Undefeatable – Ch60

Chapter 60 – Those That Block Me Shall Die

Luo Tian didn’t bring all his Transformer puppets back with him.

Ever since he left the Ghostly Mountain Range, his experience bar never stopped increasing.

Even though it wasn’t rising up as fast as before, the speed of his experience bar was still rather optimistic looking.

Omega Supreme, Bumblebee, and Megatron were still killing non-stop. Everywhere they went through would be littered with the corpse of demonic beasts.

In the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range, they were basically killing machines.

They were killing non-stop, so the system inside Luo Tian’s mind would endlessly sound off alert tones.

This was his chess move!

When he broke through into the Profound Master 3rd rank, Luo Tian thought the increase of his strength under level 1 Berserk would be enough to deal with the rank 4 demonic beast Lava Lizard.

Things unexpectedly changed beyond his calculations.

He was forced to spend a hundred thousand experience points to level up Berserk. If he hadn’t leveled up Berserk in the battle arena, he would’ve broken through to the Profound Master 4th rank by now!

But if he didn’t level up Berserk, he would’ve died within the battle arena!

His experience was rising slowly while Luo Tian anxiously waited.

He was waiting to level up!

His cultivation method was completely different to the people of this world. Since his cultivation was similar to playing a video game, leveling up would mean his health and mana bars would refill itself.

With the health and mana bars refilling itself, that meant his injuries would automatically recover.

This was similar to being resurrected in place.

His profound energy was pretty much exhausted so he couldn’t activate any skills. If he were to go head to head against Luo Jianshan right now, his ending will certainly be quite miserable.


Once he dies, Feng Lei and Li Xue’er will die as well. And those brothers that believed in him will also die.

After living on Earth for twenty years, he had no girlfriend and no brothers. He basically lived on inflatable dolls and his right hand. With such a dry and colorless life, it was actually quite difficult to endure.

This life here made his blood boil.

He had brothers and he even had a girl! Luo Tian was going to fight with his life to cherish this and to protect them with all he had.

Those who touch my brothers, die!

Those who touch my woman, their entire family will die!

This was Luo Tian’s determination which he will pay whatever the price to make happen!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Scarlet Flamed Wolf. You have gained 200 experience, 20 profound energy…”


His experience continued increasing like this. The experience bar was almost full and he was only missing 0.01% before leveling up. Luo Tian was standing there within the crowd with his lips slightly curved to reveal a calm smile.

Luo Jianshan’s eyebrows were slightly in a frown as he asked himself: “What is he waiting for?”

Unknown why but…

Luo Jianshan’s couldn’t help feel a trace of fear rising from his heart. This feeling had started to make him angry so he forced the fear out of his mind with a shake. He then coldly smiled and said: “Luo Chen, didn’t you always wanted to put your hands on this girl? She is now yours. You can play with her however you want. Once you’re tired of her, you can give her to your fellow brothers to play with. Once they are tired of her, she can be placed in the Joyful Spring Courtyard for the entire city to play with. But you must remember not to charge the customers so that even the beggars on the street can play with her.”

Luo Chen’s eyes brightened as he heavily gulped down his saliva. He then laughed cheerfully and said: “Thank you Patriarch, I will definitely do what you’ve said. Not only will I let the entire city play her, I will even let a dog…”

Li Xue’er’s face paled as her body showed a noticeable faint tremble.


“You’re courting death!”

Feng Lei suddenly became enraged. His person seemed to resemble a wild beast as he rushed out.

Luo Tian’s jaws were clenching so hard that cracking sounds were heard. His eyes had become bloodshot as he roared: “Lou Chen, I dare you to touch a single hair on her!”

“Block him for me!” Luo Jianshan waved his hand as he glared coldly.

Immediately after…

Seven elite disciples rushed out and drew their sword in unison, managing to block Feng Lei’s path.

Feng Lei completely ignored it and continued rushing at the drawn swords. His large body then pounced on them like a small mountain.

“Puchi~ puchi~ puchi~…”

A series of five swords managed to stab in!

Feng Lei’s body now had five extra bloody holes with blood flowing out. It was also at this moment that each of his hand grasped onto the head of two disciples. His hand squeezed with might and directly crushed their skulls!

Fresh blood with brain matter splattered the surrounding area.

The scene was extremely terrifying to behold!

Everyone in the area felt a shiver go down their spine.

It was also around this time that Luo Chen looked at Luo Tian in a ferocious manner before arrogantly laughing. He grabbed onto Li Xue’er’s hair and brought it up to his nose. He then said with an enjoyable expression: “Smells very nice!”

“You motherf*cker…”

He was only missing a tiny bit of experience before leveling up, but Luo Tian couldn’t endure this anymore.

He threw out a spatial plague into the air and roared out: “Optimus Prime, kill him for me!”

Luo Jianshan was already prepared as he coldly smiled, “It has finally come out!”

Luo Jianshan already knew that Luo Tian had iron monsters under his control. He thought that Luo Tian would use it in the battle arena but never imagined it would stay unused. He had been carefully holding back in preparation for this move of Luo Tian’s.

Seeing the spatial plague flying into the air, his body immediately moved as a palm strike filled with thick profound energy struck out.


The spatial plaque was directly obliterated into powder. Once a spatial plaque was destroyed, everything inside it will be swallowed up by the void and no longer exist.

Optimus Prime never descended!

Luo Jianshan coldly laughed, “There’s still two more so you might as well release them.”

Luo Chen was so scared that his legs went soft as he carefully hid behind Li Xue’er. He then poked his head out and smiled sinisterly, “Luo Tian, you want this daddy to die? You should wait for death yourself, hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s eyes tightened as he said to himself: “So it’s really true!”

This was exactly as he expected; Luo Jianshan already knew about him possessing the puppet soldiers.

But why would he say there was only two more?

Could it be…?

Luo Tian started checking is experience bar again and narrowed his eyes. He then said internally: “Since that’s the case…”

His right hand pulled out three spatial plaques and coldly smiled, “Let’s see how many you can destroy.”

The three spatial plaques were thrown in two different directions.

Luo Tian was out of profound energy and didn’t dare to carelessly fight back. At the same time, he was worried that Luo Jianshan might be despicable enough to try another sneak attack. The only option he was left with now was to use his last puppet soldier Optimus Prime.

Two spatial plaques were thrown towards the main hall while one was thrown behind Luo Tian’s back.

He had to succeed!

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

“Bang~, bang~!”

Luo Jianshan easily destroyed the two spatial plaques while he coldly smiled at the one flying behind Luo Tian. He then jokingly said: “Luo Tian, did your arms become weak and throw it in the wrong direction?”

As his voice faded…


A black and shiny Optimus Prime with its body dripping with demonic beast blood descended from the sky and landed directly behind the elite disciples.

Its pair of iron fists heavily slammed down…

And two people were smashed into meat paste. It was also at this time that a system alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.



Luo Tian took one step forward and grinned in a vicious manner.

Soon after…

His eyes faintly closed as his long awaited moment had finally arrived.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound Master 4th rank!”

His entire state of being recovered which included his mind, sea of consciousness, internal organs, the injuries all over his body, and finally his profound energy. Everything became full again!


“Level 2 Berserk!”


Four times the attributes exploded forth as his bubbling power erupted. Luo Tian’s pent up rage and killing intent was now being released in endless waves.

He no longer needed to suppress it.

Luo Jianshan’s body silently shivered as he immediately took a step back. He then shouted: “All of you attack together! Whoever manages to kill him, the demon core will belong to that person!”

The eyes on those elite core disciples changed.

A demon core!

For them, this was a supreme treasure that would allow them to directly ascend to the heavens!

In just one moment, all of them rushed towards Luo Tian.

Luo Jianshan grabbed onto Li Xue’er and shoved Luo Chen forward, “You attack as well!”

Luo Tian’s killing intent rose to the heavens as he roared out: “Those that block me shall die!”

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