Undefeatable – Ch574

Chapter 574 – Smashing Each Other

A faint sense of sadness and a faint sense of pain.

This kind of pain was worse than the pain one’s heart can experience.

Black Dragon King’s sphincter sprayed out blood. It was so painful that he jumped up into the air while blood kept coming out.

The worst thing of all…

He suffered his own Endless Flames attack.

“Boss, that was beautifully done!”

“Way too beautiful, hahaha… Look at Black Dragon King, he’s in so much pain that he’s about to scream for his mother. This is so much fun! I didn’t expect him to look like this after stabbing his sphincter. This is a lot of fun!” Eggy said in a cheerful manner.

Luo Tian’s brows sank as he said: “Damn! So you didn’t know if it would work or not and just randomly pulled that out of thin air? Eggy, are you itchy for a beating? Do you know how much risk I took? If I wasn’t able to break his Endless Flames, the one ending up dying would be me.”

Eggy realized his actions were a bit inappropriate and turned into a child that got into trouble. “Boss, in theory, this should have worked. It’s just that I’ve never put it into practice yet. I theorized that doing so would stop his Endless Flames from spraying out.”

“In theory?”

“Theories are f*cking useless!”

“I almost died from fright!”

“Even my sphincter feels a bit painful, hahaha…” Luo Tian suddenly started laughing out loud before saying: “That was actually quite awesome!”

Eggy could feel Luo Tian was just bluffing him so he started giggling. “Yeah, I feel like it was quite awesome too. Heh heh…”

They watched as Black Dragon King was squirming and screaming in pain up in the air.

Luo Tian and Eggy were like two idiots laughing in joy.


Laughing was one thing, Luo Tian never forgot…

His mouth curved into a cold smile before saying: “When you’re ill, go for the kill. Black Dragon King, you had gifted me ten continuous strikes and almost sent this daddy to hell. Now, it should be my turn.”

“Level 7 Berserk!”


Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshly body instantly exploded forth with a powerful force. With the Dragon God’s Pillar on his shoulder, Luo Tian shouted: “Shadewind Steps, Lunar Steps!”


He moved instantaneously.

And appeared in midair.

Encountering Black Dragon King who had transformed back to his human body while holding his butt, Luo Tian coldly chuckled: “Little Black, how do you feel? Having your sphincter stabbed feels great, huh? Look at this large stone pillar, it still has some blood on it. Do you want to enjoy another round of it?”

Black Dragon King’s eyes looked like they were spraying out flames. He glared at Luo Tian like he would eat him alive and shouted: “Damn dog thing! I’m going to rip you into eighteen thousand pieces!”


The aura around Black Dragon King’s body intensified.

Up in the sky…

Black clouds started rolling inbound like a tsunami. In just a brief moment, the whole sky was covered in dark clouds. Thunder started rumbling and the sky started exuding powerful dark energy. Heaven and earth seemed to have suddenly transformed to hell.

Eggy advised: “Boss, you need to be careful. Black Dragon King is extremely strong and seems to have surpassed my expectation.”

Luo Tian didn’t say anything.

He just charged upwards while holding the Dragon God’s Pillar.


The stronger they are, the happier he would be.

Seeing the bright golden glow covering Black Dragon King, drool almost gushed out from Luo Tian’s mouth. No matter how strong they were, he had to find a way to kill the boss. Even if they don’t die, they have to die!

This boss belonged to the second part of an SSS-rank quest!

He had to die!

Shortly after…

Luo Tian raised the Dragon God’s Pillar above his head as he charged into the black clouds. Lightning started dancing around the stone pillar like crazy. Luo Tian sent out his spiritual senses to probe the surrounding dark energy. His arms started moving as he charged in a certain direction, “I will let you experience my new martial skill!”

“Dragon Slayer!”

The skill was activated.

A fierce dragon roar was heard inside Luo Tian’s body.

This dragon roar was more like a miserable wail where its tendons, bones, and muscles were being ripped out from its body.

Eggy was shocked, “A type of power that is specifically fatal towards dragons?”

“Boss, when did you cultivate this martial skill that specifically deals with the Dragon race?”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “Just now!”

The power exploded forth from the depths of his heart before traveling down his arms and then into the Dragon God’s Pillar.


The one hundred and eight dragons carved into the Dragon God’s Pillar all trembled before giving off a series of roars.

At this time…

Black Dragon King’s expression turned to shock, “This martial skill…”

“How many heaven-defying martial skills has this kid cultivated? Since he has cultivated a skill that is specifically targeted at the Dragon race, that means he came here prepared just to deal with us.”


“Damn dog thing, that just means there’s no way in hell you can be left alive!”

Black Dragon King’s arms bulged out as his ten fingers turned into claws. His claws then made a grasping motion!


A humming sound came from heaven and earth.

The dark energy up in the air and in the surrounding hundreds of thousands of kilometers were being controlled by his hands. Dark energy started condensing at his palms and turning into a vortex. This scene looked rather familiar to Luo Tian, similar to a movie in his previous life called Storm Riders. In the movie, Xiong Ba was using the skill Three Points Origin Energy.¹

One was drawing out the moisture from the air.

While Black Dragon King was drawing all the dark energy towards him. Comparing the two moves, Black Dragon King’s skill was many times stronger.



The moment before the Dragon God’s Pillar struck down…

The dark energy under the control of Black Dragon King turned into two globes of shock waves before shooting out.

“Watch out, boss!” Eggy yelled in shock.

Luo Tian didn’t bother dodging.

It wasn’t because he didn’t have time.

If he was to dodge, his second attack wouldn’t connect and the stacking effect of Dragon Slayer would disappear. Killing Black Dragon King would become much harder at that point.

“Titan’s Defensive Form!”

“Golden Bell Shield!”

Two types of defensive measures superimposed over Luo Tian’s body. Blood God’s Armor also gave off a brief red glow.



Over twenty thousand points in damage?!

Luo Tian was dumbstruck, “Dragon Slayer is indeed quite strong!”

The moment he struck Black Dragon King, Luo Tian’s body was sent backward a bit. The dark energy shock waves had landed on his chest, wracking his entire body with pain. But he didn’t relax a single bit or have any thoughts of using Healing Art to heal himself.

“Just take it head-on!”

“Dragon Slayer, second blow!”

Luo Tian smashed out once more.



Black Dragon King was also enraged. Once again, he released two shock waves made up of dark energy.


Luo Tian’s chest bones shattered and blood seeped out, dying his clothing red. His face turned a shade paler but he didn’t give up or let up. In an instant, he had already struck out with Dragon Slayer’s third blow.

Black Dragon King’s eyes turned ferocious as he shouted: “You wish to fight it out with me?! This daddy wants to see how capable you are!”

Extremely arrogant!

Within the Dragon race, his fleshly body was incredibly strong and was the closest to the old Dragon Emperor’s.

A health bar at several tens of thousands versus his several tens of millions was nothing more than a sprinkle of rain to him.





You strike once, I strike once. Those two were smashing each other with their lives on the line.

“The tenth critical strike!”



“Puff~” Luo Tian sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His expression turned even more ferocious as he smiled coldly. “Ten critical strikes stacked together have finished. Now it’s an attack that ignores the target’s defense!”


¹ – The closest image I can find of Three Points Origin Energy.


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