Undefeatable – Ch591

Chapter 591 – Fusing With The Third Bloodline

Everything was unexpected.

No one could have imagined such changes could take place.

Luo Tian thought he was going to die.

He never imagined he would trigger Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s passive skill. In other words, he had triggered a skill from his previous life’s novel called Nine Deaths Mystic Art. Except, Luo Tian’s current status was a bit different from the normal Nine Deaths Mystic Art. As long as he activated the powers, he would automatically enter an invincible status!

What does invincible mean?

The definition of that word was simply too strong. Luo Tian’s heart was giving off thumping sounds like it was about to jump out of his chest.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with looking at the other attributes.

The Nine Deaths Mystic Art already possessed the most ultimate attributes!

What other meaning is there to be called ultimate?

Luo Tian didn’t have time to look at it nor was he in the mood. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to viciously stomp Tai Long to death.

Luo Tian didn’t right off the bat activate Power of Death to enter his invincible state. This kind of state only went on for thirty seconds and Tai Long’s health bar reached 100 million points. It’s impossible to kill him within that timeframe but severely injuring was still a possibility.

The Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines were strong, but still not strong enough.

He had to gain even stronger powers!

Luo Tian had no other choice.

There was only two bloodlines left he hadn’t fused with, one of them being the Black Tortoise bloodline.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian made a thought without hesitation, “Fuse with the third bloodline, Black Tortoise!”


“Do you wish to fuse with the third bloodline?”



“Starting to fuse with the Black Tortoise bloodline. Countdown to fusion in fifteen seconds. 15, 14, 13…”

Fifteen seconds felt really long.

Luo Tian’s body was standing there without falling over while his head had already flown out over ten thousand kilometers. He had to protect his head somehow because if it was smashed into powder, Luo Tian would end up dying even if he didn’t want to. Right after that, he sent Qin Changtian a sound transmission: “Changtian, go look for my head and protect it.”

Tears were streaming down Qin Changtian’s cheeks while his eyes were completely blurred. If he hadn’t heard Luo Tian’s sound transmission, he would’ve jumped Tai Long and fought him to death on the spot. Upon hearing Luo Tian’s voice, his expression hiddenly changed before asking in confusion: “Boss? You, you, you haven’t died?”

Luo Tian replied: “En, go protect my head and quickly bring it back. About fifty seconds later, I will give you the go-ahead – that’s when it’s time to kill Tai Long. Remember not to come out until my command. You can’t come out even if I die, do you understand?”

When Qin Changtian confirmed Luo Tian hadn’t died yet, he burst into a smile and replied in seriousness: “Boss, I’ll go do that now.”

There was still a few seconds left.

Luo Tian was worried Little Xie would try doing something stupid again so he sent him a sound transmission: “Little Xie, quickly run as far as you can. There’s going to be a big fight here very soon. At that time, I’m scared that I won’t be able to take care of you so it’s best that you withdraw to a safer place.”

Little Xie was in a similar state as Qin Changtian. When he saw Luo Tian’s head get smashed off, he felt like there was no more hope for his Dragon race or this world. He felt that there was no use in continuing to live so he planned on fighting Tai Long to death.

Upon hearing Luo Tian’s voice, his expression turned to startlement before replying: “Big brother Luo Tian, you haven’t died? But your head…”

Luo Tian hurriedly interrupted him: “Don’t talk anymore and just quickly leave the area of Blood Sea City.”

Little Xie immediately replied: “Understood!”

Tai Long’s side.

He laughed like crazy with arrogance and smugness. But when he saw how Luo Tian’s body was still standing upright, his expression faintly changed. He sent out his spiritual senses and found out Luo Tian still had an aura of life around him. It wasn’t any weaker and the sound of his heartbeat was still very strong. Were these the signs a dead person was supposed to exhibit?

“Something’s not right!”

“Something is really not right. His head is already gone so there’s no reason he could be still alive. What’s going on?” Tai Long circled around Luo Tian’s body a few times and couldn’t detect anything strange. All he felt was puzzlement.

“Not to mention the Tianxuan Continent, even the Ancient World doesn’t have such martial skills that make someone immortal like this. How can you not die when you don’t have a head?”

At this moment…

An alert tone sounded off inside Luo Tian.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully fusing with the Black Tortoise bloodline!”

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian chuckled a few times before yelling: “Tai Long! You damn dog thing, hand your life over to this daddy!”

“Azure Dragon’s bloodline, explode forth!”

“Vermillion Bird bloodline, explode forth!”

“Black Tortoise bloodline, explode forth!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

A series of explosive sounds were heard coming from Luo Tian’s body and the aura of the three divine grade bloodlines were surging out without restraint. Three different phantom images appeared around Luo Tian – an Azure Dragon curling around, a Vermillion Bird flying into the sky, and a Black Tortoise standing firmly like a mountain.

Those three phantom images looked extremely real and ferocious.


Three divine beasts had appeared at the same time around a single person.

Even Tai Long’s expression turned pale as he felt the oppressive power coming from Luo Tian’s body. “Three types of bloodlines, three types of divine beasts. What exactly is your background? It’s impossible… absolutely impossible…”

“Fusing with two different bloodlines would cause one’s body to explode to their deaths.”

“You actually managed to fuse three bloodlines and they are all divine grade bloodlines. The three different bloodlines should be wreaking havoc inside your body so even if you’re an expert at the Profound God realm, you shouldn’t be able to endure this. This is absolutely impossible!”

He refuses to believe this was happening!

Three ferocious divine beasts were superimposed over Luo Tian’s body, causing Tai Long to have an extremely ugly look on his face.

His beliefs had become distorted.

No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out how Luo Tian could fuse with three different bloodlines. Not to mention fusing, it was impossible for even a single one of those three bloodlines to appear in the Tianxuan Continent. Only once every ten thousand years would a true dragon’s bloodline appear, and Murong Wanjian already possessed it.

This Luo Tian had fused with three types of bloodlines at the same grade as a true dragon!


Someone’s playing a joke on me, right?

How can this be possible?

Anyone witnessing this would become stupefied.

Tai Long’s figure moved as he leaped away and floated in the air.

A new pair of Vermillion Bird wings appeared on Luo Tian’s back. His body slowly flew up into the air and a burst of evil laughter came from an unknown place: “What do you think? Are you scared? My apologies but I’m not very good at circulating the powers of my bloodlines. The only thing this daddy has is a lot of strong bloodlines to make up for it, hahaha…”

“Tai Long, you damn dog thing! You dare to chop this daddy’s head off? Now I’m going to give you a taste of how powerful this daddy is!”

Immediately after…

The power of the three bloodlines was coursing through his body. If he didn’t use those three bloodline powers soon, Luo Tian felt he would really die when his body exploded.


Before this was going to happen, Luo Tian yelled out like he didn’t care for his life: “Level 8 Berserk!”


His body turned crimson red! The Azure Dragon roared into the sky, the Vermillion Bird screeched out loudly, and the Black Tortoise’s shell expanded twice as large. Unstoppable power blasted outward without restraint!

Tai Long’s expression faintly changed. He clenched his fists and his face still revealed his disdain while shouting: “So what if you manage to fuse so many bloodlines together? Don’t forget that you’re only a piece of trash in the Profound Saint realm while I am at the supreme Profound God realm!”

“You are not my opponent at all.”

As his voice faded…

Tai Long’s eyes turned fierce, “Blood Sea Purgatory, come to me!”

At this moment, Luo Tian also roared out: “Level 1 Power of Death, release! Come out for me, Invincible status!”

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