Undefeatable – Ch565

Chapter 565 – Eggy, It’s Time For You To Show Your Might

His whole body was spurting out blood.

Luo Tian’s sorry-looking figure looked like a thousand bullets and shot through him with blood spurting out everywhere.

His originally tied up long hair was now scattered all over.

His face was covered in blood and even his eyes had blood coming out.

The surrounding crowd was in an uproar.

“What happened just now?”

“He’s covered in wounds. Most likely he was completely thrashed by Earth Dragon King.”

“He still hasn’t died after bleeding so much blood?”

“This kid’s life is rather resilient.”

The crowd was discussing this amongst themselves.

Qin Changtian almost cried from fright before shouting: “Big brother Luo Tian! Big brother Luo Tian! Are you okay?!”

He was about to run over…

When Frost Dragon King instantly pulled him back and said: “It’s not over yet. Luo Tian definitely has a way to deal with Earth Dragon King; otherwise, he wouldn’t have told us those words. Let’s wait and see first. If there’s a small chance of him being in fatal danger, I will use my own life to protect his.”

Qin Changtian was only a child of eight years old.

He was treating Luo Tian like his biological older brother so his heart was in pain when he saw how seriously injured Luo Tian was. Moreover, everything Luo Tian had done was because of him. This obviously made him feel even sadder.

“How did it turn out like this?”

“Why? Why can’t we all get along? Why can’t we have peace in the world?” Qin Changtian muttered this quietly.

He cried when the Qin family in Sunset City was annihilated, and that was the first time. He cried so hard that no sound came out anymore when he saw his adopted father and all the young and old in the Qin family was cruelly massacred.

Now was the second time.

He wanted to be strong and tried really hard, but he couldn’t endure anymore. The wounds all over Luo Tian’s body were simply too horrifying to look at. Those that saw it were also shocked by it, but only a select few amongst those felt sorry for Luo Tian.

The small minority included Ai Xi!

She wailed out: “Idol, you cannot die!”

Her voice sounded like a wife screaming with resentment.

When Luo Tian heard that, he started shivering like a chill had attacked his body. He preferred to face Earth Dragon King’s Earth Explosion one more time instead of facing Ai Xi. The image of his long time Goddess had been completely destroyed.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian roared out once more: “Earth Dragon King, you better scram out here for this daddy!”

His voice shook the sky!

In an instant…

Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as he yelled: “Become A Devil!”


From the roots to the tips, Luo Tian’s disheveled hair instantly turned red as he transformed to Devil Sovereign Xingtian.

This was considered a different fleshly body.

His human body almost couldn’t handle it anymore. If it kept bleeding any longer, most likely he would die from blood loss. It was too late to use Healing Art and he didn’t want to use up his Regeneration skill either. The only solution he could think of was to use Becoming A Devil to become Devil Sovereign Xingtian. Now, his body was filled to the brim with a violent power!

The Sky Splitting Divine Axe was summoned out. The axe shook as Luo Tian roared out: “Are you still not scramming out here?!”



The surface of the ground bulged up with a “crack” sound before Earth Dragon King charged out with his wings expanded. He then heavily landed and transformed into his human appearance. He looked at Luo Tian coldly and said with disdain: “I thought it was some sort of mysterious power but it’s merely a devil transformation.”

“Do you think you can fight me just because you transformed into the devil race?”

“Kid, you are a piece of trash of all trash in my eyes. You aren’t even qualified to be killed by my hands.”

Earth Dragon King was full of contempt.

The aura around Luo Tian faintly expanded as he roared out in anger: “I’m not qualified to be killed by you?! Just then, this daddy allowed you to kill me yet you couldn’t do it. You want to kill this daddy when you need two hands to hold up your tiny little penis? All you did was not much different than tickling this daddy!”

“Weren’t you going to kill me?”

“Come, come and kill me then!”


Luo Tian was cursing out expletives all over.

Earth Dragon King was quite angry as well. His Earth Explosion was already a powerful move yet it couldn’t kill Luo Tian. This made him quite unhappy. Now that he saw Luo Tian transform into a devil and there weren’t any injuries on him, this was practically saying his previous attack was completely useless.

His eyes turned to creases.

Earth Dragon King was extremely angry now.

“Kid, it was you that’s courting your own death!”

“Don’t blame me when I send you down to hell to meet with King Yama.”

As his voice faded…

Earth Dragon King’s body turned into a beam of light and shot into the air. He then started chanting some words in a low voice.


Mei Lin’s eyes widened. He stared at Earth Dragon King in the air and scolded: “Earth Dragon King, have you lost your mind?! That’s a forbidden skill! If you use that ability, everything in the dragon stronghold will be destroyed by you and everyone will end up dying!”

“Great Earth Burial!”

A secret skill of the Earth Dragon clan!

It was an extremely powerful move and the user had to be a member of the Earth Dragon clan. It completely controlled the earth element and made it into a prison. Everything within the prison would be crushed. Unless you were capable of charging away from the scope of the earth’s burial, you will die no matter how strong you are.


“Earth Dragon King, why are you so ruthless?!”

“What the hell are you doing?! You just want to become the new Dragon Emperor, right? We will support you so quickly come down from there!”

“Crazy! You have really lost your mind!”

The crowd had turned chaotic.

Every one of the Dragon race understood how terrifying this secret skill of the Earth Dragon clan was. There were constant screams as people were trying to run away from the area.


“Everyone has to die! I am the true lord of the Dragon race! I am the strongest Dragon Emperor of the Dragon race! You lowly things aren’t qualified to live in this world!” Earth Dragon King’s expression was unusually ferocious.

He kept laughing non-stop.

He became even more excited as he watched everyone scurrying away like mice. He then smiled evilly: “You guys can forget about escaping. No one can escape. The entire stronghold is under my control, so no one can dream of escaping. Everyone should just die for me! Hahaha…”

Just like he said…

No matter if they tried flying or smashing, they weren’t able to break past the earth element barrier that came from the depths of the ground. The whole stronghold was sealed off like a huge cage.


“Please spare us!”

“You damn madman…”

The crowd became more chaotic.

Luo Tian stood there unmoving as he stared at Earth Dragon King up in the air.

At this time…

Qin Changtian walked over and stood next to him. He faintly smiled and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, thank you!”

Frost Dragon King walked over.

Little Xie walked over.

Kai Lun walked over.

The siblings’ Ai Lun and Ai Xi also walked over to the rear of Luo Tian with a steady gaze.

Right after that, many people started walking over and standing behind Luo Tian.

“Is there really no way to solve this?”

“There is a way, but none of us is capable of doing it.”

“What method?”

“Instantly kill Earth Dragon King before he completes the Great Earth Burial – that’s the only way. But there’s no one among us that has that ability since Earth Dragon King’s cultivation realm is too high,” said Frost Dragon King softly.

Earth Dragon King was too strong. Even if the Dragon Emperor was still alive, he wouldn’t be able to kill Earth Dragon King in a short time, let alone instantly.

Qin Changtian had a depressed countenance. He looked at Luo Tian and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, I’m sorry. It was me that brought harm to you. If it wasn’t for me…”

Luo Tian interrupted him, “This matter isn’t over yet so there’s no need to apologize.”

In an instant…

Luo Tian made a thought, “Eggy, it’s time for you to show your might.”


The dragon stone pillar disappeared.

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