Undefeatable – Ch573

Chapter 573 – Stabbing Black Dragon King’s Chrysanthemum

The Dragon God’s Pillar was too thick and long, and wasn’t very comfortable to hold.


As a man, one couldn’t say they cannot handle it.

Moreover, one definitely cannot say they couldn’t use it when it came to something large, thick, and long. Luo Tian grabbed on with two hands, strengthened his arms, and almost ripped his clothing to shreds with his bulging muscles. The veins on Luo Tian’s neck popped out like steel cable and his face turned red. He then roared into the sky: “Aggghhh~!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

The Dragon God’s Pillar started moving.

This was pure physical power!

Luo Tian didn’t enhance himself with any martial skills and purely used the physical strength afforded to his Profound Saint realm. He lifted up the Dragon God’s Pillar that was heavy beyond words. He walked in a wobbly manner and couldn’t stabilize himself. He then scolded internally: “Damn it, isn’t this pillar a little too heavy?”

“It’s really just like Monkey Sun’s Golden Hooped Rod, heavy beyond imagination!”

Eggy could tell Luo Tian was struggling so he asked: “Boss, do you need me to control it with my spiritual senses?”

Luo Tian rejected it, “No need, I can still bear this kind of weight.”

“Level 1 Berserk!”


The strength in his arms clearly increased by twice. Luo Tian’s movement became stable and his expression recovered. His right hand started moving before placing the Dragon God’s Pillar over his shoulder. He then looked at Black Dragon King who wasn’t too far away with disdain before saying: “Grandson, come. Come and bite your grandpa.”

Black Dragon King’s gaze turned fierce, “You’re courting death!”

“No matter how many capabilities you have, there’s no way you can escape your death today.”

“I don’t care who you are or how strong your background is. Even if you are the Dragon God’s son, you still have to die today.”


Extreme rage!

Luo Tian felt the same too.

He was pissed off to the max!

Back then, he was almost killed by Black Dragon King and the flames of rage inside his heart were still burning. He watched as Black Dragon King transformed into a huge Black Dragon. His claws were like hardened steel and his throat was a deep crimson red.

Eggy immediately advised: “Watch out boss. He’s about to spray out Black Dragon Flames.”

“This kind of fire is extremely powerful!”

Luo Tian furrowed his brows and asked: “Anyway to take care of it?”

Egg replied: “Yup, use the Dragon God’s Pillar and stab his sphincter. That way, he won’t be able to spray anything out.”


Luo Tian shivered and never expected Eggy would give such a good idea. It was so good that even Luo Tian clenched his anal muscle. He gave Eggy a thumbs up while feeling a trace of shock. “Eggy, you really deserved to be called Eggy. You can actually come up with such an idea… you are simply too eggceptional!”

“Stab his sphincter?”

“You… you want me to stab a Black Dragon’s butt hole? If you have the guts, I want to see you go stab him instead.”

Eggy was in thought for a while before saying with certainty: “Boss, I’m serious that the only solution is to stab his sphincter. Don’t you have a skill called Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift? You can release several shadow clones and switch amongst them, so there’s a chance he won’t be able to capture you.”

Luo Tian’s rage started burning when Shadow Clone was mentioned.

Back then, Black Dragon King instantly grabbed his throat and gave him ten continuous strikes. The pain he suffered almost took his life!

And now we’re going to do it one more time?

Of course, Luo Tian wasn’t going to back out and coldly smiled instead. “There’s no way he would expect me to use Shadow Clone again. If you didn’t tell me that, I wouldn’t have thought of it. Which means how would he expect it?”


Luo Tian revealed a chilling cold smile while the Dragon God’s Pillar was resting on his shoulder. He then shouted: “You pick yourself up at whatever place you fell down at! Shadow Clone, level 3! Triple Illusions!”




Three phantom images and a real body appeared.

Those phantom images were controlled by Luo Tian’s spiritual senses. They disappeared from the spot and instantly arrived at the left, rear, and right of Black Dragon King.

Black Dragon King scoffed in contempt. “That low-grade martial skill again. In front of me, this kind of martial skill belongs in the category of trash. Luo Tian, just go to hell for me! Black Dragon’s Fire – Endless Flames! Exterminate for me!”

“It doesn’t matter which one is your real body because they all have to die.”

“There is no one capable of resisting my, Black Dragon King’s Endless Flames!”

His throat started roiling.

The thick flames inside his throat were bubbling like the magma inside a volcano. The only difference was that Black Dragon King’s Endless Flames was at least ten thousand times stronger.

“Boss, hurry up!”

“You’ll be screwed if you’re too slow!”

“His Endless Flames are too strong so there’s no way you can resist it. You’ll be instantly reduced to ashes!” Eggy frantically urged Luo Tian as he was feeling incomparable anxiety.

Luo Tian’s brows were locked together.

He was waiting.

Waiting for the most appropriate time when Black Dragon King relaxes his guard.

The grade of the Shadow Clone skill was a bit weak and Black Dragon King easily saw through it. The skill will also be seen through this time as well. If Luo Tian was slow by even half a second, Black Dragon King will easily stop what he was planning to do.



Endless Flames was rumbling with explosive sounds inside Black Dragon King’s throat. When Black Dragon King saw how Luo Tian stood there unmoving like an idiot, he started laughing like crazy. “Lowly human, you are nothing but trash in front of this King. You are practically this world’s most inferior creature, hahaha!”

The instant he said those words…

Luo Tian disappeared.

Milliseconds after he disappeared, he activated and stacked level 7 Berserk with Myriad Devil.

In an instant…

He appeared at the rear of Black Dragon King.

Black Dragon King’s reaction speed was just a bit slower but he still detected Luo Tian’s movement trajectory. He started laughing like mad, “Trash, it’s useless. I’ve already said that such trashy martial skills are absolutely useless before me.”

Although Black Dragon King was able to detect Luo Tian’s movement trajectory…

His reaction speed wasn’t able to follow Luo Tian.

It wasn’t because he was slow, but it was because Luo Tian was too fast.

Luo Tian’s cultivation had reached the Profound Saint realm.

He also had the assistance of the System.

He wasn’t like the martial artists of this world where after entering a brand new realm, they had to train and get accustomed to their newfound powers. Luo Tian only had to level up and he would gain the full usage of the new cultivation realm’s powers. So in a mere instant, he had full control of the Profound Saint powers.

This was precisely the opportunity Luo Tian was talking about!

He was gambling.

He was gambling that Black Dragon King’s speed wouldn’t have increased while he slightly increased his own speed after leveling up.

Just this little bit was enough for Luo Tian.

“Heh heh…”

“This daddy shall stab your chrysanthemum!”

Luo Tian’s arms started moving. Before Black Dragon King could react, Luo Tian used the huge, thick, and long Dragon God’s Pillar and viciously stabbed into Black Dragon King’s large chrysanthemum-looking sphincter.


It’s unknown whether Black Dragon King’s anus had been stabbed by another dragon or some powerful creature before, or maybe his sphincter was just naturally big, or maybe Luo Tian had used too much strength, but the Dragon God’s Pillar was stabbed in with little to no resistance.



Black Dragon King wailed in misery.

Endless Flames exploded out from his throat.



Luo Tian felt a shiver in his scrotum. Seeing the blood coming from Black Dragon King’s anus, he unconsciously tightened his own sphincter muscle as well before laughing: “Awesome, hahaha…”

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