Undefeatable – Ch7

Chapter 7 – Making A Move

Dark Spirit Mountain, to the side of the Ghostly Mountain Range.

The surface area compared to the towering Ghostly Mountain Range was like comparing it to a hill.


It was seemingly small but was still very dangerous there.

Even though it was difficult for one to encounter a demonic beast, the regular wild beasts there were still extremely cruel. People typically wouldn’t dare to enter that area.

Luo Yan, Luo Ming, Luo Xiu, and Luo Wan those four were training here in hopes to make a breakthrough while in battle. They were making their final preparations for the Luo family’s hunting contest.

Noon time, the sun was blazing in the sky.

The four of them got off their horses. Luo Yan, who was leading the group glanced at the gloomy Dark Spirit Mountain and said: “Three days, we must make some type of breakthrough within 3 days.”

“The hunting contest is our only chance. Whether we can become core disciples of the Luo family will all depend on this training!”

“Don’t worry, this year we’ll definitely become core disciples!”

All the disciples of the Luo family yearned to become core disciples.

Once one becomes a core disciple, they will receive even more cultivating resources, and gain the clan’s attention and grooming.

Becoming a core disciple was also a status symbol.

The Luo family’s hunting contest would be held once a year. For all those Luo family’s disciples under the age of 18 can participate. As long as they are able to kill a demonic beast in the Ghostly Mountain Range within a time limit, they will be eligible to become a core disciple. From then on, their path to brilliance would be inevitable.

During the contest, whoever hunted the most demonic beasts would come in first place.

The prize for the first place this year was very generous.

Entering the family’s Library Pavilion to select a martial skill, and three Spirit Condensation Pills. And this year, there was an additional xuan stone as a reward.

The previous year’s competition was very fierce, but there was basically no suspense for this year’s.

For those under 18 years of age, Luo Lin had the highest cultivation at the Profound Pupil 8th rank. With his strength, the prize was already in his bag.

Passing through a small path in the Dark Spirit Mountains, two figures were getting closer.

Their throats parched, their lips cracked from being too dry, their whole body drenched, and sweat was dripping from their hair. Those two who had been running all along almost died on the way here.

“Look at you two pieces of trash, you’ve only ran a bit and you’re already this tired. Truly shameful.”

“It’s good that there are no outsiders here or else you’d disgrace us once again.”

“Forget it; stop fussing over these pieces of trash. You two better take good care of our horses. If there’s any problem, you guys will be responsible for the outcome!”

After saying that, the four tossed the reins at them. After a final glance of disdain, they then went towards an area with dense foliage.

Luo Tian was gasping for his breath while trying to swallow to wet his dry throat. His eyes narrowed as he silently cursed the eighteen generations of those four’s ancestors. If it weren’t for the quest, he would have already made a move against them.

However, when Luo Yan finished his words, an alert sounded off in his mind already.

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for completing the quest. You have gained 80 experience points as a reward.”

His heart couldn’t help feeling a gush of joy.

“F*cking hell, the quest has been completed so this daddy no longer has to hold back.”

In his previous life and this current life, Luo Tian had never run so much. This was even f*cking longer than a marathon. He couldn’t believe he was actually able to run this far.

What pissed him off the most was that from time to time, Luo Yan and them would stop and start taunting and insulting him. The rage in Luo Tian’s heart was continuously increasing, and there were several times he almost lost it. It was fortunate his sensible self kept telling him that he couldn’t make a move, he cannot make a move. Before the quest is completed, he cannot raise a hand. He had to at least give face to the experience points and endure everything.

“I’ve f*cking suffered too much. If it weren’t for the quest, I really would’ve made a move already!”

This was because he didn’t have the strength!

With strength, one can enter the mountains and kill demonic beasts for experience instead of relying on these little quests. He couldn’t say a word after being picked on and he was almost dead from being overly tired.

Looking at the gloomy forest, Luo Tian started rubbing his hands together with an excited look before mumbling to himself: “A glance at this place tells me it’s a sacred ground for leveling up.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian kicked Feng Lei who was lying on the ground like a dead pig and said: “Fatty Lei, stay here and watch the horses. I’m going to find some food for us to eat.”

Feng Lei’s eyes opened and said: “Be careful young master, Luo Yan and the others are inside there so don’t let them find you.”

“En, don’t worry.”

Luo Tian scoffed and said silently to himself: “This daddy is going in just to find them!”

After leaving some instructions, Luo Tian entered into the gloomy forest.

The Dark Spirit Mountain was similar to any other forests in his previous life. The tree roots crisscrossed each other and the foliage covered the skies. It was quite dark inside the forest and difficult to distinguish one’s direction.

It’s unknown if Luo Yan and the others were afraid that they couldn’t leave this place or if they’d separate from each other.

Along the way, these four would mark the trunks of trees by hacking at them. It was as if they were afraid of encountering a demonic beast and would be too scared and lose their way back home.

Relying on these markings, Luo Tian quickly caught up to their figures.

Luo Tian carefully followed them waiting for an opportunity.

“Why do I feel like someone’s following us?” Luo Yan who was at the Profound Pupil 4th rank, turned around and surveyed the area but didn’t notice anything.

“Big brother, aren’t you just overly worried?”

“That’s right, there’s not even a ghost in sight so who’s going to follow us? Unless it’s Luo Tian and Feng Lei those two pieces of trash following us?”

“If it were those two pieces of trash, I could beat the shit out of them with just one hand.”



Luo Yan’s eyes narrowed, and immediately made a gesture for silence. He lowered his voice and said: “There’s a black panther up that large tree in front of us.”

The four looked over in unison.

Sure enough, a black panther was hiding in the midst of the thick leaves, its eyes that shone a green light was staring at the four unblinkingly.

While hiding in the dark, Luo Tian was surprised and said to himself: “My opportunity has arrived!”

“Secretly condense your profound energy and we’ll pretend we didn’t notice it. The moment it attacks us, we’ll make our move together.” Luo Yan instructed them.

The other three glanced at each other and lightly smiled.

The profound energy inside their dantian was secretly circulating. They clenched their fists and prepared to attack.

The black panther didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and slowly moved under the cover of the leaves. It watched as the four got closer before it revealed its fangs.

The black panther was not even considered a 0 ranked demonic beast, so it definitely wasn’t Luo Yan and the other three’s opponent.


Luo Tian wanted to borrow the black panther’s strength. He alone against four people was too difficult, so it had to have the black panther create an opportunity for him. And this opportunity was for him to instant kill!


Luo Tian picked up a small stone and gently flicked it out.


The small stone accurately landed on the side of the black panther. The black panther was startled and opened its bloody mouth. Using its four limbs as support, it rapidly pounced forth.

At the same time…

Luo Tian issued forth an evil ghostly laugh, “Muahaha… muahaha…”

To suddenly hear a strange laugh in the midst of a dark forest, anyone would jump in fright.

Luo Yan and the other 3 were already very tense, so with the addition of the sudden laughter, they were frightened quite severely. Their facial expression clearly showed panic as the four turned around to look back.

It was also at this time that the black panther pounced down.

Luo Yan’s face changed and yelled out: “Watch out Luo Xiu!”

Luo Xiu looked up and only saw the black panther aiming to bite his neck. Shock appeared on his face as he shivered in fear. The originally condensed profound energy collapsed because of this. Luo Xiu didn’t care about anything and turned around to make a run for it.


“Here’s my chance!”

Within the darkness, the corner of Luo Tian’s lips curved up as he revealed his cold laughter. When Luo Xiu was only a few steps away from him, Luo Tian roared out: “Thunder Tiger Fists!”

His two fists were filled with power as it punched out similar to two artillery shells.

Luo Xiu’s face paled in fright and didn’t have time to react to it.

“Bang, bang!”

The pair of fists bombarded Luo Xiu’s chest, and his whole body flew off several meters before crashing against a big tree and coming to a stop. Luo Xiu’s eyes were protruded and dark blood sprayed out of his mouth. His body slid down the tree and showed no signs of life.

He died!

In that moment, a pleasant alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind…

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