Undefeatable – Ch569

Chapter 569 – Boss, It’s Time To Kill

Monsters besieging the city?!

If this was a video game, this kind of scenario would definitely be a favorite amongst the players.

This was a video game’s strongest and fastest way to grind experience.

Back then when the monsters were besieging Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian was extremely happy when earned a boatload of experience. Since there was another monster besieging the city scenario, this made him like floating up to the heavens in ecstasy!

“Monsters besieging a city?”

“Big brother Luo Tian, what are monsters besieging a city?” Little Xie asked in confusion.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “Tai Long’s army are monsters while our tribal stronghold is similar to a city. Isn’t he about to attack us? That’s basically what monsters besieging a city means.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Just follow my commands.”

Luo Tian activated his War Leader’s System.

The level 5 War Leader’s System didn’t have any heaven-defying surefire kill. That shiny golden sword from before could only be used once. That special sword that instantly killed Devil Monarch Skysoul back then couldn’t be used anymore. But the help of the War Leader’s System was already considered a powerful existence on its own.

The most important part…

The warriors from the Dragon race were much stronger than the guards of Heavenly Sword City. With the blessing-like boost from the War Leader’s System, their fighting spirit will definitely increase their combat powers.

Qin Changtian immediately said: “We will follow big brother Luo Tian’s words.”

Frost Dragon King also nodded and said: “Luo Tian, what kind of plans do you have? We will all obey you.”

Everyone in the Dragon race was amazed by Luo Tian’s abilities. Even Frost Dragon King sighed to himself in inferiority. Seeing a faint confident smile on Luo Tian’s face, he had a feeling that nothing could go wrong as long as Luo Tian was here.

Kai Lun agreed and said: “Brother Luo, here’s the current situation – Black Dragon King and Nether King are each leading an army. They’ve split into two groups and are attacking the stronghold from two different directions. They have about 100,000 troops in each army and based on your human race’s cultivation level, they are all at the Profound Venerate realm or above. Many of them are experts at the Profound Saint realm. As for their Generals, Black Dragon King and Nether King, their cultivation is above Earth Dragon King so they are really difficult to deal with.”

“As for Tai Long, we still don’t know how strong his cultivation realm is. Out of the entire Sky Palace, only the old Dragon Emperor has fought with him but was defeated only after a few moves. The old Dragon Emperor was already at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm. Since Tai Long was able to defeat him in just a few moves, most likely Tai Long’s cultivation is at peak of the Profound Emperor realm as well or he might even be at the supreme Profound God realm.”

“Profound God?!”

A brief flash of light appeared in Luo Tian’s eyes.

There was no trace of fear.

The only thing in his eyes was excitement.

The stronger the boss, the greater the loot explosion. A Profound God realm ranker was basically a super boss!

What will explode out after killing him?

This was too exciting!

Everyone was confused when they saw how excited Luo Tian looked.

Qin Changtian was also looking at Luo Tian and was about to speak…

Luo Tian stopped him and said: “Changtian, you are the trump card of the Dragon race and cannot expose yourself. Tai Long is extremely strong and only you can deal with him. You cannot expose yourself until the very last moment.”

There was only one way to kill Tai Long.

Smash him to death with the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart!

Qin Changtian cannot expose himself. Once he is exposed, Tai Long will definitely put his guard up and the results wouldn’t play out its pivotal role.

Qin Changtian nodded.

Everyone was confused since they didn’t know that Qin Changtian went into seclusion for a day to cultivate the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart.

Luo Tian then asked: “Uncle Kai Lun, who’s stronger when comparing Black Dragon King to Nether King? And how many dragon warriors do the Dragon race have that can fight?”

Frost Dragon King interrupted: “Black Dragon King’s strength is a bit stronger. They are all rebels of the Dragon race and they are all Dark Dragon Warriors. The Nether King’s side has his Dark Angels. They have more people but their overall strength is slightly weaker than Black Dragon King’s side. Our Dragon race currently has about 80,000 elite warriors and blocking one army shouldn’t be a problem.”


“Frost Dragon King, you will be the commander in charge of blocking the Dark Angels.”

Luo Tian continued saying: “You only need to block them and not go for the offensive. The key is to defend. No matter how miserable their defeat looks, you cannot chase after them. Use all your strength to defend and don’t worry about anything else.”

Just defending was fine!

Luo Tian would take care of the rest.

In actuality…

Luo Tian was afraid Frost Dragon King would kill too many Dark Angels and he would lose out on a bunch of experience points.

Frost Dragon King didn’t ask further and nodded, “Order received!”

“Brother Luo, you’re dealing with Black Dragon King’s army by yourself? This…” Kai Lun asked full of doubt.

An army of a hundred thousand.

Add on the peerless Black Dragon King, their overall strength was no weaker than a small immortal sect. Can Luo Tian really block them by himself?

Everyone looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian showed a faint smile and said: “Don’t worry, I have my ways. But there’s something I need to borrow from the Dragon race.”

“What is it?”

“Big brother Luo Tian, you can just take whatever the Dragon race has. Why are you even using the word borrow?”

“That’s right.”

Luo Tian looked at the dragon stone pillar standing in the center of the square and said: “I want to borrow that!”


Preparation had been completed.

Everything was arranged according to Luo Tian’s requirements.

Frost Dragon King brought the main Dragon race army to Crescent Canyon to form an extremely strong defensive line.

Crescent Canyon was a nature made strategic pass that was easy to defend and hard to attack.

Even though the Dragon race only had about 80,000 warriors, it was still more than enough to block Nether King and his army of Dark Angels.

As for Luo Tian?

At this time…

Before Black Dragon King’s army was preparing to attack, he was acting similar to a madman and had snuck right up to them.


The camp of the Black Dragon King.

“General, we received news that the elites of the Dragon race have all set off towards Nether King’s army.”

Black Dragon King coldly scoffed, “All of them went there?”


“What is the Dragon race doing? If they’re using all the strength to deal with Nether King, what about my side? Are they looking down on me?” Black Dragon King said this in contempt but didn’t bother with any further nonsense. He then shouted “Relay the command – two hours later, we will attack in full force!”

“Order received!”

The Black Dragon King army was split into two formations – One troop was the vanguard made up of Black Dragon Warriors while the other rear troops were made up of various warriors of different dragon clans.

Luo Tian snuck past the vanguard camp and headed for the rear camp.

At this time…

On a large towering large tree, Luo Tian had ceased his breathing. He looked at the large swath of Black Dragon Warriors and said excitedly to himself: “It’s going to be my New Year’s celebration! How many experience points will I get from all these dragon warriors?”

“But it is a bit unfortunate…”

“These dragon warriors don’t give me any Undefeated points. Otherwise, not to mention the four divine guardian beast bloodlines, I might even be able to exchange for the blood of a Celestial God. At that time, who would be capable of fighting against me?”

This was the downside.

Dragons were technically categorized as a demonic beast, that’s why Luo Tian didn’t get any Undefeated points.

Of course…

If he did get Undefeated points, that would be too heaven-defying.

Ten to twenty thousand undefeated points. This… would be a bit too overly awesome.


“Present! Boss, can you not call me Eggy? No matter what, I’m still an authentic dragon.”

“Fine, Eggy.”

Eggy: “…”

Luo Tian asked once more: “Are you ready?”

Eggy giggled and replied: “Of course!”

“Boss, it’s time to kill!”


(T/N: The author keeps changing on how many troops are in the enemy army so just don’t bother too much about it.)

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