs? Today, I shall sacrifice your life to the heavens.” Earth Dragon King’s brows furrowed, and the earthen power on his dragon claws immediately billowed out like crazy. A power capable of splitting a mountain apart then shot straight for Luo Tian!

The power was too strong!

Luo Tian was like a living target that couldn’t move at all.

“What should I do?!”

Luo Tian clenched his fists and his jaws cracked from biting down. He then roared out: “Come! Come kill this daddy! If you can’t kill me today, this daddy will definitely f*ck you up afterward!”

Without a trace of fear.

Luo Tian was abnormally calm at this time because he understood the only thing he could do right now was to take it head-on. He had to live first before he can figure out a way to kill Earth Dragon King. There is hope only if one can continue living.

Keep living!

He had to stay alive!

Luo Tian clenched his teeth to take the brunt of the attack head-on.

At this time…

The dragon egg started jumping about.

A child-like voice was heard inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

“Boss, you have to stay alive! As long as you can get back onto the surface, I have a way to kill him!”

“No matter what, you have to survive this!”

The voice was very rushed and sounded like a child using all its power to speak. It was like the child couldn’t handle the power and its voice was shaking like it was sickly.

Luo Tian’s mind turned heavy, “Eggy?”


“Boss, it’s me… except can you not use the name Eggy? I’m a dragon and that name is too ugly.” The dragon egg expressed his dissatisfaction through a voice transmission.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “Fine, Eggy.”


“How come you can speak?”

“If you can speak, why didn’t you do so in the past? You kept dancing all about before so were you trying to mess with me?” Luo Tian unconsciously blurted out.

The dragon egg giggled and said: “Only after entering the dragon stronghold did I manage to absorb a little bit of ancestral powers from the Dragon God’s Pillar to allow me to talk. But it’s very difficult to do so and I can’t do it for too long.”

“Boss, stop talking so much. Earth Dragon King’s attack is about to arrive!”

The dragon egg’s voice suddenly turned urgent.

He was extremely worried.

He was very clear on what powers Earth Dragon King possessed, and it was very difficult for Luo Tian to block it. How could Luo Tian resist it if he couldn’t release any of his powers?”

Not even a little bit of defensive powers can be activated!

He could only rely on his fleshly body!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Isn’t it just an Earth Dragon King? He wants to kill me just based on him alone?”


Luo Tian’s confidence shot through the roof.

Just because of Eggy’s word – he had the ability to kill Earth Dragon King. Just that alone was enough.

This allowed Luo Tian to see hope.

When someone sees a glimpse of hope at the end of their rope, they would explode forth with unimaginable tenacity. Luo Tian was still the same guy, except his firm heart became even steadier. His gaze turned serious as he shouted: “Come at me!”

Earth Dragon King’s expression faintly changed as he felt the aura coming from Luo Tian was a bit different from before – it had changed to a fearless state! He was faintly stunned by this but still coldly chuckled, “You’re just a trashy human! It’s useless no matter how much you pretend to be strong!”


As his voice faded, the earthen powers coming from him burst out like crazy. Earth Dragon King then roared out: “Earth Explosion!”

The soil in the area became constricted.

It started contracting like crazy.

The earthen power rushed into every single particle.

A violent power started crushing Luo Tian’s fleshly body.


The power of the earth element charged out from the depths of the earth. In an instant, Earth Explosion’s powers were revealed.




Places all over Luo Tian’s body kept exploding and his fleshly body burst apart. Blood was gushing out without stopping but Luo Tian’s eyes were even firmer than before. He stared coldly at Earth Dragon King with a smile and said: “If you can’t kill me here, your doomsday will be next.”


At this moment, the Ancient Dragon Execution Array’s bombardment was over.

Luo Tian’s figure moved and instantly charged back to the surface. His whole body was covered in blood as he roared out: “Earth Dragon King, get the f*ck out here!”


(T/N: Please ignore the contradiction of being unable to move underground and then suddenly moving back to the surface. Maybe the soil exploded and left a gap…)

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