Undefeatable – Ch6

Chapter 6 – The Quest That Was Forced Out


“F*cker, do you have any tasks for me today?”

“No, no…”


“How can there be none? Walking the horses, feeding them grass, cleaning the area, there’s so many things to do so how can you not have tasks for me?”

“This old servant will take care of them, how would I dare trouble you with it?”


“Give them all to me.”

“I… I… don’t dare, just let this old servant do them.”


“This daddy tells you to give it to me so just give it to me, cut the bullshit.”

Ma Tong’s cheeks were green and purple, and his two eyes were beaten until they looked like panda eyes. He had lost some teeth and his hair was in a mess. He was tortured by Luo Tian until the point he didn’t look human. He looked at Luo Tian with extreme fear before weakly saying: “Then… then… then I’ll, I’ll, give them to you to take care of.”


“A quest has been gained, Clean the Stables. You will gain 30 experience points upon completing the quest.”

“A quest has been gained, Walk the Horses. You will gain 20 experience points upon completing the quest.”

“A quest has been gained, Feed Grass to Horses. You will gain 10 experience points upon completing the quest.”

Luo Tian smiled in satisfaction and slapped Ma Tong in the face again. With a laugh, “You are so cheap, I had to smack you half-dead before you were willing to give me the tasks.”

He was secretly glad in his heart that he hadn’t killed Ma Tong yesterday; otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten these quests.

Although the experience weren’t much, every point counted for the current Luo Tian. The early stages required these experience in order to level up.

“Young master, young master…”

Feng Lei was carrying a bag and panting as he ran to Luo Tian. With a silly smile, “Young master, I looked around every latrine pit and this is all I could find.”

After saying that, Feng Lei opened the bag and a stench drifted out. Inside was over 10 dung beetles.

Luo Tian patted Feng Lei’s shoulder and said: “Fatty Lei, you did quite well. Once young master has money, I will treat to eat some meat.”

Feng Lei scratched his head a showed a silly smile. After hearing that he could eat meat, his saliva almost dripped out of his mouth.

Eating meat had always been his dream.

It’s already been 3 years; he even forgot how meat tasted like.

Luo Tian tied the bag back up and threw it to the ground. He then furiously stomped on it.

Feng Lei watched Luo Tian’s strange actions and didn’t question it. He only stood to the side like an idiot and dreaming about Luo Tian taking him out to eat meat…

A crazy amount of System alerts sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a dung beetle. 1 experience point has been gained, 0 profound energy…”



It wasn’t even a minute of actions when dozens of dung beetles suffered tragic deaths under Luo Tian’s feet. He now had an extra dozen of experience in the bag. Luo Tian looked at his experience bar and lightly smiled, “Fatty Lei, go out and look for more dung beetles for me. Once you find 100 of them, young master will definitely take you out to eat meat!”

Feng Lei’s eyes widened, “Eat meat? For real?”

“Of course, when has young master ever lied to you?” Luo Tian replied.

Feng Lei picked up the bag with a smile and ran off while panting.

Luo Tian didn’t stay idle, and quickly completed his quests one at a time.


Three days later.

Early morning.

Luo Tian gave Ma Tong a beating, but unfortunately he couldn’t force out any quests.

It wasn’t that Ma Tong didn’t give Luo Tian any tasks; it’s just that he no longer gave them out as quests.

It was almost like the quests were all done.

This was the reason why Luo Tian was viciously beating Ma Tong!

“How come there are no more quests?”

He hadn’t even leveled up to Profound Pupil 4th rank yet and there were already no more quests available. How can Luo Tian not be angry? Why would he not take it out on Ma Tong?

Not to mention this Ma Tong was the one that had beaten him up the most, so if he didn’t take it out on him, then he wasn’t Luo Tian.

Without the daily quests was equivalent to a big loss of experience, making his leveling much slower.

After ferociously beating Ma Tong, Luo Tian squatted in the corner of the stables and mumbled to himself: “Since I’m not getting any quests right now, I have to find another way to gain experience. I can’t just keep on waiting and doing nothing.”

“Fatty Lei, are there any places nearby Jade Mountain City that has a lot of wild beasts?”

“It’s regular wild beasts and not demonic beasts.” Luo Tian reminded him.

Wild beasts and demonic beasts were on totally different levels. Killing wild beasts were possible while he wouldn’t even dare think of killing demonic beasts.

Feng Lei was sitting on the ground and scratched his head for a while. He then shook his head and said: “I don’t really know. Is young master thinking of killing wild beasts and giving me the meat to eat?”

Yesterday, Feng Lei had completed his task of finding 100 dung beetles so all he has been thinking about was eating meat.

“Eat, eat , eat, all you know is how to eat.” Luo Tian wasn’t really angry and continued: “Isn’t it just a meal filled with meat? I will definitely let you eat it.”

He didn’t even have a cent on him. Not to mention eating meat, finding 3 meals a day was a big problem already.

Around this time, four Luo family’s official disciples came around the stables.

“The hunting contest is about to start, this time I’ll definitely become a core disciple.”

“As long as we brothers kill together, I believe we’ll have a chance in being a core disciple.

“Did you guys hear? The rewards for this time’s hunting contest is very generous, in addition to last year’s rewards, there’s also a xuan stone.”

“A xuan stone? The same xuan stone that’s filled with profound energy? That’s like an ultimate treasure for cultivating! A single xuan stone could allow someone to breakthrough into the Profound Master realm!”

“If I were the one to get it, I will definitely be able to step into the Profound Master realm.”

“Stop dreaming, the reason our Patriarch is willing to increase the rewards this time is very simple: Luo Lin’s already at the Profound Pupil 8th rank so who’s going to challenge him? It’s very clear that under the guise of fairness, the Patriarch is going to give the xuan stone to his own son. Can’t you guys even see this?”

“Hearing you say this, now it sounds most likely.”

“Amongst all the youngest Luo family’s generation of disciples, only young master Luo Lin is qualified to get that xuan stone. If it’s anyone else, I won’t accept it.”

“That’s right, there’s no one in the Luo family that can compete with young master Luo Lin.”

“If it were Luo Tian before he was crippled…”

“That freaking huge piece of trash lost all face for our Luo family, so what qualifications does he have to compete with young master Luo Lin? I get pissed off whenever I think of him. If it weren’t for him, how would our Luo family end up like this?”

“Enough enough, don’t mention that trash. We are here to pick out horses to test train in the mountains. This training is very important to us so we must carefully grasp…”

The four of them entered the stables and the one leading them loudly yelled out: “Steward Ma, Steward Ma, pick four of your best horses for us. We have to head to the mountains for training.”

Ma Tong clutched his face and limped out of his office and showed a pleasing smile, “Those stalls over there are all good horses, you guys can select on your own.”

“Steward Ma, your face…”



His nose was green, his face puffy, he had panda eyes, and his two front teeth were missing. Add on his weird limp, the four all started laughing upon seeing him.

Tears glistened in Ma Tong’s eyes as it contained a sense of hatred in them.

Just when he was about to say something, Luo Tian came up to them. One hand patted Ma Tong’s shoulder before he smiled, “These young masters, is there something we can be of service to you?”

Ma Tong felt pain on his shoulder and his whole body started shaking. The words that had reached his throat were swallowed back down.

Upon seeing Luo Tian, the expression of the four turned into contempt.

One of them coldly said: “Humph, you piece of trash haven’t died yet? Didn’t we hear that young master Luo Yue beat him to death?

“Your dog life is truly tough.”

“You’re wasting Luo family’s food by staying alive and losing face for all the people of the Luo family. Why not just die a little earlier and call it a day?”

Anger appeared on Feng Lei’s face as he clenched his fists off to the side. If it weren’t for Luo Tian blocking him, he would have rushed at them already.

There was only one outcome from Feng Lei rushing forth – he would be miserably beaten.

The official disciples of the Luo family were at or above the Profound Pupil 3rd rank. Two out of the four were already at the Profound Pupil 4th rank so if there was really a fight, Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to deal with those two.

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a smile and bowed, “These four young masters should go select a horse.”

Seeing how complimentary Luo Tian was acting while having a superior expression on his face, one of them mocked, “Trash will always be trash.”

The four went towards the stalls and quickly selected four horses.

Luo Tian and Feng Lei brought the horses out of the stalls and handed the reins to the four. Originally thinking this would be over…

The one leading the group glanced at Luo Tian and coldly smiled, “It might take us several days to train in the mountains, you two will help us look after the horses.”


“We are only responsible for the horses inside the stables. Outside of the stables, is not any of our business. If you want someone to look after your horses, go look for someone else.” Feng Lei unhappily said.


“Having you two pieces of trash look after our horses is your fortune. I give you f*cking face and you guys don’t appreciate it. When it comes to you pieces of trash, this daddy can beat you to death and no one would care about it.”

“You’ve gone too far!” Feng Lei originally had a bad temper. He started rolling up his sleeves and was about to rush forward…

Luo Tian grinned and blocked the enraged Feng Lei. He then laughed and said: “Being able to take care of four young master’s horses is definitely our fortune. We will go, we will definitely go.”

When that disciple mentioned taking care of horses, an alert sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“A quest has been obtained, Taking care of the horses. You will be rewarded with 80 experience points upon quest completion.”

He’ll definitely do it if there’s a quest involved!

Furthermore, from the dialogue between the four, Luo Tian noted they were going to the mountains for training. Based on their current strength, they certainly wouldn’t dare to enter the Ghostly Mountain Range and must be another mountain. What other places would have beasts for them to hunt?

“Young master…”

“These four are only the extensions of the Luo family, what qualifications do they have to act so arrogantly in front of you? Back then, they were like dogs in front of you…” Feng Lei indignantly said.

“You damn fatso, what did you say?”

“Motherf*cker, this daddy thinks you must be tired of living.”

“What young master? Dog fart young master more like it! Do you guys think it was still like back then? You should wake up!”

Luo Tian gave Feng Lei an eye signal but the big lug head completely ignored it. Luo Tian could only step forward and apologetically smile, “Please don’t get angry these four young masters. My brother has something wrong with his brains so please don’t take offense. We’ve agreed to take care of your horses and we’ll definitely do it.”

“Humph, it’s good you know how to behave!”

Luo Tian dryly laughed, and went into stables intending to get two more horses…

“What are you doing?”

“You mere stable hands wanted to ride horses along with us? You should look at yourselves and see what status you have.”

Luo Tian turned around and asked helplessly: “If we don’t ride a horse, how are we to catch up to you all?”

“Use your legs to run; are they just there for decoration?”

“Luo family’s biggest piece of trash wants to ride a horse? Aren’t you afraid riding out in public will cause people to laugh until their teeth fall out?”

The expression of Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he walked out of the stables. With a crafty smile, “These young masters will have to lead the way.”


“So obedient. The once mighty Luo family’s ultimate genius has now become like this. Hahaha…”

The four climbed onto their horses, flicked their horse whips and galloped out of the stables.

“Big piece of trash, quickly catch up with us. If you can’t catch up, don’t blame this daddy for not being polite.”

Feng Lei was burning in fury and heavily said: “Young master…”

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes, killing intent flashed in them as he stared at the backs of those four. He then said to himself: “Wait until this daddy completes the quest, then your doomsday will arrive…”

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