Undefeatable – Ch568

Chapter 568 – Monsters Besieging The City? I Love It!

Blood Sea City.

Main Hall.

Tai Long’s brows were locked together and his expression was kind of unsightly.

Even he was somewhat afraid of that power as he wondered when did such an expert appear in the Dragon race.

Could it be that human youth?

Impossible! His strength wasn’t too bad but it still hadn’t reached a heaven-defying stage yet. He was very clear on Earth Dragon King’s cultivation strength, and no matter how strong Luo Tian was, there’s no way he was Earth Dragon King’s opponent. There has to be something going on that he didn’t know about.


A voice came from outside the main hall.

Tai Long looked over and said: “Come in and say it!”

A Blood Ghost rushed in and said: “Reporting to the Lord – we have investigated everything. Earth Dragon King tried to rebel but his scheme was seen through by a human.”

Before he could finish speaking…

Tai Long interrupted: “No need to talk about the useless things. I just want to know how Earth Dragon King died.”

Blood Ghost didn’t dare to say anything out of line and reported: “Earth Dragon King was crushed by the dragon stone pillar to the point of almost dying. After that, the human went over to finish him off. Before that, Earth Dragon King was casting his secret skill Great Earth Burial. When the grounds of the tribal stronghold was about to collapse, the dragon stone pillar suddenly disappeared and then descended from the sky and crushed Earth Dragon King underneath it.”

“The dragon stone pillar?!”

“The same huge stone pillar that consumed the energy of countless Dragon race members in order to move it to the Dragon Mountain?” Tai Long’s brows furrowed, “Legends say the stone pillar was left behind by the Dragon God but it’s just a normal pillar without any powers. Everyone has been treating it as a totem all this time, so how could it suddenly explode forth with such a powerful force?”

He really couldn’t figure it out.


Tai Long was extremely intelligent and immediately asked: “What other information do you have? Focus on before Earth Dragon King was killed, the more the details the better.”

Blood Ghost immediately spoke of everything he heard, which was the fastest and most accurate information.

Tai Long’s brows were locked together once more after hearing about it. He then muttered: “It looks like this is really related to that human youth. What kind of background does that kid have? Is he here to save the Dragon race?”

“Just based on him?!”


A strange glow appeared in Tia Long’s eyes before he revealed a cruel gaze. He then chuckled coldly before saying: “A mere lowly human dares to try stopping me? Humph~, he’s overestimating himself!”

“Send out my order!”

“Have Black Dragon King and Nether King immediately attack Dragon Mountain.”

“The Dragon race is most likely in chaos right now so I want to take this opportunity to eradicate the remnants of the Dragon race. They need to know that those who follow me will prosper while those who oppose me will die!”

Tai Long’s gaze was filled with endless brutality!

Extremely aggressive!

The Blood Ghost cupped his hand and said: “Order received!”


Dragon race, the residence for the Dragon Emperor.

Inside a secret chamber.

The secret room was very dim and it was filled with carvings of all sorts of dragons on the walls. Some were diving into the sea, some were flying through the wild, and some were flying through the nine heavens. The carvings of these dragons were different from the ones you would find in the dragon stronghold because each one of them were Dragon Gods!

They did not look like the flying lizards from the Western culture.

“Tian Tian, you need to listen carefully.”

“You cannot make any mistakes no matter what.”

Luo Tian was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed while he sent this voice transmission to Qin Changtian.

Qin Changtian immediately replied: “En, I will listen very carefully.”

At this time…

Eggy’s voice was being transmitted to Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian then transmitted those words into Qin Changtian’s mind.

There’s no way he would dare to speak them out loud.

Sound transmission was the safest method.

Luo Tian was teaching Qin Changtian the arcane secrets to the Sky Dragon’s Heart. This was the only power capable of killing Tai Long.

It was a pity that Luo Tian couldn’t cultivate it himself. If he could cultivate it, there was no need for Qin Changtian to take the risk. The second part of his quest was to kill Black Dragon King and Nether King so there’s no doubt the third part of the quest is to kill the ultimate boss Tai Long!

Only after killing him will the quest be fully completed.

And only after that will he gain the Dragon God’s Soul needed for Eggy to hatch!


There’s no way Luo Tian’s current cultivation will allow him to deal with Tai Long head-on. The only thing he could do is to borrow someone’s power, and the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart was their only way.


Qin Changtian needed to stabilize his new position, and just relying on Frost Dragon King and another Elder was far from enough. He had to possess his own strength in order to accomplish it!

This world has always been a place where the strong becomes the king. If you aren’t strong enough, no one will be willing to submit themselves to you.

A faint sheen of sweat appeared on Qin Changtian’s forehead while his brows were furrowed. He was feeling extremely excited, “So, so, so it turns out to be like this! This is too extraordinary!”

“Don’t get distracted.”

“You cannot be even a tiny bit distracted when cultivating the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart. You have to devote yourself wholeheartedly in order to succeed.” Luo Tian lectured him.

Qin Changtian immediately replied: “En. Big brother Luo Tian, let’s continue.”

Outside the residence.

Frost Dragon King was walking back and forth with an anxious look on his face.

Little Xie had the same anxious look as he asked: “Father, what are Dragon Emperor and big brother Luo doing? Black Dragon King’s army is about to kill their way over and we practically don’t have any defenses here.”

“Moreover, I just received news that the Earth Dragon clan has split away from the Dragon race. Based on reasonable standards, we shouldn’t have killed Earth Dragon King. We never discussed with them first and killing their leader just like that was a huge disrespect towards their clan. It looks like they are preparing to take refuge with Tai Long.”

“If we had known this would happen, we should’ve just killed off all the elites from the Earth Dragon clan back then.” Little Xie said with anger.

During such a critical juncture, the Earth Dragon clan leaving the Dragon race was similar to giving them a fatal blow.

The outer perimeter defenses were stationed by the members of the Earth Dragon clan. Now that they had left, the Dark Army could basically take a stroll on the main roads towards them. Their army had covered the grounds and the sky and was charging towards them at a crazy rate of speed.

It won’t be long before they kill their way over here.

Frost Dragon King had his fists clenched and anxiety painted on his face. He could only mutter: “Why aren’t they out yet? Why aren’t they out yet?”


Kai Lun rushed over in a hurry and said: “Chief, the Dark Army will kill their way here in half a day. All the warriors of the Frost Dragon clan have assembled already. No matter what, we’re going to wash away the shame from before.”


A warrior with his forehead covered in sweat rushed over and said: “Reporting to Frost Dragon King – the Fifth Elder, Sixth Elder, and Eighth Elder have brought their clans and split away from the Dragon race. They have brought their army and evacuated towards the north of Dragon Mountain.”


“Those ungrateful bastards! Last night, they were still swearing their allegiance to the new Dragon Emperor. Who would’ve imagined that they changed their stances in less than a day? It’s fine! It’s fine! They will only cause more trouble if they were still here.”

Another three forces had split from the Dragon race.

It was undoubtedly adding insult to injury for the current Dragon race!

Kai Lun cupped his hands and said: “Chief, please relay your orders! Even if everyone in our Frost Dragon clan dies, we will never retreat a single step!”

Little Xie then said hurriedly: “Father, Dragon Emperor is in seclusion so we can only count on ourselves. The shame of our Frost Dragon clan needs to be cleansed by the blood of the Dark Army!”


A loud noise was heard.

Qin Changtian and Luo Tian both came out at the same time.

Luo Tian exclaimed with excitement: “Another monster besieging the city storyline for me? I love it!”

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