Undefeatable – Ch592

Chapter 592 – The Berserk Tai Long

Boundless Blood Sea.

The grand and lofty Purgatory!

The endless Blood Sea suddenly appeared.

There were blood-red colored waves that were smashing against the shoreline and there were waves rising thousands of meters high. This blood sea was enshrouding the radius of a hundred thousand kilometers and one couldn’t see where it ended. The Blood Sea Purgatory seemed to be even worse than Wild Blade’s World of Slaughter.

A world of blood!

Blood dyed the sky red and seemed to have covered the entire earth.

What a terrifying sight!

Tai Long kept laughing like crazy while his body released the oppressive pressure of someone at the Profound God realm. While controlling the blood sea and watching a huge wave submerge Luo Tian, he then said in smugness: “Damn trash, you wish to fight with me? I want to see what you’re going to use to fight with me! What qualifications do you have to challenge me?!”


The blood waves surged into the sky, becoming fierce to a complete mess!

Luo Tian’s body remained motionless. While submerged inside the blood sea, he didn’t suffer any injuries nor any restrictions. Even Tai Long’s Profound God pressure had no effect on him.

This was a true invincible state!


“Player Luo Tian has entered an invincible state.”

“Duration will be thirty seconds. The countdown will begin… 30…”

Thirty seconds!

This was a very short time! Within these thirty seconds, Luo Tian had to seriously injure Tai Long or else everything would be considered a failure. If he cannot finish his quest, he wouldn’t be able to gain the Dragon God’s Soul and Eggy wouldn’t be able to hatch.

He will end up dying.

Eggy will die along with him!

This cannot happen!

Eggy had done a lot for him. Luo Tian already treated him as a brother so there’s no way he would allow him to die.

Immediately after…

His eyes turned serious and the three bloodline powers started circulating. The Azure Dragon started shuttling through the blood sea like an out of control dragon causing trouble. The Vermillion Bird was similar to a fiery phoenix, its wings allowing Luo Tian to reach astonishing speeds.

The Black Tortoise’s super defensive powers managed to shatter the surrounding blood waves.

In an instant…

Luo Tian appeared in front of Tai long before shouting in arrogance: “Do you really think that you’re that strong? Do you really think you’re all that? Tai Long, you are nothing more than a servant, a dog to his master. Become my stepping stone and just explode for this daddy!”

“Myriad Devil, explode!”

Another power was stacked onto Luo Tian’s current powers.

He then stored away the Sky Splitting Divine Axe and raised his fists. Just like a meteor shower, his fists heavily smashed out.

Tai Long’s expression turned fierce, “You’re courting death!”

“Just based on you alone and you think you’re my opponent?”

“Power of the Blood Sea, suppress for me!”

Tai Long controlled the Blood Sea’s powers and condensed them into the center of his palms. When facing Luo Tian’s fists, he smiled in disdain: “You wish to injure me with raw strength? What a joke! Why don’t you take a piss and take a good look at your own reflection?”

At the same time…

Tai Long’s fists were thrown out in an unconcerned manner.



The shock from the impact made the Blood Sea look like a missile had exploded amidst it. The blood within a few kilometers had evaporated from the intense collision and a large open area of land appeared. Not a trace of blood could penetrate this area of impact.


Tai Long was smashed flying.

Above his head, a red numerical value of 1,809,999 appeared.

Luo Tian was ecstatic! This long string of numbers almost scared him to death! “Damage that almost reached two million! That’s too awesome! Damn man, the powers of three bloodlines stacked together is indeed fierce, hahaha…”

This was the power of three bloodlines!

If the fourth White Tiger bloodline was fused together as well, the bloodline of the four divine beasts will directly merge together and become a brand new bloodline! Only then will it be a true mighty bloodline power!

Luo Tian would fuse the fourth one right now if he could.


When thinking of how Murong Wanjian had the true dragon’s bloodline, Luo Tian started getting worried for that guy. He then said to himself: “Should I really abuse him like this? Would I be considered too cruel if I crush him with four bloodlines merged into one?”

“Actually, the crueler it is, the more this daddy likes it. Hahaha…”

At this time…

Luo Tian halted his thoughts. He should have died already if he weren’t for his invincible status. His outcome would be smashed to death by Tai Long’s single punch. The powers of someone in the Profound God realm were simply too strong because even when he was in his invincible state, he could still feel the powerful nature of it.

A trace of fear appeared in his heart.

At the same time, Luo Tian’s thought turned fierce as he said to himself: “I can’t give him any chances.”

In an instant…

Luo Tian shouted: “Shadewind Steps, Lunar Steps!”

“Tai Long!”

“You damn trash, you damn garbage, are you enjoying it yet? Hahaha…”

“You want to fight it out with this daddy? Let’s do it again! Your granny, this daddy will show what is considered true power!”

What a show off!

This was showing off like a madman!

Luo Tian’s personality had always been like that. When he was suppressed by Tai Long before, he couldn’t act arrogant even if he tried. Now he was acting arrogant and taunting the guy, “Come, you damn trash! Weren’t you very arrogant just then? Come show this daddy how arrogant you were again!”

A health bar with a hundred million points.

One strike caused nearly two million points of damage, but this kind of number was considered negligible to Tai Long.

There was some blood coming from Tai Long’s knuckles and this made him pissed off. His teeth were clenched so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He then roared out: “Luo Tian, die for me!”

A loud mournful roar.

His voice sounded like something coming from the depths of hell, terrifying to the extreme.

He was enraged!


“The boss is mad and going berserk, hahaha…” Luo Tian watched the purple light around Tai Long become brighter mixed with red. Without a question, this was the characteristic of someone going berserk. The more complex the situation became, the more happier Luo Tian felt. He was currently still in his invincible state so even if Tai Long was in the Profound God Sovereign realm, there still wouldn’t be any issues for him.

Luo Tian put on a show off expression and said: “Come, come, come bite me. Quickly, you damn crazy dog. You whatever dog’s fart soul servant should come and bite me.”


The flames of rage were soaring!

Tai Long was so angry that he started shaking. His expression became ferocious before he instantly charged towards Luo Tian. His Profound God powers burst forth while his pair of fists smashed out. “Die, die, die!”

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian chuckled evilly while his arms turned to magma. His fists were like the pouring rain or a machine gun as they punched out.

“Boom~, boom~, boom~, boom~…”

The scene looked like two lunatics beating up each other.

Tai Long’s attacks were useless towards Luo Tian.

While each strike of Luo Tian’s was dealing over a million points of damage.

The longer they beat at each other, the uglier the expression on Tai Long’s face became.


“How did it turn out like this?”

“How come there isn’t any response when my attacks land on him? Could it be that he has some type of ancient defensive treasure on him? Even if that’s the case, the treasure shouldn’t have been able to resist my attack. I’m at the Profound God realm! How did it become like this?” Tai Long started to doubt himself.

He felt like he wasn’t a supreme expert at the Profound God realm but became someone at the Profound Pupil realm.

Even a strike at the Profound Pupil realm should be able to damage a tiny bit but he didn’t hurt Luo Tian at all.


Tai Long was completely dumbstruck!

Luo Tian was extremely arrogant and smashed all over the place. He then said to himself: “Damn it, the health bar of this boss is too much! My attack speed is already quite fast yet I only managed to knock away sixty million of his health. Now my invincible status is about to be over. Can Qin Changtian’s arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart finish him off?”

Luo Tian wasn’t sure.

The moment of crisis had arrived.

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